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  1. ...To be precise Dougal16T. PART 38 - DISCONTINUANCE But one tries to think + proceed positively.
  2. Hi koalaattack, Most peeps re-claiming of unlawful bank penalty charges are going through the Small Claims Track + aren't subjected to the exorbitant legal fees which U have quoted. The definitive guide is laid out in following relevant Civil Procedure Rules... PART 27 - THE SMALL CLAIMS TRACK PART 45 - FIXED COSTS
  3. Ooo-er Peeps...A bidding war has broken out!!! Your turn to better sg1's offer Spammie. ...Peeps are looking for deal clinchers here gals. Btw...Baggsie a Turkey leg to go with my caviar @ Xmas dinner. :D
  4. Your last post implies acceptance of peeps counter-offer Spammie. A ONE YEAR lease has been agreed on then, as per the stated T & C's. ...Two sugars in my morning Pina Coladas pleeeease Matchgirl. :D
  5. That is absolutely correct Bd. If they don't have an enforceable Credit Agreement, any monies thereafter paid to them once they have defaulted on producing it, are just prolonging the 6yr period in which they could later find it + go on to enforce repayment, plus the interest during the time that payments were suspended during their non-compliance period. Which, to a certain extent, happened in the McGuffick case.
  6. Did U post the Default Letter DD?? If U need any further assistance just Post + ask for advice. Credit Cards have never been subjected to the OFT Test Case related stays btw.
  7. If U have a mortgage, U would have to inform your mortgage provider that the above is a now classed as a business premises. U would also have to seek planning permission from your Local Council + comply with all the necessary building regulations. If U live in social housing, sub-letting is a clear breach of your Tenancy Agreement + could lead to Repossession proceedings being taken. Any income derived from your enterprise would obviously be declarable to the IR + U could possibly become ineligible to receive Working Tax Credits +/or Council Tax Rebates. The supplying of beverages
  8. Why should U feel guilty about Oxford Spammie?? U might be okay Eliza Dooooolittle, but what about the peeps from Greater CAGlandshire?
  9. How do peeps know that U'll deffo turn up Spammie?? ...Are U gonna bribe us with FREE bird seed for the pigeons, Ms Poppins? :D
  10. Thank you saintly 1...U have always been my fav site helper. (...Didn't know how to do it then? ) How's your kid getting on...good I hope? I was so disappointed when U couldn't make it to the Liverpool Meet many moons. ...Everyone who went there had such a hoot. Anyways I digress, what did the Post-it say on it, as to why it was locked in the 1st Place?? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/49329-bitter-soft-centres-anyone-2.html#post1924808
  11. Couldn't U do that for me sea-sidelady? ...Isn't that why U have that CAG-MSN thingy? I wasn't online when it was locked, so I haven't a clue what caused it to be locked. It seems such a shame not to be able to post an update or to be able to ask other peeps for further advice. I can imagine that Admin are really busy at the mo re-writing the POC's, or is it U that is doing that?? Should I start another Thread to save time U unticking a little itsy-weeny box on a User panel? ...Would U like me to tell U how to do it?
  12. It was?? How intuitive sea-sidelady. I most humbly apologise for an obvious mistake on my part then. Perhaps I could take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the 'bigger picture'...U are always so helpful to peeps. I don't suppose U could also post + tell me why my Halifax Thread is locked could U?? Maybe U could even unlock it for me so that I may continue with it, as I'm sure some other peeps may be interested + isn't that what CAG is all about, sharing common experiences, to help each other?
  13. I hope that isn't a swipe at the entire Site Team Crapstone?? :eek: I have always felt that the position they hold is an honourable one which has been bestowed upon them because of the integrity that they display in their unbiased objective judgement across a range of subjects, of posts made by passionate peeps who have been driven to total + utter despair by the misery that enforced poverty has brought them to. Their grasp of the 'bigger picture' goes well beyond that of just merging the odd Thread or 2 + saying, 'Hi welcome to CAG', Crapstone. It is refreshing that instead of being
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