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  1. Just a warning recently bought a 50" plasma(£1,999) from Currys paid £299 for a tilt n turn wall mounting and for it to be professionally fitted.What a rip off it turned out to be a flat to wall mount im not going to get into all the details but there is a list of things(listed under installation on thier website) the installation team should have done but did not.I then contacted thier customer helpline and argued for over an hour and was constistantly told i was wrong.In the end i was offered £100 vouchers which i grudingly accepted.The thing is that on the Maplins website i found a wall bra
  2. Yes thanks for that, however as BRILLIANT as CAG is you may or may not be aware this site for some is really difficult to master. Finding relavant info is a real chore sometimes, maybe with your last comment you could have offered a method of how to stick to one thread.Just a thought, oh yes just to update for those interested Halifax have now acknowledged my claim. Apparently they have 28 days from the date they were served in which to consider thier options. Any info on what happens now would be helpfull cheers guys peace out.
  3. Yes people my moneyclaim has gone in and served so its just a waiting game now.After this i will be aiming my sights on ge money in respect of an hefty £3,500 early redemption fee.Any help on this would be appreciated i need info on the later stages i.e moneyclaim and lba you know anyway cheers guys n gals n good luck
  4. Thanks for that, so based on that it would work out at 22.6p per day is this correct anyone? once again thanks for all your help.
  5. Yes thanks for that "regina" just to clarify my total charges of £1,031 x 0.00022 = 0.22682 is that correct? also how is 0.22682 expressed is it in percent ?(like this 0.22682%) cheers guys
  6. Hi guys im now at the stage where the lba is about to expire (in 3 days) i thought this would be a good time to get my moneyclaim sorted.The bank has offered £360 for a £1,031 claim (does anyone know the cost of putting in a moneyclaim based on the amount i've quoted) im not going to accept so any help in filling in my moneyclaim would be appreciated.cheers and good luck to you all
  7. Just to update anyone interested i sent the prelim and have now received a offer of £150.i have my lba ready and intend to send it today.weeeeeeeeeeee what fun So far i have £150 towards my 50'' plasma donated by the Halifax but i believe i will be able to coax £1,000 more. Shortly i hope to persuade hsbc to donate about £2,000 plus i hope to secure a further £3,000 from other financial institutions.I am sure they will be eager to contribute after all i have been very generous with my donations to thier worthy cause in the past.Watch this space
  8. sign up to paypal mate its free and easy to use but i get it ths site is not easy to master i ve been using it for months and havent got the hang of it yet.good luck
  9. Hi guy's,could anyone give some definate advice on "early redemption fees" i currently have a mortage plus a loan with GE money.I am about to remortage with a different lender.GE money has just sent the figures through and for both the loan and mortage the early repayment fees total £3,376.I think what im asking is are these early redemption fees legal or are they another unfair/illegal charge.cheers guys:-D [Mod: Even with the "witty" spoonerism, the previous title was NOT appropriate. Edited.] sorry consider my hand slapped
  10. This is zootscoots contribution from higher up in this thread i think it answers yer question read ALL ALL OF THE ADVICE some good tips there {READ THE PART HIGHLIGHTED IN RED CAREFULLY} and good luck Attdt25 If they apply to court for possession you can rely on s.36(2)(b) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 which allows the court to suspend the possession order for such a term as the court considers reasonable. If the debtor can repay with in the reaonable time no possession order is granted. Under s8 AJA 1973 in exercising the powers under s.36(2)(b) the court only has t
  11. JESUS what a rip off i really feel for you all,sorry im not really qualified to give that kind of advice but im sure somebody will answer who knows more than i do.good luck
  12. Hey up everyone im in the same situation as some who have contributed here only difference is is we're currently remortaging when that goes through off goes the pre-lim another issue is the insurance that was sold to us they made out it was a condition of the mortgage yet i have no idea what it actually covers £2000 down the drain if anyone has any wise words regarding this issue well that would be ggggrrreeeaaaat cheers guys oh and good luck
  13. Sorry been owt of town,you need to include all charges of an unlawfull nature up to the time you send the prelim this is what is being refered to in the prelim template worry about those for now if you incur any after the prelim is sent then you apply the same process again.anyway hope this helps
  14. Hi guys, does anyone know what a "cca request" is? i was advised to consider sending one on another thread. Tried to get further info but to no avail if anyone can ellaborate i would be very gratefull.Things i'd like to most are what does "cca" stand for? is there a letter template available? .cheers for your help
  15. further to what ive already asked it seems that we havent kept any info on any of the dca's except the last one "roxbourgh" is there any way of recovering this info? also what is a cca request is there any template regarding this?cheers guys
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