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  1. Thanks aburobert, funnily enough as soon as i threatened them with a complaint through paypal and a call to trading standards the money was refunded immediately. I'm trying to find the policy on selling items that you dont have though, not sure its entirely legal :S
  2. I bought an item from this company on the 4th July, the item was out of stock, an alternative higher price was offered which we refused as it was unsuitable and requested a refund. From what we can see they are continuing to sell the item via the website even though they have told us that it is out of stock until september. They told us on the 9th July that the refund was being processed so we waited, i contacted them again on the 17th July and was told they had chased the acounts department up and i would receive an email shortly telling me it was processed (funnily enough they had already told me they had processed it). I waited until today when i sent them another email in which i stated if i didnt hear from them by close of business i would raise a complaint with paypal and look where to make a further complaint. I spoke to consumer advice earlier and they told me to send a letter recorded delivery giving them time to pay it back but we are on benefits and dont relish the thought of another 2+ weeks waiting for this money back so wondered if anyone had advice about the quickest route to take. Also are they breaking any law by continually selling items they obviously dont have in stock
  3. Good for you, good luck with it. Just one thought, did u specify you were recording the meeting as there are certain issues concerning recording people without there knowledge. Dont want it to cause an issue down the line. Maybe someone can clarify the actual regulations around this.
  4. I have MS which in my case stress severely aggravates it, after phone calls previously i have had to spend time in my wheelchair, had loss of sight and speech all due to the stress of one argumentative 'person' on the other end. I will get a SAR sent as soon as i have £10 spare, thanks alot
  5. Yeh RH are dealing with my bank charge claim, i went to there website and went into panic mode that it had all disappeared then realised they had changed there web address, just rang them after reading your post as im concerned. They have taken a number and are supposedly ringing me back this afternoon, so i shall wait and see. Past experience is telling me not to hold my breath tho
  6. On the other note of them not looking at all the alternatives, what does OH say about you taking a driving job, surely if medical think you can do it its not really for work to decide, and is there someone else they have in mind for the job, which could proove discrimination. Im kind of sure but not definate that under DPA you are allowed to see anything kept on file about you, so should be able to see your file. On a personal note i think if the problems going to persist you would be entitled to some DLA so you could think of applying for that as well, and you can still work with it.
  7. Hi Guys, its been quite a while since ive posted although i have tried to keep an eye on the forums. Ive had a credit card with cap1 for a few years, got into a mess with all my creditors for one reason and another and had loads of charges and stuff added. I sought some help from CAB and they helped me set up payment arrangements with everyone, i paid on time each month but cap1 said my case was up for review, i told them nothing had change or would change due to disability and they passed the debt on to Freds (who say they are working on behalf of cap1). I posted my financial statement off to freds before xmas and they 'apparently' haven't received it. I have left the S/O inplace which pays them the agreed amount each month. I have lost most of the paperwork from my hard drive, and am tryng to prepare a new one. Had a snotty conversation with someone this morning (even tho they have been told repeatedly not to contact me by fone due to disability) and its about the last straw. What i would like to know is: What i have to do to get a complete statement of account so i can look at what charges are and then if i can claim those charges back. If i can insist i only deal with cap1, my original agreement was with them and i never agreed to them sharing my information with another company(flimsy i know but i never know who i am dealing with) If i can make a complaint of harrassment as i have continually paid the agreed amount. I have tried reading through the forums but in all honesty im more confused than when i started, i struggle to retain what im reading. Any help would be greatly appreciated x
  8. Just logged into my account at A+L to find a note stating they are going to charge me £70 in charges on the 5th Feb, my friend says that its against the law for debts to self accumalate so they cant do this, i really dont need more hassle with them, i dont remember being informed of there policy change and its really stressing me out, only get £170 a week for 4 of us dont need to loose almost half my income in charges, most of its cos of the way there damn online banking system runs as it is.
  9. We have been waiting for proof from the DVLA stating we sold the car bac in dec, now there was a few problems getting this as we as family problems which have caused a delay. I rang them yesterday to say we have finally got the letter and want to confirm where to send it and she said its too late they have sent ti for further action. I asked who i needed to speak to to give them the letter and get it sorted, she said it would have gone back to esure but when i rang esure they say its collection agents i need to speak to, they know nothing about it. The girl at DLC was a complete biatch to put it politely. Just seems i am left in limbo and not sure where to turn.
  10. I got into arrears with my sky account and they stopped my viewing for non payment, as you know with sky you pay a month in advance so to turn it back on they requested what i owed and the extra month (even tho my viewing was off) i paid it and presumed this would leave me infront, now however they want another month in advance saying that the payment i paid was to cover the month i had no viewing as it was my fault i didn't pay my account. Can they make me pay for when i couldn't watch? My viewing is back on but i dont know what to do when the bill gets here, obviously if i dont pay it i am going to have issues again, and my viewing turned off.
  11. ahhh oki lol, advice would still be that you request copies of all correspondance on the accounts, that way you can assess the level of the fraud before making a complaint to the police and in doing so means you have all paperwork, hopefully inc the full and final settlement payments. Even if its not their you can roughly work out the dates and say in 'oct 04' or whenever this letter was sent to you and this payment was made but you haven't included it..... they wont know u dont have copies of it and it might just get them to drop it
  12. I am guessing at the circumstances being that these are not new debts so i would be quite surprised if the company had not already received repayment in interest and credit charges and the offer Blinker is making is on 40% of what is left of the debt and not 40% of the original debt.
  13. Not sure what SNAFU stands for but personally i would contact them and ask them for a copy of the original agreements and all correspondance on both accounts/account requests as you feel you/your son has been the victim of identity theft and you wish to make a complaint to the police. I would guess you will get a hasty retreat on both fronts.
  14. i know situations are never as black and white as they seem and i do wish u all the luck with this Binker, and for the fresh start you need to make
  15. This is what someone i know did, went to bank children in tow(borrowed extra toddler for noise effect).... sat down behind the desk (just before closing) and requested her money, explained calmly law was on her side they had taken money meant for her children and she now had no money left to feed them, they refused, 5 minutes before closing time arrived....she was asked to leave and refused.... alot of discussion followed by threats and refusal to refund money, she got louder, they threatened to call police, she requests money again, toddler starts screaming, they refuse and call police, lovely police woman arrives and asks her to leave, stating that they would rather not have to remove her by force, she informs police shes pregnant, police say we are not allowed to touch her, she asks again for money, toddler screams louder, children getting bored start running round, manager fones head office, 5 mins after closing time she leaves with money
  16. Sorry to revive an old thread but i have had it biggggggggg time with these guys.. Can someone confirm or tell me im wrong in thinking that if an account is in dispute they can not continue with further action??
  17. Hey guys, not forgotten you all, my daughter has been really ill and been in hospital, now shes on the mend i will be bac to help soon....
  18. Congratulations to you both hunny. Go on as normal, A+L are still settling and each case is fought individually, them saying they are staying everything is so far a delaying tactic.
  19. awwww Alice its an omen, i fell and had a settlement next day
  20. Wooot well done to him, I have someone doing YB for me cos i really cant handle the stress this ones been nerve wracking enough
  21. Apparently they aren't blanketing all cases and each one is individually fought on its own merits, so its possible that you wont be given notification. Apparently you can claim financial hardship as an excuse as well not to get it stayed some nice mister i had a chat with yesterday told me that
  22. Hi DWD dont worry too much, haven't heard them doing anything at all yet, you could always take the court number with you and ring to see if its really worrying you. Personally i would forget it and wait until you get back refreshed and ready to fight. I never contacted them at all until the day before we went to court (Good advice from Caro) and they were all to willing to settle, infact i kinda got the impression i could have asked for all sorts and they would have agreed rather than have to appear unprepared in court the following day, they foned me at 8.45am before the banks even opened and agreed instantly, even contacting the court to say it was settled (think it had more to do with me saying i was going to court and wouldn't have the case closed until i had money ) So enjoy ur hols, come back refreshed and ready to fight
  23. Haha lets all go London and party and support William haha we can all get drunk at same time
  24. They confirmed mine Mimi in the end it was what i accused them with, they said they didn't know they were in court so i pointed out that they had signed for my court bundle on the 16th, which had court details in I also pointed out i was 100% sure of the dates they would have received the court notice and court bundle cos they were on mine and my moms bdays
  25. Lloyds solicitor was at Doncaster court yesterday, they settled one and fought the other... so jsut keep going hun
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