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  1. Had Statements back, they owe me £175...... small amount but I only had the account active with them for about 14 months!!! Sending the letter on Monday!
  2. 5.8.06 Have charges worked out, HSBC owe me £1380.50. Have sent the letter recorded delivery demanding full repayment. Just got to sit and wait now. Sorry about the lack of posts, but have swapped jobs and am now working away from home for a fortnight at a time. (Have already printed off LBA, and I'm taking it with me to post when the 14 days are up on the 19th August)
  3. Still waiting for statements supposedly sent by courier about 10 days ago!
  4. HSBC regain the initative, and get the last 3 years statements on both accounts to me before First Direct. Charges on both accounts running at around £700. However more serious charges incurred in the previous 3 yrs!! Still waiting for First Direct.
  5. HSBC lose the 1st reply race to First Direct. They also took my tenner which First Direct kindly returned. They are sending statements shortly.
  6. It's how they make their money, keep getting you further and further into debt by charging you. Con ain't it. Paying to be put in debt!!
  7. My wife used to work for Barclays, and was very high up in business banking. On her laptop, she had a list of charges made to business customers and the actual cost. Along the lines of a £5 cost for dd reversal turned into £35 Unfortunately she left the bank and forgot to make a copy of the file! How much would the Daily Mail have paid for that information?
  8. First direct win the prize for the first bank to reply, and for also sending me back my £10 cheque. (They waived the charge bless them!!) They are sending all my statements by courier along with a list of manual interventions. Bet they don't include the costs of said interventions!!
  9. As well as going after HSBC, have decided to get my money back off these (edit) too. Have always accepted bank charges as an occupational hazard of working away from home for long periods of time and not being able to check my statements. However got home on Friday, the countrys most recommended bank (where they get that from I don't know, wouldn't recommend em to my worst enemy) had charged me 55 last month for going £5 over my overdraft limit. After my wife had scraped me off the ceiling, have decided to go after them. Sent the data protection letter off yesterday. Fingers crosse
  10. Can you let us know where you live to see the underwear demo! :0)Congratuulations on your victory, hope mine goes as smoothly
  11. Sent off my Data Protection letters. However..... in a hurry, forgot to put cheques in! So second round of Data Protection letters going this morning. Just sending them to my branch, that's correct isn't it?
  12. Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but I'm starting to reclaim a small fortune that between them, HSBC, 1st Direct and Intelligent Finance owe me. I have 2 accounts with HSBC. On sending the Data protection request for Statements letter, is it £10 per bank, or £10 per account? Thanks in advance for your help Shaun
  13. Thanks for the replies, I understand the method of doing this, it's how incompetant IF are that worries me. They could lose anything. I'm using IF as the rookie run as they are the ones that owe me the least.
  14. Has anyone had any experience of regaining their charges from "Intelligent Finance" (Should be done under the trades descriptions act!!) Complete newbie to this site, so any help would be appreciated. I have one account with this shower, but also 2 with HSBC and one with 1st Direct. All of whom have been steadily ripping me of for differing amounts of time over the last 6 - 10 years. Thanks
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