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  1. You are correct in one thing. You're not being funny. At the time we had both decided to have mirror wills, that's why I paid. My wife is now dead. So, in future desist in making wrong assumptions and using childish emojis. Just stick to the matter in hand and answer questions.
  2. On October 2008 I made my will with a local solicitor and paid for it. At the time I also paid for my wife to make a will out, she never did for various reasons. I have asked the solicitor for a refund. They seem reluctant to do so. They are asking for proof of sending the funds, a case number then they will 'look in to it' I have give them the date and made my will out, my address at the time and advised they should be able to find the details from that. Any help in this matter would be appreciated - I do get the opinion i'm being given the run around.
  3. Thanks very much. I have some homework to do, this company is the epitome of a dodgy car dealer!!! Do I have to get the work do before taking action against them?
  4. The house I guess is worth about £400k, no idea what the mortgage is, I would think about £50k. He has family. I think in some ways you could be right, let him live in peace with even two AuPairs!!! However, I think the family don't have his best interests at heart I understand his current lender could accept an extension of his mortgage term without too much fuss? Don't get me going about care home fees and oldies!!!!!!
  5. They have refused a refund, stating it's after 30 days. However, I think they want me to go away. Repair to fix everything locally £750, I would accept 50% of that then I can sell the car and not feel bad. I would lose about £500 selling it privately - but at least it okay. Or they take the car back and refund me £3000. They are really bad news, they stated it's my fault for buying a car 100 miles away!!
  6. https://www.carcentralbrum.co.uk/about.php Yes, you were correct too. Buy local.
  7. No, he has not got the funds to pay the balance or any saving plan running alongside it.
  8. Hi, hope you can help. I bought my daughter a car two months ago for £3500, paid on a credit card. I should have gone with my gut feeling and walked away, however we had travelled a fair distance. I have asked for a refund or for them to pay for the repair – especially the oil pressure issue. So, far they have not said yes, or no. I have bought another car for her, so either way this one is going. However, morally I couldn’t sell it with a intermittent oil pressure problem. I suspect they are going to be tricky to deal with. I have listed the points below. The car was supposed to have a professional valet. It was just jet washed, the interior was still filthy. A scratch on the video, I was told it was just the light – it wasn’t. The logbook apparently was at Head Office, then in April it had been sent to DVLA, then in May I was told it was lost and I needed to fill in a V62 and pay £25.00. What version is the truth? I still do not have the logbook. April, the Alternator failed £300, of which £200 was covered under warranty. May, fanbelt broken towed to the garage £168 May - oil pressure – stop engine warning light. I have not used the car since. We were told the cambelt was changed at 65,000 miles . This is incorrect, our local garage has confirmed it has not been changed – but needs to be. Water ingress in both headlights and water leaks out of the door. We were told this was because it had been jet washed. Two months on the car has not been jet washed, the lights are full of water. On the sales invoice it states 75000 miles it was 78000 miles, this was verified by MOT’s
  9. He has had an interest only morgage for 15 years, it's due for repayment in August. He is worried to death that he will have to sell his home to pay off his lender. What options does he have? he is understandably upset. Any advice would be welcomed.
  10. An old chap I know ( 83) has an interest only morgage that finishes in August. He is worried to death he will  have to sell up to pay his morgage off. What options does he have?

  11. Understood. Vile behaviour from Barclays. Could you point me in the right direction please.
  12. Well, I only just noticed she was being charged. The charges seem to go back about ten years, they tell me that's out of time. So, can I go back 6 years? Obviously, my mum would not have understood much over the last 6 years. What do you think is the best option?
  13. I have recently got POA for my Mum. From what I can establish she has been paying for a Premier account for sometime, when she didn't need the services, dementia not withstanding. I had a long reply from Barclays stating she is 'out of time' and had used some of the services, therefore she knew about them. Also, something about 3 years and she should have know anyway. The end result was no. I'm about to write back and ask a simple question, what has she paid in the last 6 years ( apparently that is not 'out of time') Any help would really be appreciated , the care home fees are bad enough, but that's another issue.
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