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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say to you that as you are disputing the charges on your flexaccount and the matter is now also being looked into in the High Court test case I can see no way that they can take money from a savings account that you opened with them in trust. For Nationwide to try to do that seems to be a punitive action. It is the disputed charges that have left you with the overdaft problem in the first place so if they were to take legal action against you to sieze money from your savings account you should be able to defend yourself against this because of the dispute over the flexaccount. I would still suggest a complaint to the FOS about this matter. Cheers.....Trickyt:)
  2. Hi Gazza, I've just got on line and got your message. I have raised the issue of Nationwide nicking benefits that the law says you require to live on with THEM and the FOS but got nowhere. I was lucky. They only got away with it for a few weeks until I had my payments made into the P.O. However it was long enough to stop me buying food and being able to pay certain bills which caused me further problems. If you were paid by Giro and somebody nicked it; cashed it and enjoyed it that person would get a knock at the door; be arrested; taken off in cuffs; charged; find himself in court and possibly even be locked up. How come Nationwide can get away with it? There is a good sticky on here that gives advice on this. I sent an e-mail to the FOS yesterday asking them to look into this as a seperate complaint as the matter had no response under my complaint on excessive charges and I was also directed to the Downing Street website where I was able to add my name to a petition on the subject. Nationwide offered me all my charges back + interest but I am still waiting to see if I actually receive the cash. Nearly £1800. I am hoping that the fact I won't go away and will keep bothering on other issues might make them finally get their fingers out. Good Luck and keep sticking it to 'em. Now; where are the Kensington Mortgage threads?.....See ya! Trickyt;)
  3. I went the FOS way and received an offer of all charges + interest. I received this offer just before the test case was announced and have accepted. I still wait to see whether I actually receive the cash. Looking through the site I have come across posts saying that you should carry on any action through the small claims route but any cases are likely to have a stay placed on them until the test case result which will probably take until next year. Look at the threads you will see when you first sign onto the forum for further info and carry on as before but be prepared to be patient. Good Luck. Trickyt:rolleyes:
  4. Bloody 'ell Gazza, I'm glad you're on our side! I thought I could be a bit of a sod when riled. Sorry to hear about your job. If you have to claim benefits for any length of time just watch the buggers don't nick them. These are benefits the LAW says you require to live on and depriving you of them means they are controvening clause 187 of the social security act.They did this to me and many others and there is plenty of help and advice on this elsewhere on the site. Good luck. Trickyt;)
  5. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Chris. Bet it was the first time you were ever glad to be back home from a holiday. You can start thinking about booking your next one now the buggers have finally paid up. Well done. Cheers, Trickyt:D
  6. Hi Gums. I would make an offer to pay what you can reasonably afford and also notify Nationwide that as you are claiming back their unreasonable charges but as this has been put on hold owing to the High Court test case you will fight any action they may bring against you as those charges are under dispute. I would also make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman as this threat would appear to me to be a punitive action because you had the audacity to ask for YOUR money back. You can fill in and submit a claim form on-line at their website which is quickest. This complaint is only about their threat of legal action. The FOS are not acting on any more claims for repayment of charges until after the outcome of the test case is announced. I hope this advice is of use to you. Good Luck and don't let the buggers wear you down.
  7. Time I posted an update. The FOS sent me a letter informing me that the Nationwide did not accept liability; that their charges were not unlawful or unfair but rather than have a formal investigation by the FOS they have offered to repay ALL the charges I was claiming back + 8% interest. I was told that if I wished to accept this I should sign a form and I would receive this payment in up to six weeks. I contacted the FOS several times after this offer was made as their was more to my complaint than just the charges and I could not see why it should take up to six weeks to get MY money back. Soon after receiving the offer I saw that Nationwide had been named in the High Court test case and with the rest of the pack announced that they would not be paying out on any more claims until the outcome of the test case is announced. The FOS sent me a detailed response and again asked if I wished to accept the offer so I have signed the form and will have to see if/when I finally get back my money. I had asked for all correspondence from the Nationwide back as I reserved the right to use this in any further action but I have not yet received this. I also asked the FOS if the Nationwide would also stop levying their charges until the outcome of the case is announced. They didn't answer that! I will post any further developments as and when they arise. Cheers and good luck in your actions Trickyt;)
  8. Nationwide are the worst bank ever? Well they do say that 'They are proud to be different'. I cannot believe that they have the nerve to stop you from accessing YOUR money that is held in trust in YOUR savings account. I would take this matter to the FOS. You can download and fill in the complaint form on-line and then submit it on-line using their web site. Good Luck;) Trickyt
  9. Hi Chris, Sorry I have taken a while to get back to you but I have been offline for 2-3 weeks. Glad to hear your good news about the claim. Nationwide told the FOS that they did not accept liability,their charges are not unlawful or unfair but to avoid a formal investigation into my claim by the FOS they have agreed to pay in full with the 8% interest. I,like you have not received the cheque yet. However I did have other issues arising from Nationwides actions but have agreed to forgo those if I at least get what I have been offered. I was told it could take up to six weeks to pay out. The offer was made days before they were named in the High Court test case. I contacted the FOS several times and sent them quite a detailed letter and they responded with information and advice into what they are doing with all cases. All complaints already being looked at are on hold until the outcome of the test case is known but anyone who had had an offer made before the case was brought should still get what they were offered. No new cases will be looked into until the outcome of the test case has been heard. As Nationwide and the rest of the baddies have now put all claims on hold I did ask the FOS if this meant the Nationwide and co. would also put their disproportionate charges on hold too. I didn't get an answer to that! I hope the Nationwide stop playing games with you and pay you YOUR money soon. Cheers and enjoy spending it. Trickyt:cool:
  10. Hi Chrisk7. It was because of the delaying and bullying tacticts that NW were using with me that I held off filing my claim and chose to go the FOS route. Having phoned them today to check they had received my complaint I am now expecting to hear from NW in the very near future and hopefully I will soon have my money back. I will post progress reports as I get them on the thread I started today. GOOD LUCK Trickyt
  11. Hi Rooster. Thanks for the quick response. I will keep updating as I hear more and from what I have learnt elsewhere it doesn't usually take too long once the FOS decides to act on a complaint.
  12. Hey I know how you feel Chunky but DON'T GET MAD, GET EVEN!! I started my own thread this morning so you can check on any progress I am making as it happens. I rang the FOS this morning and my complaint has been received and they expect it to be actioned in 7-10 days if not before. NW usually then get in touch very quickly and change their tune miraculously for some reason. GOOD LUCK Trickyt:)
  13. Sorry to hear about the problems people are having with these unscrupulous sods. I agree with some of the posts above from people who say go the CAG way. I have gone this way right to the point of submitting my claim online but at the last minute I became so angered with NW's delays I went to the Financial Ombudsman last Thurs. and registered a complaint with them. Again this costs nothing and depending on what you require to settle your claim you could end up with more than if you go through the court. Updates on my progress can be found on the thread I started today. GOOD LUCK TO ALL Trickyt
  14. Cheers MTM. I have contacted FOS this morning and the complaint is expected to be actioned in 7-10 days or less. As my complaint regards effects that NW's actions have had on me such as financial problems; failure to access benefits paid into my account; legal actions against me due to the freezing of my account and the effects on my health all because I was not able to keep my account in the black due to me being in hospital following a serious head injury resulting in a fractured skull and brain injury I am confident there will be a full investigation. This can be followed on the thread I started today. May I also say that it is through the advice I have read from you and others like you that I have managed to carry on this far. TA;)
  15. Cheers for that Rory. I phoned FOS and they are expecting to action my claim in 7-10 days or sooner. Apparently VERY busy at the moment. I have now started my own thread and will keep people updated but as their is a lot involved with my claim I would expect there to be an in-depth investigation as my complaint also goes into the effects NW's actions have had on my finances and other areas. Ta;)
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