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  1. tarotcards, That sounds like a hell of a problem! To be honest I would only be guessing what your rights are. I would suggest you contact on of the moderators or even citzens advice. I can't stand Black Horse and I wouldn't go near them again, they caused me loads of problems, getting the charges back of them will feel so good. Sorry I couldn't help. Mark Prince, The address I send my letters and was told by Black Horse to send my letters was: Black Horse Finance Ltd. St. Williams House Tresillian Terrace Cardiff CF10 5BD I would advise you send them recorded delivery as they put them through their strange "dip" system and because they don't respond this is good proof that they have actually received them. If they choose to ignore them and file them in their "dip" system then thats up to them. Good Luck you guys D.
  2. un1boy, Sorry for no updates for so long. I sacked off the idea of finding out anymore re: the relationship between Black Horse and Lloyds TSB and just started the process. I asked for it all back, NO REPLY! Rang and asked if they had received it? Some bloke in accounts said they had nothing on their system to say they had, but I thought sod it and sent the LBA but this time by Recorded delivery. 14 days and NO REPLY so I checked to see if they had signed for it on the Post Office website (which is brilliant by the way, shows you the signature and everything). Rang them again and still said there is nothing in the system (computer says no), then spoke to accounts dept. and I told him about the name on the signature, he looked on the system and found that person so I said you have received it then? So then he went on to say about their "dip" system where letters get scanned and filed for a later date (that's what it seemed he was on about anyway???). He then offered to put me through to the local branch where I got the loan (at a healthy 28.9%) but I declined knowing what that conversation would entail. So I put in a claim online and I am waiting for a responce with 7 days to go!!! I bet they won't put that through their "dip" system?????? So that's the story so far, how are you or anyone else getting on (or got on) with Black Horse? D
  3. Thanks alot you guys!! I've sent off my Data Protection letter now. Thanks for the links. I'll keep the forum posted on my progress. :razz:
  4. CAN ANYONE HELP ME ??? I'm sure Black Horse are something to do with Lloyds and i've got history with these guys for £75 charges for returned D.D's. I've looked through and can't see a great deal on Black Horse and i'm sure they've have a quite few customers that they have charged excessive amounts on their finance agreements. Does anyone know of anyone else dealing with Black Horse??? Does is not count because they may not be seen as an actual bank as such??? ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED :? :? :? :?
  5. Just some more words of support for you!! I mucked up my online claim, not putting in dates of charges, account no. and I ranted on a bit (I did send this in at a later date though). I also added an overdraft usage fee in my claim by mistake. If they were really determind they could of used that to get it thrown out. They have now sent me a settlement letter to be settled in full. As long as you follow the advise of the group in full there would be no reason at all why you won't get your money back.
  6. THANKYOU ALL SO, SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP, I WOULD NOT OF GOT THIS FAR WITHOUT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! A huge weight off my mind when I opened a letter from M.J offering a settlement IN FULL. Although this is WITH CONDITIONS. They are as follows: 1. Must cooperate with the banks request that your account is reviewed. 2. Must maintain your account within your current limit, and any new limit agreed with the bank. 3. A confidentiality agreement. I have read up that other people are not agreeing to these and crossing them out and sending it back and still getting their money back. Don't want to rock the boat, has anyone crossed them off and the bank has stood firm to the conditions?
  7. THANKYOU SO MUCH for your advise and replying to my problem and concerns. The court said it would be okay to send the dates ect. I'll keep you informed on how I get on!!! Thanks again.
  8. They have submitted an order to the court and i have a hearing coming up soon. That's what i think my be part of the problem (my claim to the court), i think i mucked up, missing out the dates and my account No. ect. I have since sent that information to the court and M.J with a covering letter. Do you think that will be sufficent? Thinking i've blown this claim? Thought i only had to put a basic outline of the claim to begin with.
  9. Just a quick question for anyone? Has anyone else had M.J asking the court for it to be throw out of court as they see it as "misconceived" and the claimant has no chance of succeeding?
  10. Hi, Thinking about it now I didn't put my account No. or any of that sort of information, i just outlined the reasoning for the claim. Is it not too late now because there has been a court date set, won't they say i should of sorted that all out before hand? Do you know what I should do and would thay accept it now? THANX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!
  11. Hi, Yes I completed the questionaire ticking mainly NO, taking advise for other forum users. Martineau Johnson (Lloyds solicitors) did not ask directly for any evidence. However i did in a letter to Lloyds state that i would be claiming all charges back from April 2000. Surley they should have all that information from Lloyds? Not quite sure what to do now? Worried i've messed up somewhere and rushed it without thinking!!!!! Thanx for replying so quickly!!! :)
  12. I have been following the forum for some time now and have found it a great help. I am in the middle of claimimg £750 for unfair bank charges from Lloyds TSB which now seemes to have gone quite far, as i have recieved a date for the hearing of the defendants application for an order, titled "APPLICATION NOTICE." This seems to be the defence which is asking for it to be thrown out saying I "have no real prospect of succeeding on the claim or issue." This also goes on to say "The particulars of the claim are incomprehensible as they do not provide details of the bank account concerned or details of the charges that are supposed to have been levied on that account or the date on which each charge was levied." They finally say "No such statement has been made by the OFT as alleged. The particulars dislose no cause of action." Has anyone had anything simulair? Does this sound normal? Have I done anything wrong? What should i do next? ANY HELP WOULD BE SO GREATFULLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! :eek: :eek:
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