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  1. I'm only sorry my son did not find this thread before going with Hastings Direct . He had a car crash and although he was paid out after so much hassle The other car wasn't now they are taking him to court and suing him he received the court papers in the post this morning. My son has contacted Zenith the under writers so many times to deal with this all they have to say is send them all letters from third party solicitors which he has but they do nothing with it. He is now going to have to sue Hastings just to pay the third party No wonder their cheap!!!!!! Pen
  2. Hi thanks for replying Yes they are still trying to forse sale. Not sure what the situation is though as the CAB are now dealing with that, I have a meeting planned with them for next week. I'm so annoyed over this as I'm despite to sell our house but not be able to get a remortgage with this charging order in place Pen
  3. Hi guys just to update in this case. As you may be aware it has been dragging on in the court arena since 2005/6 Yesterday was the final hearing and my case got dismissed on the grounds that HFCs finally swore a statement stating they no longer have any information and that it was all sent over to TBIL so I should have requested it from them in the first instance. The judge was quite sympathetic to my case and ordered no cost be given. What concerned me was how they won. My understanding of SAR is that the company I requested it from had 40 days to comply
  4. hi Ford. One more thing. The trial that was set for January 2011 was cancelled hence this new date in April. Hope your keeping well Pen x
  5. More info on this case A hearing was arranged forJanuary 2011 but was cancelled by the courts. I think it was due to snow i cant remember now hence this new hearing in April. Bankfodder IIn relation to requesting a stay against TBI is there a time limit that i should have requested it in and if so have i missed it?? they acquired the CCJ and Charging order in June 2005 although my application against HFC has been with the courts since 2004. can I just comment on my case against HFC and theircontinuance to nattempts ot not comply with my requess. Would it be possible if you ha
  6. Hi ford. Nice to hear from you again. Yes that's the background info. When I filed my claim for data info they managed to get a stay in proceedings hence its still ongoing and I have only just got a hearing date however TBI are saying my claim with HFC has nothing to do with them even though the debt was assigned to them - I suppose they're right - but I never thought of that at the time. When I do go to court I will have to have good evidence for a amount I am claiming. But I also need to complete a application notice to stop them taking action I think
  7. Hi. Just to say my husband had a sim miler problem in that he to was investigated and interviewed under caution. On my advice he too sentf a letter for his SAR and found the information there to prove his innocence and the DWP wrote stating they were sorry for the inconvenience and were not taking any further action. What ****ed me off was that when then sent him his SAR details they also sent him all mine and we have been separated for 6 years. Also they wrote to all his employers for information. what they must think I dread to imagine. How they can get away with the way they conduct the
  8. Hi guys. yes I did SAR but got nothing of them hence my claim against them for data info. When this all started the CAB where helping but when the hearing came around they had to cancel attending court with me due to staff shortage so i was on my own. The hearing was a bit of a mess as TBI were claiming for both the CCJ and the charging order at the same time so to be honest I did not know what one I was defending. at the time as some people on here may know I was really seriously I'll and on tons of medication it took all my energy just to attend court and I had difficulty
  9. Hi guys I need some advice urgently. In 2005 I was approached by a compant TBI. Who claimed to have been assigned a debt the claimed I owed to HFC Bank. I have always denied owing this debt. to cut a long story short the took me to court for a CCJ I wrote to HFC for my Date information because I knew I did not owe them anything. this I could not get off them and TBI got their CCJ plus a charging Order. I issued proceedings against HFC for my data info but somehow they always managed to stall them. Thought that if I could prove I had paid the debt in full then I
  10. Thanks Ford, thats helpful. The usher said he wanted further info. ok i will just have to wait and see what happends at the hearing. i will keep you informed if anything else comes up re charging order thank youuuu x
  11. Hi Ford, Thanks for the Bumb, I called the court again on the Monday to see why i was sent the letter and when the other party put in a defence. Apparently the judge made directions from my letter requesting the stay to be lifted. I should not have been told to enter a request for judgement, apparently that was an error on the courts part hence why it was returned to me. The defence the court has is the original defence back in 2007. It was after submitting this defence that they requested a STAY in proceedings! no new defence has been submitted, as i said at the beginning, they as
  12. Not sure whats happened since my talk with the courts on Thursday as i have today received a letter from the court returning my request for judgement on the grounds that a defence has been filed, What!!! they have had a stay on proceedings for over 2 years and now when i get it removed they file a defence can the do this????? Can anyone comment please Pen xx
  13. Hi Guy's. I really could do with some help on this part please. Called the court today and was informed that Judgement had been entered and that the judge wants a hearing in January. Not sure what this means. I requested judgement cos HFC had actioned a stay on proceedings of my Data Information Claim. Because i could not get hold of my data information I could not prove that I did not owe a debt for £1,300 which then got a charging order on it and is now in ecess of £9,000. i have still not heard from the other court relating to my N244 application requesting any action on
  14. One piece of good news so far. I contacted court today and the STAY that HFC had got on my cliam has now been lifted and i have been adviced by the court to send them a request for judgement slip. I gather i just tear this of the original notice of issue and send it in. Sould I write a letter to go with it ?????? Fingers crossed everyone
  15. Hi Sequenci. No not yet. and i am still trying to find out what court charges and solicitors fee's have been applied. No luck either with CAB. They phoned and had to cancel my appointment as their advidor was of sick so i have to make a new one. No news yet either on my claime against them for lack of Data Information. I wrote to the court a while back to get the stay removed and the court to make an order but will cll them in the morning. Still no news regarding my N244 application to have any action suspended. Even TBI have gone quite which is worrying, I fel as if they are applyin
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