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  1. thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement sue1970 and dingwalldemon. I've resubmitted my LBA and scedule of charges, without the 8%. In reply to your question dingwalldemon, I think the financial ombudsman will be my choice. The claim will be for £4750, inc the 8%. Unless anyone can advise court rather than the ombudsman?
  2. BBC NEWS | Business | Banks agree to charges test case
  3. it was on the letter and in the schdule. I KNOW it was v stupid and i'm really X with myself. Didnt sleep last night cos of it. I shall reprint both tonight without the 8%. Do I just send without mentioning the incorrect ones send on 25th July?
  4. Shall I resubmit the whole lot - LBA and a new schedule? What do I say in the letter? I made a mistake in the first one?
  5. I've made a mistake. Sent my LBA with the schedule of charges and forgot to remove the 8% column. Is all now lost?
  6. Thank you. Thats all I need to know. I'm on my way to the post office now.
  7. Want to send my LBA today. The 14 days were up from my initial approach on 18.7.07. I got the standard bog off letter about a week before that. My LBA is ready to go, just need to go to the Post Office and send it recorded delivery. Am I too late?
  8. I have my 6 years of statements from Nationwide. I have been completing the simple spreadsheet to send with my first approach to them. I understand that its not necessary at this point to do the 8%. What I'm not fully clear about is the dates to be entered onto the spreadsheet. I have been entering the dates as per the notice of charges but the fees for the "offences" are debited 21 days after the dates on the notice of charges. I think its a bit of a stupid question but I need to be sure - What are the right dates to enter? I'm pretty sure it must be the date when the fee was debited from my account. I just don't want to get anything wrong.
  9. Arrears stand at £1700, which is just short of 3 months. I will be making this months payment as I have opened A lloyds current account so that Nationwide cant steal anymore of my money. Therefore I can pay this months payment rather than half of the value of the mortgage payment going in bank charges. I spoke to Nationwide on Friday 1.9.06 and explained the mortgage is arrears due to the flex account charges being applied in horrendous quantity, sometimes £300-£400 per month. They want £1700 paid back in 3 months. They will be ringing me back on 14.9.06 to hear what I propose to do to clear the arrears. I cant pay the arrears as I have used a substantial amount of my savings over the last 4-5 weeks to pay bills as the flex situation was in free fall. I have cancelled all my direct debits from the flex account. I have still not sent my letter to reclaim the bank charges. What should I suggest to Nationwide on 14.9.06? What should I do about sending letter for bank charge refund?
  10. I've been advised by Dolly to ask the question on this forum. Briefly, I want to claim back around £2500 from Nationwide re flex account charges. They have been taking the charges from the flex in favour of taking the direct debit for my Nationwide mortgage. I'm now £1700 in arrears, monthly payment due is around £600. Qeustion is - is it ok the continue with the action re bank charges as the mortgage is in arrears? I'm worried they will forclose on my mortgage if I claim for flex charges. Will they treat the mortgage seperately from the flexaccount? I know they will ask me to close my flexaccount. Advice appreciated. Thank you.
  11. No I have not sent a letter to Nationwide asking for the charges on the flex back as I'm too scared of what they might do to the mortgage account.
  12. ok I have another problem now. Got letter today from NW stating i'm now £1700 in arrears with the mortgage. This will be because they are imposing charges on the flex that are more than the mortgage payment, in some months. Got the statement recently of the flex ac and on the same day my salary was paid in they refused all the direct debits that come out on that day which is going to cost me £330 pounds in 28 days time when they take the money out. I'm at my wits end. I don't know what to do anymore. I had £2800 savings which I have used £2000. I will not be able to live next month so I have opened a lloyds ac and am getting my salary paid into that ac at end of august. the charges amount to £2500, most of which has occured in the last 12 months. Also i cant see any refund on the flex statement or reduction in charges as per their letter. Please help as I have no idea what to do.
  13. I won't be claiming on the Mortgage account but I'm still a bit worried that Nationwide will ask me to move my Mortgage. Is this likely?
  14. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to claim back to August 2003, as that was the first incident in the last 6 years. But they have seriously hit me since August 2005. I will just have to hope the Mortgage and Savings will be ok. Not really sure on this one tho. I think I will leave my salary going into the nationwide account for now. I'm sure they wont be happy when they receive my request for £2140.00 to be refunded. The £100 refund is now on the spreadsheet. The charges have been filled in as you said, which is quite correct as that was the date they money was taken from my account. You have cleared up my confusion on the interest. Thanks Davisco02 and good luck with any refunds you are trying to get.
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