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  1. Here is HMRC's response to my email: The tax has been postponed pending the outcome of your appeal. My letter of 9 June 2021 was my decision about your appeal but this is not the end of the matter. You can ask for an independent review and a hearing at Tribunal which was explained in my letter. The appeal will remain open and the tax postponed whilst you go through this process; or withdraw your appeal. I have removed Fast Tax Rebates from your record as instructed.
  2. Okay I've done that. Will let you know of the outcome! I can probably afford £100 a month to pay back right now. In a few months, this figure could increase.
  3. Thanks both. FYI: I've just gone over the letters and the total rebate amount actually totals £3700ish. So, actually FTR took around £2500, and I still got £1200. But HMRC are only requesting £3000. So it's actually less than the rebate amount (as I understand it), with no penalties attached (which the HMRC agent did explain a further letter that they weren't adding any). Let's see what the SAR brings up and i'll keep you updated. Anything else you think I should know, please feel free to let me know!
  4. Okay great, thanks dx. I'll submit the SAR to HMRC now. But I'm confused as to why FTR would be mentioned in relation to their awareness to HMRC via my information? Surely the only mention of FTR on my info would be from the tax rebate? How would I know if HMRC were aware of FTR, prior to my dealings from a SAR into my personal dealings? Sorry if I sound dumb, I'm just trying to understand.
  5. Sorry - will follow the guides moving forward. The fact they say it's a "compliance check", doesn't this mean it was random? Also, how would I decipher from the information I receive that they DID know about FTR at the time of my rebate being submitted for EIS?
  6. Hi slick, I always ONLY correspond in emails and in writing. If there was a phone call, I always follow up by email and start "as discussed over the phone". Here is the email I sent to HMRC yesterday: https://i.postimg.cc/Wpf4kt4M/Screenshot-2021-06-10-at-12-52-03-pm.png I'll submit the SAR to HMRC now.
  7. Hi, Why would I send an SAR to HMRC - what would I be asking for exactly? I don't want to annoy them or anything like that and make it seem like i'm being pedantic. Also, who would I send this to/address it to? HMRC are asking me to pay the full amount, but I've not had a response yet in relation to a payment plan or anything of the sort.
  8. Hi, They appointed a new director yesterday so I presume it's still in operation? I've already contact HMRC as soon as I got the letter a month ago, and explained the whole situation - attaching all email threads and text threads with FTR. I presume it's because they're aware it's not me and was done "on my behalf" wrongly, they say they "empathise" with me and so only requesting me to pay the original rebate amount and nothing more.
  9. hi, 1. Yes, I believe so. They were quite sympathetic to me and as I understand I only owe what was incorrectly rebated. 2. Not anywhere close. 3. I think this is my only option. I've just replied with what my next steps potentially could be - are they correct? Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for this. I've had a look via my Government Gateway account and can only see submission receipt reference numbers for the returns. The deadline given by HMRC in their email is 23 June for me to inform them of my decision, including if I want to appeal, which I presume is pointless. So... my thought process: 1: I contact HMRC and tell them I wish to set up a payment plan to pay off the full amount. 2: In the meantime, I write to FTR and explain they failed under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to provide a service that was ‘fit for purpose’. 3:
  11. I have no idea what to do with this information - is there not a case against the company? Can you send me a link to the 192.com?
  12. I mean, in theory, if they're still operating (hiring a new Director), then surely their email would be working? I can try emailing, but what do I say? I don't want to jeopardise anything, especially if they're unaware that people are getting these letters and may be seeking legal advice, like me. A new Director has been hired, but it seems Alan has resigned too, all today.
  13. He's not no, but to be fair, he hasn't received a letter from HMRC yet. However, someone else I know has had their letter, so I presume only a matter of time. Surely there's something I can do to combat this whole situation? Whether it's claiming against FTR or Alan himself as Director etc? £3000 is a lot of money to be paying a) when I only received 1/3 originally anyway, and 2) when I had been misinformed about what was happening.
  14. Hi, I've just gone on to a few random tax rebate company websites, and none of them mention any regulation or regulators - I may be wrong? I had not signed anything with FTR. No contract, no signatures, nothing. They never mentioned anything regarding whether HMRC want their money back either - it was never brought up. I can't inform them there is an issue as their contact details no longer work. Even their website is down.
  15. That's them. I spoke with a "Mike Hodgson - Sales Executive" on email and a "Claire" on text.
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