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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for your advice HSB Crusher. Do you know of any difficulties when applying for an account elsewhere after your bank has actioned an account like this? Is that why you're pursuing the data request? Thanx
  3. Oh well - thanks anyway. Did you have any problems opening a new account bearing in mind FD decision? If it makes you feel any better I've got a £1k o/d to sort out! Yikes!
  4. Well are they cracking down I wonder? We have today received the standard letter advising that they no longer wish to provide us with banking facilities! This come's after a couple of small disputed charges which FD refunded. They obviously have realised that they're not going to make any more money out of us! Any help or advice out there I wonder? Although I'm not greatly surprised, I do like FD in all other ways - looks like I've cut off my nose .... and receiving a nah nah ne nah na from FD. Is it worth protesting or do we just up and move? Thanks
  5. Hi I'm interested to read your 'bit' as we've just received a similar letter in the post today. FD are obviously cracking down on us! I just wondered if you;d received a reply to your letter from FD? Thanks
  6. Me again! Can't seem to find the answer to this ........... What do I have to do on the moneyclaim website - is it a case of advising them that the bank have admitted. As far as I can see if I do that, they will send a request to my bank and my bank have already paid??? Also, did my bank admit? Their letter still maintains they are in the right although they agreed to refund the charges? Any advice would be appreciated
  7. The dirty deed is over and done with! Credit in bank - hard to believe but it's true! Thanks for the lessons in questioning authority and good luck with everyone else on the case! Donation made x
  8. Yippeee yippeee got the full whack offer today!! Almost ready to run around the garden waving my underwear in the air!! I'm totally thrilled and huge thanks go to everyone who has helped. Donation will be made as soon as the biggy goes in the bank.
  9. Thanks HSBCrusher - yes very exciting!!! Part of my excitement is that my hubby doesn't believe it'll happen - I can't wait to see his face! Will I threaten a shopping spree (after the C.A.G. donation of course!)?
  10. Letter from DG solicitors received today offering half of my claim. I've prepared the reply - thanks but no thanks - which will be posted tomorrow. Watch this space for the further news!!!!!!!
  11. Congratulations Kazzaw bet you're relieved! I've been following your case with interest as I'm a few days behind you. Just received the 'half' offer today and have prepared a letter saying thanks but no thanks. Did your letter mention that HSBC was entirely confident that the charges were reasonable etc etc?Tkcake
  12. Notice of Issue received today!! Northampton County Court. It confirms that the court sent it to the defendant by first class post on 26th June 2006 and it will be deemed to be served on 1st July 2006. First Direct have until 15th July 2006 to reply! Eeeee well, I wait with baited breath and will be waiting at my door for the postman like a snappy little puppy!
  13. Thanks for all of the support. I'm back and eagerly composing the money claim form. One thing that has thrown me (so far) is the date that my contract commenced with FD?????? Does everyone else know this date for themselves - I haven't the foggiest. Do I need to go back to my bank and ask them?
  14. Many ta's - I guess all is ok (deep breaths - deep breaths!!) I'll be making the claim on my return on Friday and try not too lose too much sleep. What an anxious annie I am!!
  15. I've familiarised myself with the moneyclaim website in preparation for my next hurdle but I'm after a little bit of help ................... - my last letter to FD warning them was 6th June (I did get a reply to the LBA from FD dated 9th June) I know that I should wait until the 14 days are up from the 6th June - this is probably a ridiculously obvious answer but can I wait more than 14 days to raise the claim or does it have to be excactly 14 days? Reason is I'm working away next week and won't have access to the moneyclaim website until Friday?????? Another question I have is the lette
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