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  1. Still heard nothing back and even further charges applied lmao Going to start my capital one claim shortly
  2. And further charges applied to my account since filling for court action
  3. HSBC Acknoledged Yesterday!
  4. Filed MCOL today for £1521.92 plus court costs. HSBC did not fulfil my acceptance of the initial offer they made.
  5. Finally today October 4th I recieve a letter from mr Colin Langdale with an offer of £1150.00 of the total figure of £1429.80 requested. I did accept this offer without the conditional terms.
  6. Haha Today I receive an e-message just to inform me that my prelim request letter dated Friday 1st September has been recieved and being dealt with at the relevant department. Who will contact me shortly. Friday 15th is the day when LBA gets sent out. Matt
  7. Charges appear on my account today for Unpaid Direct Debit yet no direct debit has gone out :S OFT will enjoy no reply from bank yet Friday sees LBA getting sent off. and o2 have knackered up my mobile bill £350 of charges when my fone been at home switched off while I am abroad :S
  8. Ya i closed my account with them years ago but open it back up when interest rates we going good then now they just charging me woteva and whenever. even if i go £5 over my overdraft. but this week £30 charge for a £13 direct debit is a bit ott
  9. oh how nice 11/09/2006 it obviously costs the bank £30 for a £13 Direct Debit and yet they paid the direct debit to. I wonder what the charge is for then. Banks charges total over £200 just this month because of going £50 over my overdraft. Still no replay from my letter from the bank. Matt
  10. I do also bank with NatWest and Alliance & Leicester.
  11. taylorit

    Matt v HSBC

    Hi, Sent prelim letter on Friday 1st September 2006 claiming £1301.14 in charges and £4.04 in overdraft interest. Totalling £1305.18 These charges relate to a period of just 18 months. Today still not heard anything back. Mainly total charges being applied to my account which in turn causing me to go over my agreed overdraft limit meaning more charges and Direct debits in the mean time failing also causing more charges. One month alone i have charges totalling £260. In the Terms & Conditions it states no more than £125 will be taken in any one month. August 2006 I have charges to £180. In the past I have had charges relating to £110 refunded due to a transfer from a share dealings account not clearing due to the bank not following the instructions issued. Still awaiting a response from HSBC. Matt
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