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  1. Thanks you so much for your replies, it's nice to know people are there to help and listen as I have been chewed up by this. It was a HP agreement dated 20/03/2007. It is confusing as the Particulars of Claim does not mention how many payments I had made. It does, however mention that £10 is the Purchase Fee which I don't think I should have to pay as I never technically bought the car at the end of the agreement and a second installment of a credit arrangement fee of £40 payable 1 month after the final monthly rental is paid. It says: On 15/07.09 the claimant sent a notice of default t
  2. Hi, I'd be really grateful if some of you kind people can offer me some advice. Ok, the story goes..... I took out a finance agreement with BMW for a vehicle and agreed to pay £260 a month. Last year it got to the point where I simply could not afford the repayments and I ended up in arrears. I phoned BMW to inform them I was having difficulty paying but they would not reduce my payments and simply said I had to pay the arrears. I couldn't do this so I was eventually contacted by a solicitor from BPE to say that as I had not kept to my side of the agreement, my only option
  3. Yippee!! Received a letter from Capital One yesterday offering me the full amount of £1205 (including interest) as full and final settlement although they still don't admit to doing anything wrong. Only thing is I asked in my claim to have the money refunded by cheque but they're crediting it to my account and giving me a cheque for any credit balance remaining. Still I don't mind, at least it will pay off my balance and they're the ones losing out on my interest payments!:grin: I'm so chuffed and have to say a huge thanks to everyone that's helped me on this site. Can anyone
  4. Hi, I filed my MCOL against Capital One on 29 Sept. It was acknowledged a week later on 6th October. It now says the defendant has 28 days from the date served to file a defence or admit liability. As it is now 18 October does anyone have any idea when i'll get a response. And when is the 28 days actually up? I don't actually know when they were 'served' with this claim to know when the 28th day is? Thanks, R x
  5. So is there a template covering letter for sending the MCOL people my schedule of charges? And do you know the address to send it to? Thanks again R x Anyone know the answer to this? Also another question - I filed my MCOL on 29 Sept and it said "issued - the defendant has 14 days to respond"/ As of 6 Oct it says "acknowledged - the defendant has 28 days to respond". Which one is it? Do they have 28 days from 29th Sept or from 6th Oct??
  6. As far as I know, yes. You have to put in the blurb about claiming the statutory 8% then add that on to your final amount. HTH
  7. Thanks that's great. Yes that's what I did - I put all the info in the particulars bit. I have already sent the bank a copy. I will PM a mod about my case. So is there a template covering letter for sending the MCOL people my schedule of charges? And do you know the address to send it to? Thanks again R x
  8. Anyone know?? Also, I didn't give the court details of the charges as I didn't see any place to attach them. Have I done this wrong? Aarrrgghhhhh! Rx
  9. Claimant has accounts xxxxxxxxx with Defendant from (date of account opening) conducted on their standard terms and conditions. Claimant is claiming the return of £ (charges total) taken by Defendant in charges over x years. The Defendant's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable as they are contrary to common law. They are also invalid under the Unfair Contracts Terms Act 1977 s.4 and under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.Para.8 and sch.2.1.e.In the event that the charges are not a penalty they are unreasonable within the meaning of the Sup
  10. Wow over two grand from Halifax!?:o ?!! Well done:D ! I'm claiming against them next, unfortunately just for £288 though. Happy spending x
  11. Thanks, lets hope it goes ok!:o Just checked on MCOL and it has been issued and says they have 14 days to respond. Do I have to give my claim details to someone? How do I go about PM-ing a Mod??? Ta x
  12. Con-grat-u-la-tions, and ce-le-brations!! Spend it wisely;)
  13. I'm in the middle of doing my MCOL and need to put in Capital One's address. Is it ok to out the address they put at the top of the letters they send, as its a PO Box???
  14. Thanks that's great, i've clicked on your scales, will let you know how I get on (just keep an eye out for my username!) Regina x
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