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  1. Thanks HB. I am hoping regulation 8 “Delivered without my knowledge and connivance” can be applied to my case as my dealings were with Max tax but payments were made by fast tax. I have no emails, messages etc dealing with fast tax. Also, my independent review stated that once my details were obtained they impersonated me to submit returns as opposed to acting on my behalf.
  2. Yep. It’s disgusting. I “owe” £12k. Everyone is in the same boat unfortunately. I have been following all of the threads on this site and I was going to include the Huntly and mccumiskey cases in my own appeal but it seems pointless after reading through your last post.
  3. What happens now then Dixon? I assume hmrc will allow you to set up a payment plan?
  4. Dixon in your first post you say “A month ago from now (around a year later from the original claim submission), I received a letter in the post from HMRC saying they were investigating a tax rebate claim submitted by me for EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) relief.” This would be roughly May 2020 you received your payout from FTR? My “claim” was originally investigated by HMRC in June 2020. Could it be possible that there was an overlap where HMRC were paying money to FTR whilst also investigating similar claims? If I’m understanding, there is only a month between your claim being paid out and mine being investigated and I doubt I was top of the list of people being investigated given how many people this has actually affected.
  5. Hi @slick132, I have read through their posts and found the content posted by yourself and others really useful. However, I am at the same point as schipoo. I have had both my review and independent review decisions upheld and recently sent off my appeal to tribunal. I did this just before finding this page so wasn't aware of regulation 8 etc. Similar to mentioned on #157 of that thread I laid my appeal to tribunal out as a relay of the story rather than to question if HMRC have followed the correct processes.
  6. Hi, After some advice and hopefully people don’t mind sharing their information. I have just had an independent review, however, I am aware of another independent review that has been conducted by another officer and the wording is very similar. Both cases say “akin to providing your pin code” and “intended victims for this crime is the public purse” is it fair to say that if different hmrc officers are simply copying and pasting replies for a pre written script that this isn’t independent and I’m I within my rights to complain?
  7. 1. Did FTR initially contact you, or you contacted them. I contacted them by email after being referred. 2. Who did you speak to at first and later. emails, texts, Facebook messenger app with Allan Maxwel, Claire and Sian. 3. What did they say they could do for you. A tax rebate of up to 30%. 4. What documents did you provide them with, and by what means. Email reply to a “what we need from you” template. Sent them a photo via text of my UTR once it arrived in the post as requested. 5. Did you give them info like N I No, UTR. yes 6. Did you sign a paper form of authority and send it to FTR. no 7. Did you agree to any T&C’s online using a Tick Box. no 8. Were you told anything about investing in an EIS. no 9. Were you told anything about claiming EIS tax relief. no 10. Did you know FTR would be repaid any tax refund. no 11. Were you told about what percentage FTR would keep of any tax refund. no 12. When FTR sent you money, did they include any info about how this was made up. no 13. Did they inform you how much of the refund they kept. no 14. Were you shown any documents seeking your approval or signature during the process. no
  8. It was just regarding #161. HMRC asking me to repay Fast Tax Rebates Ltd scam rebate - Page 8 - HMRC - Consumer Action Group I reported through action fraud and eventually got it passed to NP. It went nowhere and they told me they were leaving it for hmrc. This was sometime last summer, maybe July. I was wanting to see if it was worth logging again. Also noted that their mp is from Blackpool and I know a lot of people that live in my area but work in Blackpool that were referred though work colleagues. We could potentially have mutual friends and wanted to see if he wanted to pick up/share info through Facebook etc.
  9. @dixon2094 how do I go about sending you a DM? When I try it says I don’t have access
  10. Hi, I am late to this thread but after months of searching I have just had the link forwarded to myself. I was also scammed by fast tax rebates/Allan maxwell. Very similar to the points above. Provided my details on the grounds of a uniform/work related expenses rebate. No mention of EIS. Expected to pay back the full amount. Received 4k over 3 payments, hmrc wanting 12k back. I have written to my mp, he appealed on my behalf (unsuccessful). I reported to action fraud > forwarded to Northumbria police. Was told there were several other victims and assured it was being looked into. Provided hmrc with a crime number - a few weeks later the case is dropped by the police and left for hmrc to deal with “to save duplicity in the investigation” as far as I can see hmrc are only interested in collecting the money from the victims. I have no legal representation but have just sent off my tribunal letter this week. Out of interest where are the people on this thread based? I’m from fleetwood and know of 15 other people affected by this.
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