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  1. Don't let freaky do it he will prolly break it
  2. He' heading home now all gifts delivered hopefully
  3. shhhhhhhhh its a chrizzy prezzy I opened early lmao
  4. To say nothing of the odd alcoholic beverage or 3 lmao
  5. Laughing girl ...... I arrived in 2006 and haven't found my way out since ..... Merry xmas to you
  6. Hi and welcome to CAG I will move your post to a forum where it will be seen by people with the appropriate knowledge saintly
  7. When did you last make any payment or acknowledge the debt ? If it was more than 6 yrs ago then it is statute barred
  8. I don't do wine ........ cabardi is another matter tho lol
  9. It's all my fingers will type an all my eyes will focus on lmao long time no type btw *waves @ jotnnymitch*
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