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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Well, I checked our account this morning, and Abbey have credited us with just over £1800 as promised! Looking back over my thread its been almost exactly 6 months to the day, I started on this journey. Although I have been a regular visitor to this forum, I haven't been the most prolific poster, but have gained invaluable help from the various people posting regularly and would like to thank stalwarts such as alanfromderby, LIP, johnni2bad, Whizzkid Lisamellor and Karnevil! To anyone just starting this fight, I would suggest: read as much as you can on here, follow the steps recommen
  3. Yaaaayy! :):):) I know I sohuld post on my own thread, but no-one ever seems to read mine! Tried phoning Christine on that number this morning but got an automated reply. Luckily I had emailed Paul Denham from DLA and got a reply.Although he didn't supply with an address for Christine he must've forwarded the message to her, cos she contacted me. Turns out my case has been "settled in full" and a letter is on its way!!!!!! I'm gonna "hang fire" until it arrives then post in my own thread, but I just had to share this with someone HURRAH!!!! docdros
  4. Congratulations lisa!!! Will try ringing that number tomorrow. Would save me faffing around with a court bundle! Enjoy the taste of victory!!!
  5. Just wanted to ask this again as I could find no definitive answer on the forum search. When exactly does the 6 year limit date from, as my 50% offer from DLA Piper is querying my claim for May and June 2000. I included these months as my first letter to Abbey was in May this year, but can I only claim 6 years prior to the Online Moneyclaim date? I would really appreciate a reply as I need to fill my AQ and return it soon. I have emailed DLA Piper but had no reply as yet. Paul Denham is "out of office" until Thur 30th August, and the proxy he refers to (Jodie Bilsland) is not replying!! Doc
  6. Just sent the following email to Paul Denham: "Dear Mr Denham, I aknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 18th., as well as a copy of your client's defence. Unfortunately I must reject the offer of 50%. I will accept no less than 100% of the amount in question (including interest and all fees incurred). With reference to your comment regarding interest on charges before 21 July 2000 (although confusingly, your defence actually refers to claims before 26 June 2000), since my first contact with your client regarding this matter was the 12th. May 2006, I have included charge
  7. Hi all, sorry for being quiet lately, just got out of hospital after a nasty chest infection, leading to pneumonia! However a few days after getting out I got my 50% offer from DLA Piper etc... Suffice to say I intend to politely turn them down, but before replying I had 1 question. When I first wrote to Abbey in May, I claimed charges from May 2000. However, the letter from DLA et al says the statute of limitiations means I can only claim after July 2000 (according to their offer letter) or June 2000 (according to their actual defence)?? So when does the 6 year limit apply from? First conta
  8. Hi Lisa, Yeah I meant to reply to you, but haven't been very active on the forum lately! How did you get on with the word limit on Moneyclaim online? Or did you take it into court? I'm also trying to figure out how to attach a statement of charges to my claim. Anyway, good luck to you too! :
  9. Hi all,Got a reply from Abbey today with the usual yadda yadda, just before I filled in my Moneyclaim form online (tonight). Am tempted to reply to the "relationship has broken down....close the account....warning with something like " Since I have been forced to take this matter to County Court, I am currently reviewing my relationship with your company and may give you notice to close the account" (since we have both got parachute accounts opened and the Abbey o/d is not in use now). They also offered to waive fees totalling £115 as a "goodwill" gesture (roughly 10% of claim) as we had
  10. Typed up the following letter today. Will post on Monday barring any advice to the contrary: "Sunday, 02 July 2006 Your Ref: 467707 Marc Winder Head of Complaints Complaints Abbey PO Box 5129 Milton Keynes MK9 2YN LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dear Mr Winder ACCOUNT NUMBER: 22054053 I am very disappointed that you have failed to respond adequately to my letter of the 15th. June. I do not consider a standardised letter and a photocopied “Customer satisfaction” leaflet to be “sincere dialogue” as requested in my previous letter. I now understand that the
  11. Well, today I received a lovely letter from Ms speed re: microfiched " movements". Oddly she thanks me (or rather my wife) for a letter dated 8th May ,received on 10th May, when I didn't send anything on that date! Anyway: "Dear Mrs. XXXXX Thank you for your letter dated 8th May 2006 which we received on 10th May 2006 requesting information on your bank account. We have used the £10.00 fee that you have sent with your Data Protection Act Request as a payment for the microfiche records that you need. Please find enclosed the requested movements. If you have any questions plea
  12. Quick update on my Wescot scuffle: Got a reply accepting we are not liable for the debt, as well as this assurance that the wife's credit file would not be affected: "Also, as the date the account entered default was over six years ago,this account should no longer be shown on her credit file." Didn't stop them trying to chase the debt in the first place though did it?! Turns out my sister in law has also had a run in with these jokers so watch out for them peeps! Didn't get my invoice paid, but to be honest, I am happy the matter is closed and a credit check on my wife's fi
  13. Got our DPA fob off letter today. It seems to be subtly different from what others have received (with a couple of cunning changes), so I will repeat it in full below: "Dears Mrs XXXXX, Thank you for your letter dated 12th May 2006, which we received on 16th May 2006, requesting information on your bank account. I also acknowledge receipt of your £10 fee. I would like to advise you that under a Data Protection Act Request, you will only receive the transactions that are currently held on our systems. Any earlier transactions have been archived onto microfiche, which is not covered b
  14. Not yet. But it's more about standing up to bullies at this stage. Also the wife's credit score is important (still need to check that yet). Glad you like the "Pratt " line. I was quite proud of that. Couldn't figure out if the guy was genuine or just p***d off with me! I did manage to ask if it was with one "T" or 2, though. This response seemed to cover both possibilites
  15. I hope this is not considered thread hijacking, but having read this thread, I had to write of a similar experience with a company called Wescot credit services. My wife was contacted last november with a notice of debt, based at an old address. She contacted Wescot and was told the debt (£125) was due to an old catalogue account. Having wracked our brains to remember using the company we realised the account had been opened after we moved from that address (only two doors away, up the street). Also some of her security details were wrong (e.g. date of birth). My wife then received a final not
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