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  1. You can see a copy of the document I have down loaded on the mortgage forum and look under the heading early repayment charge down the right hand side.
  2. Hi Cerberusalert Thanks for doing that everyone can now see it I hope that the info is useful for guests and cab members. As it clearly states in the doc you can repay your together loan at any time WITHOUT incurring any ERC ( early repayment charges)
  3. The info is down in the right hand corner of the file I have uploaded earlier titled early repayment charge
  4. Hi cerberusalert I hope I have put up the pdf file can anyone see the document I have put up please reply so i know i have done it right ta
  5. I have found a document that might help all those who have been charged ERC on Northern Rock Together Mortgages. On Northern Rocks own Together statement of what its going to cost charges sheet they send out with mortgage applications under the heading EARLY REPAYMENT CHARGE, it clearly states the following....... Together allows you to repay your loan in FULL OR PART AT ANY TIME without incurring an EARLY REPAYMENT CHARGE. It also states the following..... When you repay your loan in full, intrest will be charged up to and including the day on which the loan is repaid. I dont know how to put a copy of the document I have found on to the system for everyone to see. Maybe one of the site people can help me with loading the document on the system as I think this document is good grounds for getting everyones ERC charges back off Northern Rock.
  6. Hi Ukaviator I hope some of this info can help everyone regard the Northern Rock ERC I have been looking through some of my old Northern Rock Mortgage documents on the ERC charges as I had a together mortgage and was charged an ERC of £18,000 In a document i have found dated 5th December 2001 it clearly states that if you are on a Together Mortgage with Northern Rock you can repay your loan in full or part without incuring an ERC early repayment charge. It also states when you repay your loan in full, intrest will be charged up to and including the day on which the loan is repaid. I dont know how to put a copy of the document I have found up on the system maybe one of the mods could help me with that so everyone can read it. This might be of intrest to all those who have been charged an ERC on there already redeemed mortgages by Northern Rock or perhaps are going to remortgage away from them. All those people who have been charged the ERC on Northern Rocks Together Mortgages when they were redeeemed might be able to reclaim all the ERC charges back that Northern Rock have charged to the mortgage account. This document I have found today clearly states the following under the heading EARLY REPAYMENT CHARGE on Northern Rocks own statement of charges. Together allows you to repay your loan in FULL or Part AT ANY TIME without incurring an early repayment charge I will ask a mod to explain how to put up the document so everyone can see it clearly, I expect i need to scan it in to the system but dont know how to
  7. Thanks for the reply ukaviator Yes that is a very good point to make and I will be sure to use this in my defence in court on the 21st March 2011
  8. I have asked my mortgage provider to send to me a copy of all the transactions data regarding payments and any fees etc they hold on my account to establish the dates they have been applied to the account. I will then cross check the statement against the perticulars of claim POC to see if they do match up.
  9. Thanks caro I have thought about putting house on the market, but house is in negative equity. I also have a secound mortgage secured against the house for 28k with Blackhorse which was used for home improvments and consolidation of some credit cards some years ago. Blackhorse agreed to accept £20 per month until first lenders court date 21 march 2011, and then they said they would review my circumstance. I also run my business from home which is in decline with the construction industrie as it is at the moment no work in progress. My business bank account has now been passed onto recovieres department I was told yesterday.They said will write to me soon regarding this. I dont have any children but have a partner who is unemployed at the moment who has lived with me since I bought the house and is looking for work. It is through the recession that we are finding it financially difficult now and work usually picks up middle of march, but who knows if this will happen this year. I think this is why the first lender has commenced court action to recover monies and not giving us enough time for work to come in so we can get back to normal monthly payments. The first lenders know we are in negative equity as well, as prices have dropped on all property. The Property is worth about £180,000 now, but was valued at £225,000 when we re-mortgaged away from northern rock costing £18,000 ERC. If the judge gives first mortgage possession the secound mortgage company Blackhorse on 28k loan will not get anything I dont think, but this will depend on how much the property sells for I guess.
  10. I have been reading through the claim form for possession of property sent to me by my lender Paratus Amc Limited formally Gmac RFC. Just noticed some payment date issues regarding the payments I have made to my lender over the past eight months. In section 12 of the particulars of claim Paratus Amc limited have said month of August and September payment was recived. Cumulative arrears of £400 Payment not recived for the month of October Cumulative arrears £855.70 I have a bank statment that shows a full payment being made to them and duly recived for the month of October, but in the statment shows no payment on the payment history sheet they have sent to me in the particulars of claim court papers. Would this be grounds for contesting the statement of truth where they have stated we believe that the facts stated in this form are true and signed. Can someone give me some advise please as i have a meeting in the morning with housing options regarding my situation.
  11. Did you know that if your company does suffer financially during the economic ressession that working tax credit will be paid until the limited company becomes insolvent if you are a director. The rules are that while you are a working director you are still deemed to be working until the company is liquidated. You would then be able to claim JSA as a rule until work is found. Just thought I would pass this info on as this has happend to me in the past.
  12. Thank you again silverfox1961 I will have a look at some other threads and try to find the info
  13. Hi silverfox1961 Sorry to keep asking but would you ask one of the team members to take a look if possible at this thred. I remember a few years ago when I had some financial difficulties with Mechenzie hall debt collectors you helped me, got it all soughted out thanks from Monkeyface
  14. Hi Pierrelejohn After reading your question on tax credits I believe that the tax credit award you recived is based on your previous years income you have declared. Your tax credit for year ending 2010 earnings would have been based on your previous year earnings ending 2009 you have declared. Your tax credit award for year 2011 will be awarded on your 2010 earnings you have declared. Your 2012 award will be for 2011 earnings and so on. The working tax credit award is usually worked out on previous earned income or declared estimated income from your accounts. The info and earnings you have declared for 2010 will be used as an estimated figure for 2011 payments until working tax credit recive your actual declared income for that year from your accounts records you send into them after your year end. You would not know the actual figure until you declare your accounts so the figure for future payments is usually estimated. Just bear in mind that if an over payment is made to you on estimated figures will need to be paid back out of future payments, Working tax credit find the true earnings figure when they recive your accounts for the full yearly income which depends on your year end accounts. If you contact WTC they are usually very helpful regarding working tax credit awards. They will already know your previous years income and working tax credit they have paid you from your previous years accounts. Hope this info helps
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