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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. So as long as the sheet that shows the washing machine as being an incentive to buy the house has my name on it (which it does) then I can sue the f8ckers for the cost of the repairs/replacement? Regards Mailman
  4. Perplexity, You sir (or madam) are a champion! thanks so much for this, and yes, this seems to be on a par with the sales of goods act for what it covers. Second question, given the builders have so far refused to play ball what would be your suggestion for getting the ball rolling? Specifically if I sent them another email but this time listing the steps I intend to take to get the washing machine fixed/replaced and then giving them 5 days to answer in the affirmative that they will now honour the legal committments under the said act? If they fail, I should be able to take them to the small claims court to get our money back for a new washing machine, plus the cost of having to use a public laundrette (£10 so far) plus petrol (13mile round trip) aye? Regards Mailman
  5. Guys, I have a problem. The washing machine that came with our new build house as part of the incentive to move in has failed 2 years and 4 months after moving in to our home. Ive contacted Whirlpool and they pointed us back to the house builders as our "relationship" is with them and not the manufacturers. Ive contacted the house builders and as far as they are concerned the goods lasted a reasonable time (according to them) and that they arent liable for any repairs! I contacted consumer direct and they said we arent covered by the Sale of Goods act and as the washing machine came with the house that we are then covered by Property Law and that Id have to contact the solicitors we used to buy the house (or any other solicitors) to get them invovled! All of that means expense! We arent covered by legal aid as my wife and I earn just over the maximum allowed for free legal advice! so, does anyone here have any advice? At this time, anything is going to be hugely appreciated! Regards Mailman
  6. Righto, has anyone here got experience of bringing a small claims action through the Petty Claims Court in Jersey? If so, can you help me please? I just need to know the steps to follow to reclaim money from HSBC in Jersey so any help you can provide will be most greatly appreciated. Regards Mailman
  7. PS. I had a contested transaction in my history (with a grippy customer), which shows up when I do my search...so if I can find this from June last year then you are going to be able to find yours too. PPS. NEVER DELETE ANY EMAILS! Storage is so cheap these days that there is no excuse for not keeping copies of your emails.
  8. Jay, I have just logged in to my paypal account, clicked on HISTORY and then did a search for my transactions between 10/1/10 and 09/02/11 and it came up with everything that happened in that period. If I can search for payment data older than three months so you will be able to as well. You should also be able to define a search in your ebay account for old transactions too. As Paypal is nothing more than the bank of Ebay, then you should be able to see the history of this transaction in their too (as lodging a complaint with one automagically locks the other and vice versa!). There is also the possibility that if the guy complained to ebay, ebay would have locked your paypal account but then a few days later could have dismissed the complaint and then unlocked your account. Because of that you might have thought the money was paid back when it never was. So best you check ebay too. Finally, from the wording of your letter from paypal, it sounds like they are referring to you as not being the account holder. There is no data privacy issues here simply because its YOUR data to start with. But definately check your paypal history. I was able to search further back than three months by defining the search dates myself. If I could do that after 5 seconds you are going to be able to do this too. Best of luck. Regards Mailman
  9. Hi Yorky, Yes there is a specific clause in the terms and conditions in regards to the gig being cancelled, if its cancelled on the day by the customer then the full amount is due for the gig. I had also offered them the chance to cancel the gig earlier in the week (and offered to refund the deposit) when it was clear that travelling from Gatwick was going to be an issue. They declined to cancel, and at that point the only cost incurred by then would have been the £700 for the airfares, which I assume they could have recovered through insurance. When the gig was finally cancelled, I advised the client that Id be sending through the final paper work, which includes costs associated with our day spent in lovely Gatwick and also receipts for their deposit. There was no push back when this was raised. As mentioned earlier, we appear to have suffered at the hands of a jobs worth! As I pointed out, the terms and conditions were very clear, all costs will be covered by the client (HSBC). Naturally, when I sent the email requesting payment the guy hasnt had to good manners to even acknowledge the email. What really gets my goat about this is that there is no way in HELL that HSBC would just accept a credit card holder saying they arent going to pay their bill because they dont want to! Anyway, Ive put my letter in the post today with a copy of the receipts and another invoice for payment. So Ill see if that gets acknowledged by HSBC (I suspect it wont). If my letter does get ignored, does anyone know if Jersey even has a small claims court? Regards Mailman
  10. Buzby, Thanks for the reply. Ill photocopy the receipts and fire off on Friday (as Im not back in the office until then). Im just a bit peed off with HSBC's behaviour on this... I mean there would be no way in hell those guys would accept anything less than any debt owed to them being paid in full. So why these guys think they can turn around and tell us to eff off is nothing short of arrogance! Regards Mailman
  11. Anyone...anyone got any ideas? Regards Mailman
  12. Guys, Some advice please. A couple weeks ago a group I am with was engage to do some work for HSBC in Jersey. Part of the terms and conditions was 50% non-refundable deposit up front on booking confirmation as well as covering all reasonable expenses related in getting the group to and from Gatwick as well as to and from the airport in Jersey. Long story short, Mann Made Gobal Warming ™ conspired to stop the group from getting to Jersey after a 16 hour wait at the airport. So after cancelling the gig in agreement with HSBC everyone went home after spening 16 hours in the airport! The following day I sent an email off to HSBC, with an invoice for the expenses (the biggest being petrol and parking, coming in at £80) I got a reply back saying HSBC wouldnt be paying the expenses as we had their deposit. Of course they completly ignore the fact that the group members still had to be paid after spending a day at the airport AND the terms and conditions were very clear in that all travel related costs were to be covered by the customer (above the fee charged). Of course they have ignored this email, which I gave them 7 days to make payment. Also, earlier in the week before we travelled I called HSBC to offer them the chance to cancel the booking because of the snow around Gatwick, and that I would be happy to refund their deposit as we had not incurred any expenses at that point (ie. people didnt lose a days pay etc). However they wanted the performance to go ahead, which I was ok with, but I did offer them the chance to cancel with no financial penalty. So the question is, these guys havent bothered to reply, can I take them to the small claims court here in the UK? If so, I guess I would use their Canary Wharf HO address? Also, one of the other terms and conditions was that if the gig was cancelled on the day then the entire fee would be due. If I can use the small claims court I think I will claim for the full fee as well as expenses on top. Anyway, any help/advice would be most appreciated. Regards Mailman
  13. Stevie, Is your fathers estate caught out by inheritance tax (dirty little tax too!!!)? If so, Id assume Her Majesties Government will want its cut as soon as possible. It has an election to lose next week! Mailman
  14. So had a call from the area manager today...seems it was all a misunderstanding??? DFS will contact the credit agency and advise them this was 1 year payment free with the balance due over the next three years. He accepted it was their mistake leaving the start date off the agreement etc. Good news...grateful the manager called...all is well in the world! Regards Mailman
  15. The thing that got me was the sales rep who served us knew what I was talking about when I called! She was quite upfront about changing the terms because thats what was more likely to get through...even though my wife and I TOLD her we wanted the 1 year payment free option! we didnt bother going on yesterday and instead will write a letter to DFS and the credit company telling them this is in dispute. Mailman
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