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  1. Thanks for the quick response Andy - have done as suggested
  2. When the orders mention 'serving' and a deadline, is that only for submission to the court or should I receive the documentation also? As it stands, I haven't received any particulars, agreement, statement or default notice - only an email from ML confirming they have "booked the allocation hearing" and will call me at that time. Is it worth me emailing the court to note that I haven't received any documentation by the 'no later than' time?
  3. Thanks for all the advice and help @dx100uk and @Andyorch - all very much appreciated, and I've made a donation (and hope to make another soon). Keep up the great work!
  4. Yep, I understand your view but in the scheme of things, I felt it was more important to at least show willing to the Court rather than miss the hearing. As it stands, I feel it maybe worked out better because at least then I was able go back to the Court and they then put me through to the Judge (and we had a nice chat). The Judge made his order and a few comments to me which I found helpful and worthwhile If I hadn't had at least tried to call Moriarty, I doubt they would have put me through to the Judge. What do you reckon will happen next? ....
  5. @dx100uk - the Court advised me to call them when I rang in as the allocated time for hearing came. Court gave me a number to call them, and when they didn't/couldn't help, I rang the Court back who then put me through to speak with the Judge. Both the latest and the previous correspondence from the Court stated Claimant's Legal Representative is ordered to arrange the telephone conference.
  6. Latest news (so far) on this. Moriarty were supposed to arrange a teleconference, I didn't hear from them so rang the court and I (luckily) managed to speak with the Judge. He has ordered for Claimant to file and served amended particulars of claim setting out all facts on which they rely and producing a copy of the orginal agreement, an account statement and the default notice. To date, I haven't recieved any updates from Moriarty, although there are a few days untl the re-arranged allocation hearing.
  7. Thanks Andy & DX for your helpful explanations, as always. I was just wondering if there'd be any expectation for me to be involved or have to answer anything but you've allayed that. When I mentioned strategy, it was more of a general thing other than this hearing. In other words, as I understand it - it is for Moriarty to comply with disclosure as per DQ - ie documentation etc. - and until then, for me to take the view there's not enough information?
  8. So what should be my strategy overall then? I want to try to do all I can to ensure I'm doing the right thing, but Moriarty haven't provided any of the requested docs. I don't want to be seen as ignoring them, especially as they've made two attempts to contact me. Equally, if there's not much I should be doing other than await the CMC I'd like to at least prepare however best that may be. I'd just appreciate guidance or reassurance on what my best course/s of action is/are w.r.t to the case. For example, should I keep back all my concerns and point
  9. Also, please excuse me if I've missed something, but the Notice of Allocation or Listing Hearing I've received doesn't mention/refer to the term CMC anywhere on the form.?
  10. Thanks for your feedback DX. I'm very keen to "play this right" so any advice is always appreciated and gratefully received. I was mindful though that since agreeing to directions, I haven't heard anything back in writing from Moriarty. They tried to call once and emailed once. I'm looking for guidance if I should write to them or not, as I don't want it to seem that I'm not engaging with them. After all, the stay was about ADR so I'm looking for the best way to play it.
  11. Thanks DX - so what is likely to happen on that day do you think? Andy previously mentioned it seems they are looking to discuss question about jurisdiction (as does the court's letter). I seem to recall it's generally held that Moriarty don't turn up to court. Will that be a factor in this case - it's in the North West.
  12. Update - I'd received confirmation that the case has been allocated to my preferred (local) court and also that the District Judge has considered the statements of case and directions questionnaires and decided a hearing is necessary before a final decision about allocations can be made. Reason for heating - to consider track and jurisdisction. -- How should I prepare for this? Any advice or insight as to what to expect, or opinions would be gratefully received. Also - Moriarty rang my home phone number and emailed yesterday.
  13. Thanks Andy - I've wrote to them & Court confirming agreement to their directions.
  14. Thanks to you both for helping to clarifying. Apologies if I'm ovethinking or looking into this too deeply, but it is a lot to take on board, thus easy to fear the worst. Yes, you're right - I've misread their directions/N181. I'm just concerned that I've missed something, especially when I receive communication to say DQ not received. If I have submitted my N181 form, the court has been changed accordingly what other steps do I need to do? If it's just to agree the directions, what is the usual/best way to do this? I'd read previously to not share any address, email, p
  15. The other concern I had - apologies if this sounds OTT in advance. Their Directions reference search & electronic property; do I take it they say that so they can come and search my address for devices? That doesn't seem fair when I've asked them in advance for appropriate/relevant documentation that they haven't sent. I could go back through my emails, messages and other records and reference all the contacts I've had by their representatives - should I wish to - which would not favour them I don't think. The majority of what I've read so far seems to b
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