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  1. I have been looking through threads recently about claims against Citicards. I have a relatively small claim I want to start but noticed somewhere that someone asked the question "was it formally an Associates card" Mine was, does this make a difference?
  2. Debs01 yes, I am just claiming my charges, plus the 8% now since they wont settle without the court bit. (This must mean that lots of people threaten and then dont carry on - or Cap 1 would pay up and save bucket fulls of cash!) Whilst I am fairly confident with the figure work (and morals), I really am not sure enough about the legal side to argue my case for the CCI. Having my charges back will make me happy
  3. Fingers aren't in tune with brain I meant, I think I should be doing N1 and NOT MCOL, this right?
  4. Surprise, surprise but Cap 1 really think they're right and their final response is NO! So, another bank holiday and here I am at the next stage... Is it right that I should do the N1 and MCOL like I did for my Lloyds claim? I think I've found a template for the POC but any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  5. Have restarted the claim without the CI - just hope it doesn't cause any extra hassle with me changing my mind!!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Saint, I feel I need to do this now otherwise I might lose my nerve. I think i'll take your advice, whilst I'm ok with numbers so am sure the interest calculations are right, its the law bit that I'm not sure on :o Letter will be in the post in the morning - what a way to spend a bank holiday!! Lets hope its not in vain
  7. Hi anyone, about this time last year I started my claim with Cap 1, although I have been succesful with Abbey, Lloyds & HSBC I have been unsure of this one all the way along - probably cos of the interest appearing so high - my claim is just over £1000 and the interest another £1500! I've had the standard letters of reply - the 'final' offer which I didn't accept - then in August I wrote to say that I was with holding court action whilst awaiting the results of the test case. So now I think I need help or reassurance! 1 Should I scrap the interest claim and just go for the 8%? 2 A few charges are now over the 6 years, even though they weren't when I started - should I knock these off? 3 Bearing in mind the previous letters can I go straight for the N1 or do I write to them again to tell them I've restarted? Any advice will be gratefully received as I'm sitting here with butterflies!!
  8. Thanks for that. I've read it through and am fairly happy that I understand it all but as I am claiming against my credit card charges does that mean that I don't include 6 a) ??
  9. Hi Just had a week away and got back to find that ShAbbey have decided to negotiate. I haven't had my court date yet. They have offered £2100, my claim was this plus the 8% statutory. Yet again, I shall watch for a few days to see how your counter-offer goes, lets hope Inga has a good week-end! Good Luck
  10. There was me - ever the optamist - thinking "no news, good news"!! 10th August seems far too long to wait, knowing they'll pay up anyway. Its a shame shAbbey doesn't take any of us seriously till the last moment (I'll start praying for all those poor trees). I've still heard nothing but will let you know as soon as I do.
  11. Thanks. I have seen that one but I thought that as I want to claim CCI I can't claim the 8% statutory. I'm sure I've seen one that went along the lines that if the Court doesn't agree with CCI then I claim the 8%.
  12. Crap One have told me that their final response is to offer me £377 of the £1011 of charges they've taken and hopefully I've read up enough on CCI so now I'm ready for the N1. Can someone point me to a template for the POC covering CCI. (The only trouble with spending so much time on this site is that you forget where you saw things!)
  13. No news here I'm afraid. I was hoping it was all happening with your claim. I wish I knew where it was going so I knew what to do next. I'm reluctant to start my bundle if its not going to be needed (keep thinking of all those trees). Post hasn't been yet - you never know. Might just send another nudge letter to Abbey - will keep me occupied
  14. Just had three hours to spare (!!!) so read this thread. It amazes me that you can keep going against all odds .... and with no sleep (posts at 02.45)
  15. now its me thats getting behind!!
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