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  1. If you have read the last few posts on my 'life back' thread you'll be aware of two things 1) I lost - I convinced the judge that I had suffered substantial damages (but not distress) but I failed to convince the judge that these were unwarranted and as such my case was dismissed. 2) It was only a raised eyebrow from the judge and a goodwill gesture from the Vodafone legal executive that spared me from having to pay their legal costs, it was too complicated to be heard as small claims track it could have cost me a fortune. I'm not saying whether you should or should not continue
  2. Thanks Shelter Pie. You remind me of an old friend I miss.
  3. when you said 1000 lines for you I thought it was party time!
  4. I know - the lobbying process is a lucrative market these days - firms pay good money to for 'time' with MPs I think her tongue was wedged in her cheek a little when she said it, in her summing up though she said "the burden of proof is on the claimant to PROVE that the processing is unwarranted and in her opinion I had not done that" Actually, when you press the ICO on this point, they mean it to encompass the whole of the credit industry, both lenders and credit reference agencies have a 'legitimate' business interest and in their opinion that outweighs, in most ca
  5. if you refer to me again as "gayglo" it'll be far worse than the embarassment corner!
  6. locked in a room with me for 3 days - I suggest you get some expensive therapy as quicky as possible Thank-you very much. How kind. yep - it probably didn't help me when early on during the hearing I let it slip that I wasn't sure exactly what, in this context, "unwarranted" meant. The judge, to be fair to her, said "neither did she as it isn't defined anywhere in the act" maybe, but please, and this is aimed more at other folk reading this rather you Duncan, please remember the following. 1) I lost - I understood the arguments pretty well in
  7. good evening voyager9. That particular post was before I learned about the two very different types of 'default' I've posted about this elsewhere but here is one post I made about the two distinct types of default here The first type is as defined in CCA (section 88 - i think) and is a prelude to further action such as debt collection agencies, demands for full repayment etc. The second type is the one that causes you harm and thats the ones that the lenders pass to the CRAs. Both types of default can exist independantly of each other. I've seen many CCA defaults that
  8. I did look at the "sensitive data" angle - I concluded it was a non-starter. As far as the DPA is concerned, financial data is not considered "sensitive"
  9. well, if you're gonna make this your first post in the thread, it appears to be a blinder. welcome onboard sir, a fine post. I may reply in more detail when i'm less... how shall we say, less "tired and emotional"
  10. nice angle, i promise this is true! at one point during the exhausting 2 and bit hours of the hearing, mr vodafone man said sometihng, and the judge said "this is an argument" - I so desperately wanted to say "no it isn't its just contradication!"
  11. no idea. Please continue that particular discussion point elsewhere and leave this for wallowing self pity!
  12. forgiven. But if it helps - section 14 DPA is your best bet to have 'inaccurate' personal data corrected.
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