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  1. Good luck to the both of you for your court dates , but I am guessing there must have been a memo sent around to all the courts asking them to stay everything to do with bank charges. My case was stayed today as was mattb13, we both only got to know on the actual day !! STILL FUMING
  2. Just been to Watford County Court for my hearing only to discover that the Judge had ordered a stay yesterday . They had allegedly tried to call me via Directory Enquiries to no avail , but the front cover of my Court bundle gives email/landline and mobile no to contact me . Really really cross , didnt even get to go inside the court room . I am awaiting a letter to see whether it was the judge that stayed it or the Abbey applied .
  3. Lady E

    matt v Abbey

    Matt check out my post , just so you know what may happen this afternoon . Good luck , hope you get a chance to get inside the court.
  4. Fuming !!!! I have just returned from Court and I am livid. I was so nervous and concerned about how I was going to come across to the Judge but below is what actually happened. 0920am- Went to the 4th Floor where the Courts are and waited until the Usher was ready to speak to me. Announced who I was ,and my case number and asked which court was I allocated to ? The very nice Usher said there was no notification of my case and I was to go downstairs to the 3rd floor and speak to the Office. 0930am-Office now just opened, waited for clerk ,explained situation, who then said "she t
  5. Thank you very much , will post back asap
  6. Good luck to you too Matty- scary isnt it ? I am on at 10am and I am so nervous. Marmite girl recommended shiny shoes, and I see Nightowl told you to think of the judge with no clothes on ........any more tips advice???? I have my 3 copies of objection to the stay ,my case papers, my receipts, my spready on how much it has cost me so far , my spready for updated 8% interest , anything else??? I will post as soon as I get back home
  7. psm - thanks for the notes. I managed to get the Q&A pages before the report.
  8. Thanks psm ...getting very twitchy now , it is only less than 48 hrs away (23rd Aug) feels a bit like a dentist appointment. I am trying to find details of the OFT announcement from 27/7. I have the questions and answers from the OFT website anyone help with the actual announcememnt plse?????
  9. Well done, you did your very best by all accounts but it looks as if the odds were stacked too high against you. I totally agree with you as to why they could not have just sent a letter saying there would be a stay instead of wasting all this time. I have my case on 23rd August , I have to put my 2 boys into childcare and hubby is taking a halfday to come with me as moral support. Thanks for the report , really helpful
  10. Lady E

    matt v Abbey

    Mattyb13, I too am at court on Thursday at 10am. I too hoped that I had slipped through the Shabbey net and did not send a letter alerting them to the fact that they had failed to send a bundle, however I did send a letter to Mr Judge. Personally I like what you have added to the request for removal of a stay, as like all of us , I have been sitting at computer trying to get myself up to speed on all the legal arguments to help my case. I hope someone more experienced comes along and gives you advice , but the very best of luck to you on Thursday , post your news as soon as you can.
  11. Lady E

    PSM V Abbey PLC

    psm - Thank you so much for your brilliant advice on your thread. My case is due to be heard on thursday and I am very nervous. The court have told me that I am to turn up and the Judge will be able to tell me if the case has been stayed or not. Thank you so much for the detailed advice re breach of contract , indeed that was the same defence they sent out to me (and thousands of others). I will be spending tomorrow morning and Wednesday preparing my objection to the stay and do final revision on the gist of my arguments. I have to say I am very very scared.
  12. the old man gets back............all tanned and gorgeous:) Two things CharleyFarley 1. Contradiction contrary to Para 234 Angels/Masters Handbook. "Angels should be realistic about their expectations from their master". 2. Many a good tune played on an old fiddle
  13. I really dont understand this at all. Why oh why are the Judges coming down on the side of the Banks ? Surely the procedure should be followed? If the bank have not applied for a stay, they have not submitted a bundle, they have no one at Court, case struck out ! I bet if we had failed to submit some part of our papers the case would be binned.
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