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  1. Hi Den, I've been off line for quite some time and just wanted to add my total shock at the outcome. I really hope 2008 brings you more luck but mainly wish you and your son much happiness for the future. Binker
  2. Hello, We have recently sold our house and moved abroad to be with reletives who have taken us in to make a fresh start after getting in to deep with multiple credit cards. From the sale of our house we have a little equity which we have made full and final settlement requests to our creditors with. MBNA have rejected the full and final settlement offer saying they would want 95% for this to happen (we offered 40%). They have said that they would accept a partial settlement somewhere near what we offered and would register it as Partial Settlement with the Credit Reference Bureau for 6 years and thay would take no further action to recover the remaining amount. Does this sound ok? I do not know of any implications of this, as i've never heard of this option before. They have asked me to phone them but I will do everything in writing as this would be easier as we are now living abroad although I have redirected all in-coming mail to an understanding reletives house in the UK for now. I don't want any phone calls or nasty letters coming to the house of the reletive we are staying with, as I do not want to threaten our welcome as we are living on thier charity at the moment. Thanks in advance Binker
  3. Hello, Ive been reading your thread and felt really sad when I read this one. I'm sure you have not disappointed your dad by putting on weight or even being penniless. These things happen especially in todays world. I truly wish you all the best for the future and hope you get your life back on track very soon. Good luck Binker
  4. Hi, I couldn't believe it when I read what had happend to you. My heart goes out to your little boy. By standing up to these ratbags you are teaching him a valuble lesson in not lying down and taking this rubbish from these childish bullies. I can't wait to hear the outcome of this case. Very soon it will be a distant memory and you and your Son and cat will be able to put it all behind you. Binker
  5. HAK, whats the reasoning behind using a digital signature and not a real one? B
  6. Hi, I really can't thank you enough for all your advice. I wouldn't have known this line of enquiry existed let alone know how to start. We will still be going abroad, offer on house accepted and surveys done so its happening. Its not just money pushing us down this route its family too and being with them. My Husband is not English so he has no ties with the UK emotionally so it will be great opportunity all round really. Ok, look out for my new threads per card when i receive the CCA's. Binker
  7. So how is this for a plan... 1) CCA all 5 cards 2) See what comes from that (don't know quite what i'm looking for, is it just signatures on proper CCA and not just sign up agreement) 3) Ask for minimal 'token' repayments on all enforcable debts (is there a template for this letter?) 4) Maybe in a year see if we are still in a position to do a f&f. Binker
  8. Hi HAK, WOW what an achievement, i bet you couldn't believe it. I just assumed that these banks wouldn't get it wrong, maybe worth a shot then. Do they pass any enforsable debts over to DCA's after you have requested a CCA or is that just me being wrong. Is it better to have a debt with the OP or a DCA. I'm a bit scared of the thought of being involved with a DCA. Binker
  9. Hi HAK, I wasn't going to. I know with one card, the application was done on line and available to view, and my signatures marked with a tick. Doesn't this just raise alarm bells with the CC companies and they pass the debt on to a DCA straight away? Forgive my ignorance, I don't know much about all this and its a steep learning curve? Binker
  10. Hi all, As we can't go on as we are and after reading your advice, I think what we are going to do is offer a small payment each month instead of a f&f. As it stands i don't think they will accept the 40% we are offering but maybe in time we can look again at f&f if possible. i've never done or seen a letter for this, are there any template letters to request this minimal payment. I've looked but couldn't find anything. I know you have to send in a budget planner too. How long realistically can we expect to pay a minimal figure for? Is it just a short term thing, or could we do this for a year or two? Instead of really struggling with minimum payments, we should have been doing this 6 months back and maybe our f&f's might have looked more favourable now. Thanks again, Binker
  11. You don't know who i am or what i have done in my life so who are you to start questioning my principles. I thank the people who have given me their advice very much as this is what I asked for and will continue to do so and if I in return can offer any support to people, I will. However I think its not the place for personal critisism and judgement and therefore Chesterexpress I ask if you have issues with the morality of what we have discussed, to start your own thread and not to continue to express your judgment about me.
  12. Hi Sequenci: Yes, for us there is a major change in circumstances coming. Chesterexpress: Unfortunately, and I cannot elaborate, you do not know the full story behind this situation or how we came to be in this situation. I'm sure if you did, you might just be slightly less agressive in your personal opinions. Not everything in life is so black and white. Sequenci: just read your last post as i'm writing this. Thankyou, you have made me feel slightly less like a raging criminal Binker
  13. Hi all, I'm not at all trying to wriggle out of them. This thread just seemed to have gone down this route and i've gone with it, but personally I wouldn't feel comfortable just leaving it, as it will always catch up with you and its not right morally. I do know people who have done it hence my added interest i guess. I am truly hoping they will accept a settlement (doubt it though based on your opinions) as we will have that lump sum available for the only time in our life and we would be able to start afresh. Otherwise its going to have to be negotiation time for reduced amounts, as we have struggled and struggled to keep paying the monthly payments with no blips believing it the right thing to do and we can no longer afford to do it even if we stayed in the UK let alone when we leave. For example, from the £150 a month on one card, only £20 goes toward the debt which is a bit sickening, we'll be going forever at that rate. Binker
  14. Hi, Just googling, i've managed to find many times statements on various websites about Germany and Canada having reciprocal agreements with the UK but the only thing I found for other countries were websites for DCA's specialising in EU searches and debt collections for people who have 'dissapeared' from the UK with debts be it utilities, credit agreements or commercial. So according to the DCA's (who we know always act truthfully and lawfully etc ) its possible to chase a debt anywhere throughout the EU. Is this so? Does anyone know any different? Binker
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