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  1. Hi Chubba, Is there a way to reduce your claim and keep it in the small claims court ? If you are amending the POCs then an amendement to reduce the amount of charges must be perfectly reasonable. That is a long fight you have had so far. All the best anyway. Regards - William.
  2. Hi Disgruntled, I have had a quick look at your thread, I hope you keep it entertaining and get a satisfactory outcome. I can't help with your interest question. You seem well versed in your arguements with the A&L so far though. I do hope you continue to give them the runaround. A refreshing thread/story. William.
  3. There are various CAG's who you may be able to contact on the following link........... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/alliance-leicester/95497-urgent-all-l-account.html William.
  4. Hi, this is from a thread I had a few years ago........... Some these may help you Aliance terms and conditions From this I have taken the only part which deals with T & Cs ; http://www.alliance-leicester.co.uk/...ts/ec03964.pdf more re terms and conditions, I'm adding as I find them............ http://www.alliance-leicester-group....conditions.pdf 1998 terms and conditions............. Alliance terms and conditions From mimijane................O ct 2005 http://web.archive.org/web/200512100...nts/CA2077.pdf From dizzykate................ 2001-2002 Bank Account Interest Rates & Charges - Alliance & Leicester From monkey boy...........May 1999 - 12th Oct 2001 Current Accounts at Alliance & Leicester plc William
  5. I shall sub to this thread......thanks.
  6. So its possible to ask a Question................. and get NO ANSA ???
  7. I am dissapointed.............. The people who believe have "no comment", and the people who know the truth have "no comment". I can safely assume that all CAGGERS have NO opinion on President Bla iry. STAGGERING...........TRULY STAGGERING !!
  8. Feel free to add your own please. Thony Charles Lynton Bla irey............. As Per MOD, As at 23 December 2009, a total of 243 British forces personnel or MOD civilians have died while serving in Afghanistan since the start of operations in October 2001. Conviction - For crimes against Uk nationals abroad. Sentence - Summary execution.
  9. Forgot to say bearing...........that your sense of humor will carry you thru' a lot of frustrating days trying to reclaim your bank charges. I won't wish you good luck as you will not need any "luck" GO FOR IT. William.
  10. Hi, Subbing to you thread. Hope you don't mind, moral support only just now. I shall follow your journey with interest. William.
  11. You have one question, namely............... Do you think I should pay the charges which are probably several hundred pounds worth by now or let them run? I would advise that if you can afford to pay them just now, pay them !! You will get them back after the High Court case is settled (my opinion only). You will lose interest in the interim (fact). You may get the interest back (if you sue). I had a court case with The A&L which was settled (out of court) days before the mass imposition of Stays on the bank charge claims throughout the court system. I found being a litigant in person was very stressful, but satisfying after the A&L coughed up out of court. I spent a lot of hours going over the various/relevant threads trying to garner information. This is what you will have to do before making any decisions regarding "paying or not" Have the A&L issued a default notice on your account ?
  12. Do you not have statements covering the time since you made up your last SOC. If not you must send a new Subject Access Request with the £10 fee. I have not got any more statements since 2007. I will send a SAR. You'd need to update the SOC in any event to remove any charges which are now over 6 years, include any recent ones and to update the interest. Although you'd only claim the s.69 interest if you had to File a claim at court. I still intend to claim from 2001 as I began this process late 2007, do you think I will be able to do this ?? If you keep the claim moving this time, you should be paid in time for summer hols pocket money. Thanks for your help I spent last night looking thru' the stickys and a lot of threads. I looked at all the letters I have from BC and the ones that I have sent. I sent BC a Request For Payment Of Charges letter on the 20.03.07, the charges were for Period 12.10.01 to 28.12.06. That was the last letter I sent them. I really was not well enough to go to the next stage (LBA) at that time. Moving forward with my claim is not as straight forward now though (I think) ........... 1- As I live in Scotland just now it would be easier (for travelling and travel costs) to use the Scottish Courts to proceed with my claim. In 2005/06/07 I recieved a lot of help from the CAG members on how to use the English Court system. This was the only reason I was able to succeed against The All & Leic. But there seems to be a lot less replies to posts nowadays due to the ongoing High Court case and the problems with "stays". 2- There are time barring limits for issuing claims which will affect how I proceed. My assumption is that I can proceed with a LBA to BC which is appox 2yrs and 2months after I sent them my original Request For Payment Of Charges. Can I still claim for charges from 2001 as I began the reclaiming proccess in 2007 ?? I looked at my credit report and BC have entered a default entry on the 10th of may 2009, here is part of the entry................. BARCLAYCARD Credit card / S... Default £612 10/05/2009. Started:30/08/2001 Cheers - William
  13. Thanks for looking by slick, I did phone BC and they do not have the letters that I sent them (still have rec del tabs) in 2007. I did not ask but I was told that my BC account was now being handled by BC. I will contact them (BC) again with a SAG and establish if any other charges have been added since 2007. I will also sift through the other BC threads again and get up to speed (as much as I can that is) with BC............ Can anybody advise if I should send an updated Schedule Of Charges with the additional interest or just keep my claim to the original sum ?? I was off ill in early 2006/7 and I spent hours an hours for months on the CAG A&L forum, receiving help, and giving what assistance I could. I found it extremely stressful being a litigant in person for just a single claim !!. I did get an out of court settlement from the A&l, just as the Court stays were being implemented. I hope I can see this one (claim) out now without too much hassle. Thanks - William.
  14. I will now attempt to contact BC. I am in the midst of a refund charge Tnunami. I hope this will be resolved sometime. WK
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