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  1. Hi Ladidi Thanks for that - I'm going to cancel the direct debits I have from that account and stop paying in any money at all. The money I had intended 'winning' back in court was going to pay off the overdraft (and some spare for me!) I just dont have the available funds to pay it off now. I will just sit tight.. and hold your comments close to my chest until a time I need to use them! Thanks again. Watch this space. Cheers - marmite x
  2. Hello all Thought I would just drop in and see how you are all doing. This was prompted by a letter which I received from shAbbey yesterday - stating that they see I'm not paying in my usual amount and that my overdraft is soon up for review.. and if I don't start paying in more.. the overdraft 'may' go.. basically! I was given a number to ring, which I did, after being on hold for 39 minutes!!! got through to a shirty 'boy' saying that they were just 'warning' me this could happen. I pointed out the account was in dispute and he basically said 'so what!' Left me feeling a bit rattled.. any nuggets of wisdom from anyone out there? I only use the account to field a few direct debits which I was, if I'm honest too alzy to change over to my new acccount.. and I just transfer the required amount each month to cover those payments.. but the overdraft is £600 and the account is up to that, pretty much constantly, due to me not paying any more in than needed. I'm not in a position to pay off the £600.. so not sure where to go from here. :o Anybody? Hope you are all still hanging on in there.. any news from the powers that be.. ?? Chin chin Marmite x
  3. Hello all After a few months of jsut sitting back and twiddling my thumbs.. thought i would just check in and see how everyone is doing. Might seem like a silly question, but where is the 'test case' up to.. has anyone heard anything positive.. or negative for that matter.. anything?! Hope everyone doing ok.. Marmite x
  4. wow.. firstly - glad you are back in one piece!! well done. sounds like a different story to my debacle last week.. i really hope this works out for you.. and will keep an eye on your thread for any advice and developments. keep up the good work.. marmite x
  5. Good luck psm.. sure hope they dont turn up and that you have a nice judge! will be thinking of you today.. cant believe its only last week when i was in the same position! please let us know how you get on.. got everything crossed for you. marmite x
  6. fantastic! - go for it psm.. but please make sure the papers are there to capture it.. i would pay good money to see such a spectacle! i think.. if there is any advice i can give from my debacle last friday it would be.. dont be nervous.. its actually quite informal.. i worked myself up into a right stew (as you may have all guessed) and it really didnt warrant it.. especially with the outcome!! in fact, after the shAbbey solicitor (harry potter) attempted to speak to me in the waiting room.. i developed an air of frostyness.. like.. how very dare he approach me, who does he think he is! and as for the judge.. he is just a man in suit.. no wig, no gown, quite disappointing really.. and my pen was posher than his!! just be you and remind yourself what you are there for.. 'your money' - you might not come out with it (just yet).. but you wont go down without a fight. xx
  7. morning psm - i know its difficult to stay positive.. but each case 'should' be judged as an individual case.. so dont lose all hope! having said that.. also be prepared for the worst.. and a smug solicitor for grAbbey.. I wanted to spit at the one they sent to my hearing! I wouldnt bother polishing your shoes.. it didnt do me any good.. just weat steel tow cap boots and give the grAbbey solicitor and kick in the shins as you exit!! will be thinking of you tomorrow.. one week on from my ordeal!! marmite x
  8. hello all after a weekend of licking my wounds and going over the whole thing, time & time again.. im back here.. ready to continue the fight. now.. although there doesnt seem to be a lot one can do with the courts or abbey at the moment.. is there anything else i should be doing?? seen a few posts regarding writing to our mp's and such.. is anyone able to give me the correct info or templates to use. keen to help make a difference - if possible. thanks again to all those who offered immense virtual support last week, i know i was a flapping pain!! keep up the fight.. the shows not over til the fat lady sings.. and i aint singing yet! marmite x
  9. dont forget to polish your shoes.. just incase!
  10. im with you on that one ICY! all very unfair!! on the upside.. i just got a statement from abbey - saying they are going to take £50 in charges on 19th August.. which would take me over my overdraft and incur more charges.. just spent 20 minutes on the phone and managed to get these charges lifted!! a small compensation for a rather ****e day! M x
  11. markyt sounds like you were railroaded into the same outcome as me!! not good.. quite an ordeal to go through.. to come out of it the other end.. not really having had chance to fight ones corner! im really sorry you ended up getting your case stayed too.. not a good feeling.. but with all the support on here.. we can only hope its a temporary setback! chin up matey.. (she says with her chin on the floor!!) all the best - marmite x
  12. come on marky - im bursting to know how you got on!! marmite x
  13. i did have the objections, as per GaryH - all typed out.. in triplicate (just in case).. the judge looked at in and informed me, i I wanted to submit it, he would still allow the stay!! harry potter across the table had a very smug look on his speccy youthful face! i was very polite and composed throught the whole thing.. but have got a sh***y black cloud above me now. im more than convinced that i had done everything right.. but am now questioning myself, wondering if i could have put my case across any better.. or if i would have just been wasting my breath! hey ho - fight the good fight and all that. hopefully mr big chief itchy wig who i saw today is an exception to the rule and other people will get a fair hearing! incidentally.. he didnt have a wig on.. maybe just a syrup!! actually, he looked a bit like jerry springer.. says it all really!
  14. thanks everyone.. for all your comments i feel that my fate had been decided even before i got into the court room! abbey never submitted the bundle.. therefore didnt comply witht eh judges order.. this didnt seem to bother him.. he was more focused on the test case.. and almost telling me i would be wasting my time if i objected to the stay! im glad its all over with - not the outcome i wanted, but it was out of my hands.. im not the only one in this boat!! i am confident we will get our money back.. eventually.. it will be worth the wait!! we need to stick together and keep ahead of developments. M x
  15. well im back! will keep this brief for now.. but the upshot of it all is the case has been stayed!! abbey sent a harry potter lookalike (approximate age 14) to request the stay. the judge asked me why i thought he should hear my case and not apply the stay.. i said my piece, was quite composed and went through it all slowly.. the judge asked if i would be objecting to the stay.. i told him yes and handed him my prepared notice - he said that he would grant the stay to fall in line with the rest of the country and await the outcome of the test case. he urged me not to object the stay.. and said that if i did he would still grant the stay - if i wanted to object i could appeal and that would go to the high court and if i lost the appeal i would be liable for costs!!! i think he was just trying to scare me!! so - he said the test case would be heard in january and i should sit tight until then. thats it.. stayed!! - not overly surprised.. bit of an anti-climax. there were 3 other people there 1 against abbey.. and all of the cases were stayed. so.. more waiting!! thanks to all for your mammoth support. Marmite x ps: MarkyT - let us know how you get on.. hopefully you had a more 'liberal' minded judge!! M x
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