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  1. AS other posters have already pointed out to you - you clearly have no idea of consumer rights !!! As for the rest of the rubbish you have written - if you have nothing productive to add to a person post then please refrain from posting absolute insulting nonsence up - there are many people on here that try hard to support others - and many new people on here who are trying to find their feet - seeing replys such as yours to a simple consumer question may have the effect of stopping other newer posters asking question for fear are getting completely ridiculed by people like like!!
  2. Yes me too. Brace yourselves for my daily rant off!!! I have been stung so many times regarding direct debits. Half of my bank charges have arisen from one greedy DD going out then the others bouncing, then getting charged, then more bounced - you get the idea. Ok so Ive had the charges refunded, but it still doesnt stop the process of going through it all! When does having a direct debit agreement give organisations carte blanche on your account - many use it like the proverbial cookie jar!!!!!! I too use PayPoint for all my utilities inc Countil Tax. Only today had lovely letter from my mortage company its going to cost my over £200 in interest adjustment to move my DD from the 15th to 20th of each month. And whilst Im on the rant........bring back the cheque book. For those bills I dont pay by PP, I like to post cheques off. Internet banking has caused numerous probs in the past as payments have taken 3 or 4 weeks to reach their destination (sorry a bank statement is not evidence that you have paid us allyxia - then what the hell is) and telephone payment is a complete nightmare for someone with Dsylexia and cant read of sequences of numbers or input them on a keypad! I dont want to have to go into my medical history just to exlpain why i cant pay this way to flipping call center staff every month!!!!!! I WILL PAY MY BILLS ON TIME - JUST LET ME PAY THEM MY WAY!!!!!
  3. Richard i wouldnt rusH to get your court bundle ready yet - save yourself a lot of work!! You will probably be settled out of court way before your hearing - however even if that doesnt happen a hearing date is a long way off for you yet!!! You can have a read of it though - just for fun........
  4. Flipping Bonkers if you ask me!!!!! Oh well - live and learn then dont you!!! Thanks for advice peeps!!! I have a good idea of what to do now - no liability to this site!! So each time me and my colleagues swap magazines around the office we'd better watch out eh!!!!!!
  5. I just dug out my Works disc and jargon with it. Now yes I know Im sounding thick here, but this is not the errrr........ operating system....... and just runs programes so does all that you have said previously apply? I couldnt see anything on there but hey what do I know - I cant make out half of what is in the T & Cs anyway. I mean if I put the disc into a laptop (ihavent) am I going to get Bill Gates SWAT team crashing through my window, or will the disc just not work? I know all of this may seem logical to you, and I may come across as though Im trying to do something dodgy but I can assure you Im not - I just want to know can I put my works disc which came with my "PC" PC (see dont even know what they are called) into my Laptop? To me it doesnt make sense, its like buying a suit to wear to an interview, but not being allowed to wear it anywhere else. Surely once you have bought something you can use it when and where you want to? as long as only you use it. I mean I can understand the not lending it to others etc etc..... Otherwise what the point?
  6. Thank you for all of that input above (however getting confused as you all have assumed I know the basic jargon ie OEM? so half of what you have discussed is meaningless to me) but the appreciation to the thought is there. I think generally for somebody who just wants a basic PC to put together word douments that contain tables, pictures with the opportunity to edit etc etc, things are getting worse. years ago you could edit picture and crop them quiet happily in word, now on the PC I have works, which wont even let me do that, and on the new lap top I have wordpad - which beggers belief as you cant even justify a text document - i mean what the hell is the use in that. I find it disgraceful that I should be expected to pay nearly as much on software as I have on my laptop to have the abilty to crop pictures, format tables and flipping justify a word document. For somebody who produces reports, court documents and academic papers/presentations it appears the more microsoft modernise their systems the more usless it becomes for simple ground level work!!!!! I flipping peeved off withit all!!!! Can anyone advise where (via the internet) I could download an older vervision of a word processing programme? Thanks
  7. To confirm. Yes it is it happened to me within the National Assembly, I kept my current pay, but had that frozen whilst everyone else caught up with me (would have taken around 5 years). Effectively givening me a year onyear pay cut as cost of living etc etc rose without any increase!!!! I got out and now have had a career progression that far outstrips anything I would have had in the Assembly. And I know if I hadnt had that happen to to me I prob would have stayed there (complacency)- so even though you dont feel it now - who knows it could be the push to send you onto something better!!! Good Luck.
  8. I had a debt with Natwest for £500 which they passed to Cap Quest, debt recovery. I had a claim including removal of default aginst Natwest which was settled to the tune of £3k back in December. Despite notifying and sending Cap quest the standard template letter, of not to pursue this claim, back in August when I started my claim aginst Natwest they have continued to harrass me. At present Im getting a letter per week from them for £226 despite letters sent to them saying this case has been settled and closed since December. Some of things they ask for is: Court Papers Letters from Cobberts Court Order aginst Natwest (they settled out of Court) Settlement Proof (from me to Natwest) These idiots dont seem to be able to comprehend what has happened and are threatening with Courts, baliffs and their last letter even said committal to prison. (yes I know its nonsense.) I have written to them and telephoned them, i have threatend them with court action, but it just keeps coming. PLEASE...... Any advice, how I can get it through to these idiots that I dont owe Natwest Money?
  9. Bad luck or obnoxious Policeman who knows!!!! Parked on Double yellows legally using my disabled badge. Went into post office purhcased stamp posted letter. Total 5 mins. Came out parking ticket - reasons obstruction of junction. Now I know I parked appr 8 foot from this junction as I parked right outside the window of post office. I disputed the ticket there and then claiming that there was no obstruction and all my bagges were clearly displayed but the arogance and attitude of this man was appaulling. He even tried to claim i didnt need a disabled badge. So its a classic case of his word against mine. Any ideas?
  10. so when do we get to say that? I mean do we have to write to someone - i think my point is we dont want to come across as being dilerberatly obstructive here.
  11. Neo I Think You Should Draw These Points To The Attentionof A Mod
  12. I'll think on it. you will need three copies of everything and put it togther professionally you know indexed content page etc etc copy of IOC report would be good as well as it says in there in bold letters info may be held not info should be held - which I bet is the tac they are going to use - so it would be good if you can show the judge it says may not should or can - get my drift here? What defence have they put? AS im leaving now have a look at their defence the look at ways you can counter it? Let me know what you have done - sorry for typos practically doing this as Im going out the door!!!
  13. It only came today so not even charged up laptop to do set up yet!!!!! It cant be any worse than damn works I tell you. Im with orange why?
  14. Please understand that when going to court it made a huge difference that I had all the paperwork prepared and placed into a ring binder which was correctly referenced and indexed!!!! It was noted upon by the judge!!!! So if anybody else has to go to court - please make sure you are prepared, as Jonnie stated in a previous post on this thread - it is not just a formality. I had to speak up and put my case across!! __________________ Quoted in my thread -
  15. I know exactly how you feel because this has been my arguement all along and the same as Dayglos? I didnt pursue this particular claim all the way to court as the default is off in dec anyway and have no plans to obtain credit in next few months as just changed mortgage etc etc so too late for me. Sorry about the link I thought it did say about the court etc etc. No it was very formal - I gave the judge allmy info and then he asked me questions - we were in there nearly an hour in the end. I really had tow ork hard to put my case across - and i though I had a shut and cut case like you as well - but its nto as clear as that, you really do have to show the judge your evidence. Do you have a court bundle ready? if so what have you got in there? Im going out at 3 and wont be back til later - i will try to help you as much as I can.
  16. Forgive my stupidity...... I have just purchased a new laptop which came with a Windows Vista disc, once I have installed it onto my Laptop can I then install it on my home PC. I currently have Windows Works - which I hate with a vengence - so was hoping to save all my work and wipe my PC and reinstall Windows Vista. Is this a breach of any software license? Im not sure how these things work!
  17. Well I havent been to court for this reason myself. So Im only replied to what my reading on here has obtained rather than experience. Others have tried this same arguement before you and have failed - Im not sure why try reading Dayglo thread is very very long so go near the end and work back. I would still take the experian letter as you will have an admission that they can not keep your infor direct from them. I know exactly what you are saying as I have tried and failed for this reason myself they will just keep quoting the IOC recomemdation for 6 years and imply that it relates to both kinds of account Tis what they did to me. Im not trying to put you off mearly saying that the more info you take the better your chance and gawd we need a win on this issue!!!
  18. In answer to your Pm - I expected to go to court and be in a little room for a quick chat with the judge. After all I was only given a 10 mins hearing see this thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide-successes/44492-allyxia-big-guy-vrs.html That'll save me typing it all out agin!! Im not saying to is true or not, but I have heard from afew people that the agrument of processing sttled accounts still stands depsite the letter from experian. In fact I have used the very argument myself and they have not backed down. I would in the first instance try to get hold of that letter and use it in evidence. Because if that is going to be the basis of your arguement then that will need to be presented to the judge. BYT have you claimed charges back from Egg? If so how much you claimed and how much is your defulat for?
  19. Put this in its own thread as it hasnt been anwsered elsewhere OH did U turn where he wasnt supposed to - and lo and behold lurking behind a bush (you couldnt make this up) was a traffic cop - apparently there had been compliants about people doing U -Turns (can you imagin that phone cal?l). Anyway he was giving a FPN of £60 and 3 points with a producer. Went to do producer today and hand driving license in to be sent off for new endorsements. Clerk at station noticed that the orginal FPN had the inncorrect registration number details on the document. So whilst OH gave over his details the clerk informed him that although he had signed to accept the fixed pentalty fine and endorsement she could process it as it wasnt related to the documents we produced due to incorrect registration number being written on the ticket and he should seek legal advice before handing over his licence for changing. Any ideas peeps = does this means due to an error he has technically got away with it or does it just mean it is going to drag on even longer whilst the correct paperwork is drafted? What should we do now? I mean ultimately we dont wont to makes things worse for oursleves but really we have no idea of what to do next?
  20. well still notheard back from these muppets how long does it take for them to look up Decorative in the OED?
  21. Yes lets face it there not many banks I havent taken to court now eh!!!!!! Im on round 2 with many as I type!!!!
  22. OK back to the orginal point here driving convictions!! See post 24 for new addition to what the following relates to. Went to do producer today and hand driving license in to be sent off for new endorsements. Clerk at station noticed that the offical ticket had the inncorrect registration number details on the document. So whilst OH gave over his details the clerk informed him that although he had signed to accept the fixed pentalty fine and endorsement it was incorrect due to incorrect registration number being written on the ticket and he should seek legal advice before handing over his licence for changing. Any ideas peeps = does this means due to an error he has technically got away with it or does it just mean it is going to drag on even longer whilst the correct paperwork is drafted? What should we do next?
  23. now that my field Family courts are held in Mag courts but have specialist judges, are held on special dates and are closed from public. They are classified as family court in their own rights!! Yeay I can give my two pence worth in!!!
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