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  1. Sorry I didn't respond Monkkeyface1312.. I haven't had access to a pc for a few days... The situation, as I see it, with regards to ERC is that we all signed up knowing full well the implications of early redemption and whilst grossly unfair, the practice is apparently lawful. Personally, I still think it could be argued that the 'charge' is to cover losses but there is not, in fact any loss to the mortgage lender because when the money is repaid, it is immediately re-lent to some other poor bugger who just wants to own a brick or two... I'm afraid I'm not in any position to put
  2. I began a claim for ERC against GE Money.. got as far as court but ended up withdrawing after getting them to agree to pay their own costs to date.. If I was you, I would hang fire for now...
  3. That's 100% true!!!! I will be back.. with avengeance In the meantime though, may I enlighten you all! I have had lots of caring Private Messages suggesting that I might want to change my name to maintain anonymity... For the uninitiated, Rebecca Bloomswood is the infamous character in the "Shopaholic" series of books!! If you haven't already read "Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella, I thoroughly recommend it as an antidote to the stress that Banks give us!!!! I can guarantee it will have you all laughing your heads off and I am certain that for one or two of you,
  4. Hmmm... It's not the best result but that's how it goes.. you win some, you lose some Thanks to all who posted.. I hope I can be of help to someone else... you sure learn a lot on the way!
  5. Eversheds have agreed to me withdrawing without incurring costs. I will write back and accept but reserve the right to re-open the case at any time.. The wrote to me "Without Prejudice"...
  6. Had response from Eversheds saying that they have passed on my proposal to their client... the wait continues...
  7. And THAT, I believe, is the thin end of the wedge! Watch this space!!
  8. Your name sums up the whole battle! I don't know where everything will go in the weeks ahead.. I can't see the Government intervening AGAINST the citizens.. (well, I wouldn't put anything past them!) There would be public outcry! If anything, the Government should issue a directive telling banks to pay EVERYONE back from whom they have taken money unlawfully without all the fuss...
  9. Mochamoo... thanks a million for responding! I, too, have read that many threads, I don't know whether I'm coming or going! I do remember reading something similar.. Les's deeds were lost, I think... The other thing that I did briefly discuss outside this forum is whether the loan companies had any obligation to prove their losses. A solicitor friend of mine is sure that they (mortgage companies) would be on very sticky ground here as one could argue that there is NO loss in the sense that as soon as one mortgage is repaid, the money is "re-lent".. do you get my drift? If they had to
  10. Is it right that if you spend more than 2 years outside U.K. your loan is written off? I know people who purport this to be the case, I wonder if anyone can clarify please?
  11. Oh well.. I've fired the letter off now. Just wait and see what the response is. In the meantime though, when I redeemed my mortgage last year, GE Money 'couldn't find the original mortgage agreement OR the deeds to the house'. Would this be helpful if it ended up in court? The other thing that haunts me to this day is that when I first took my mortgage out, at the eleventh hour, a representtive from iGroup phoned me and said that the interest rate would have to be slightly higher because of my credit rating. They had been aware of my credit rating from day one but I was powerless to do a
  12. Thanks Zoot and all the other posters... I have just added that I have sent hard copies to them (Eversheds) and the Court.. Thanks for your advice and support.. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
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