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  1. FSO is already looking into it as I have not had 1 response to the previous two letters, have posted a third letter on Friday with duplicates of the first two. They had more than 8 weeks to respond its now 10 weeks since the first letter. Just a joke whole bank is laughable. Requested an over draft facility - NO you do not hold enough accounts with NatWest :S bit of a wierd reason why. Wonder if they would resolve the complaint if i issued consumer action group stickers n flyers outside the local branch for a week LOL
  2. agree me with me if you wish. Na funds of £2600+ in the account went in 2 weeks before and I defo not spent that much! Anyhow Yesterday NatWest helped themselves again and failed TWO direct debits yet cleared funds in the account. Today have lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman who are now investigating. Since November have sent TWO letters both got no reply, telephoned and was told cannot deal with this nature of complaint over the telephone, informed them no reply to letters she could not give me an answer. Go into the branch - cant see Bank Manager unless you got an appointment (probably because im complaining). Moderated ... potentially libelous comments removed . Please do not post comments on this site that may be seen as libelous
  3. Ya but no point was I ever overdrawn I writing to them anyhow as they refunded the first bank charge TWICE! NatWest worst bank ever surely! They will not give me overdraft facility yet I got credit cards and that all £0 balance and overdraft facility on other accounts not used. Matt In Sunny Newbury!!
  4. 10th Nov 2006 was last inward payment to my account by BACS was wages On 28th Nov 2006 was 2 transactions, both were payments(expense) by cheque £248.00 and £58.00 was £337.33 of CLEARED FUNDS in the account. Cheque for £248.00 was returned unpaid, £58.00 cheque paid. 29th November am over-refunded of the £38.00 charge. 1st November charged another £38.00 charge after funds were not in the account after I had arranged alternative payment to the payee and informed the NatWest not to honour the cheque. 29 Dec 2006 a bank charge, no idea what for :s 2nd Jan 2007 received another charge for £38.00 for a unpaid Direct debit of £36.00 yet is cleared funds in the account of £77.13 Below is a copy part of online statements "cut & pasted", account balance is before each transaction took place. Account Balance: £337.33 28 Nov 2006 CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , CHQ 248.00, SERIAL NO 000001 - 38.00 Account Balance: £241.33 29 Nov 2006 REFUND DD/SO UNPAID FEE - 19.00 29 Nov 2006 REFUND DD/SO UNPAID FEE - 38.00 Account Balance: £148.33 1 Dec 2006 CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , CHQ 248.00, SERIAL NO 000001 - 38.00 Account Balance: £55.11 29 Dec 2006 CHG 01DEC A/C 345****9 - 28.00 Account Balance: £77.13 2 Jan 2007 CHG UNPAID ITEM(S) , D/D 36.00, BT DIRECT DEBITS - 38.00
  5. This might seem odd but I have been having cheques and direct debits being returned unpaid yet CLEARED FUNDS are in the account to cover the amount and this has happened on 3 occassions since November 2006. I have also received Bank charges and one of the charge relates to nothing, me thinks they thought they just give me a charge for no reason. I have had £57.00 refunded so far. After requesting to speak to a senior person by phone the reply is they will phone you back and never do or receive the responsse to busy please write in. Now is enough, I have contact BBC Watchdog today too. I Currently have £2,000+ in my account yet NatWest tell me insufficent funds for £36.00 direct debits. Matt
  6. haha no surprise there then!
  7. The Defence entered by DG Solicitors..... 1. The Claimant's acount is governed by the Defendant's personal banking terms and conditions. 2. Pursuant to the Defendant's terms and conditions the Defendant is entitled to make a charge for its services as set out in the Defendant's price list. 3. It is denied that the fees charged for the services provided amount to a penalty or liquidated damages clause. The fees are an agreed price for a service provided by the Defendant.
  8. Capital One have offered my total claim amount on Preliminary Letter.
  9. Yap but they were cancelled by HSBC
  10. This is odd HSBC have removed the charges that were pending to be applied to my account yet they been claimed for! But not actually been debited as HSBC removed them. I am surprised anyone else had this? Could it be because I have already parachuted my account? Matt
  11. thats the letter used was posted today.
  12. Dear Sir Ref: Your Offer of Settlement Account No: xxxxxxxx Sort Code: xx-xx-xx I acknowledge receipt of your letter date XX XXXXXX XXXX and your settlement offer of £xx.xx I accept your offer as full and final settlement of the bank charges that I notified you of in my claim number XXXXXXXX in the XXXXXXXXX County Court. I accept this offer without prejudice and reserve the right to make any further claims should your client apply future charges that may be considered unlawful under common law, in violation of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 or Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. I am also not prepared to agree to any confidentially clauses imposed, unless your client wishes to make an offer of due consideration in order to be afforded this privilege. I further request that payment is made by BACS into the following Account No: {AccountNo} Sort Code: {SortCode} I trust that you will find this arrangement acceptable. Yours faithfully
  13. OK! Has anyone got a template letter to agree with the settlement amount but not the confidentiality bit! Matt
  14. Received letter from D&G Solicitors this morning offering payment in full of court claim with the 8% interest. It great But they wish for me to keep the fact of the claim and HSBC's ex gratia payment confidential. Can I cross this out and initial? Matt
  15. Kool, same thing happened to me! Should receive defence tomorrow will post it on my main thread Matt v HSBC they have not requested a schedule of charges either but they have had two copies from me! One with the Preliminary Request and one with the LBA which had the amended total as they added more charges since. Matt
  16. Nice Will be looking out for the postman tomorrow once again But I cannot understand why they did not pay me the initial offer I accepted, they had not paid it within 14 days so carried on the ball rolling :S
  17. HSBC have submitted a defence against my claim today. Am a little worried now.
  18. Yap is Monday 20th November
  19. HSBC have entered a defence this morning. What will happen now?
  20. Also regarding my O2 bill this was resolved after numerous letters which got no response. I then sent another letter which I cc to Peter Erskine (Chief Executive) threatening complaint to Trading Standards (which I did) and legal action. Two days later I received a telephone call and letter from his PA apologising and collected some evidence from me regarding staff which I had issues with and credited my disputed bill in full. Also had problem with my December bill where they placed charges till end of my contract. PA telephoned once again apologising before I noticed and credit them aswell as 2 months free line rental credited. I did end up getting cut off for 2 weeks during this progress but reconnected and barrs removed free of charge within 48 hours! 3 days later had a letter from Peter Erskine apologising and a full feedback being relayed to the staff regarding this issue which could of been resolved very easily. THIS LETTER WAS NOT AUTOMATED. Matt
  21. The 28 days is up on Monday 23rd November I have not heard anything from D & G Solicitors or HSBC! Means Judgement by Default? Then Warrant 7 days later or can that be issued same time? Matt
  22. I have just realised by looking at my credit file that HSBC have placed default notices onto my credit file. Was not put onto my Particulars of claim nor was they detailed on my Prelimanary Request or Letter Before Action. How can I go about getting these removed? I am going to write to Experian informing they are being disputed meaning they get removed temporarily.
  23. HSBC are runnning out of time, next week then I win by judgement after they have acknowledged! Even DG Solicitors have not contacted me Matt
  24. Also anyone know what i can do about HSBC damaging my credit file. I now cannot get credit let alone open a bank account because of HSBC! HSBC have filed a late payment status every month for the last 12 months due to their charges causing me to go overdrawn. I noticed this when I checked my credit file out after I was turned down for credit and a savings bank account! I have already filed MCOL before I noticed this. Is there any way to fix this?
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