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  1. I’ve passed the link on to them. And no problem, I’ll keep an eye out for the DM.
  2. Is it worth me sending this link to police, to highlight the scale of the fraud that’s been done and the attention it’s getting? I have an email thread with them. By email thread, I mean they haven’t replied yet; but I’ll reply to myself.
  3. I've followed on from my email to the police with proof of ICO's decision saying this, and with my Warrant letter proof - which proves ignorance towards MCO claim and Judgment.
  4. Hi Slick, Here is a response from Action Fraud I got this morning: Dear XXXXX, I am writing to inform you of the current position of your report. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has reviewed the information you provided and has passed your report to Northumbria Police for their consideration. Please note Northumbria Police is responsible for deciding whether to commence an investigation and for providing you with further updates to your report. Northumbria Police can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone 101. When you contact Northumbria Police please give them your reference number XXXXXXX. If you have any queries regarding this letter please visit www.actionfraud.police.uk/FAQ where you will find answers to most common questions. You may also submit questions which you feel are not addressed by the FAQ using our online form. You can also register on our partner website www.actionfraudalert.co.uk to receive email alerts about new and emerging crime types. Thank you again for taking the time to report this matter. We value your feedback, please visit this link and complete the survey: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSATDISS Yours sincerely, Head of NFIB I've emailed [email protected] with info that I sent to the HMRC contact that my local MP gave me, in relation to how many people affected, total estimated amount, etc. Not sure if I posted this previously, but this was their response (in relation to my #137 post) Dear XXXXX Thank you for your email of 8 October 2021, sent to HM Revenue & Customs. I apologise for the delay in acknowledging your email. We are currently experiencing a high volume of work and it is important that we investigate your complaint thoroughly. A member of our specialist complaints team will aim to provide you with a full response within the next 12 weeks from the date of this email. If we are unable to respond by this time, we will write to you again. Please find attached a copy of our acknowledgement letter, a copy of our “Complain about HMRC” factsheet and a copy of our “Corresponding with HMRC by email” factsheet. Please can you confirm that you accept the risks of corresponding by email, and that you are happy to do so. Please note that no further email communications will be conducted without your consent to the email disclaimer (attached). Please note that due to the measures put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are unable to take phone calls. If you would like to contact us, you can email us on [email protected] Yours sincerely Complaints Registration Team Yes - i've directed around 5/6 people to sign up here although I believe only one has done so. The others have just arranged payment plans with HMRC to repay the FULL amount, not just what they received... potentially to save any hassle their end. Nothing heard back from Bailiffs or Court - I will request an update tomorrow morning, as I should have received something already. Also, nothing back from Tribunal yet either, following your/my latest response.
  5. I've received a response from local MP's office:
  6. Is it worth me approaching my local MP? I know he's VERY active on social media and could potentially create awareness for more people to get involved. I am aware there have been around 20 in a similar position to me, just in a 5 mile radius from my home for starters... mainly through work/friends.
  7. I believe they would just head to their registered address... whether or not they're given another address to try or not I don't know, but I would presume their warrant wouldn't cover that? I was told that normally they'd try an address 6 or 7 times before giving up. However, seeing as though on their first visit, it's apparent it's a rented office/forwarding office, not sure if they'll just give up.
  8. That's still ongoing it seems. I contacted the issuer and was told I wouldn't hear anything back for a month or so, given the amount of times they try to make contact before giving up. I think there's still a week or two left of that before I hear anything.
  9. Thank you - i'll get this sent now and advise of any reply. Out of interest, do we know anybody in a similar situation as me? It seems i'm the only one that took HMRC to tribunal, sent SAR/LBA to FTR, applied for MCOL, etc.?
  10. Hi @slick132, I've not managed to sit down with a CID officer as of yet, I plan to do so either next weekend or weekend after (I have a Christening next weekend, so may be pressed for time). I've also noticed I have until 8th October (Thursday) to respond to Tribunal/HMRC. - 14 days from 24th September. No update as of yet with anything else i.e Warrant, etc.
  11. Hi @Ethel Street , yes, they call it a crime reference number - see attached. I tried calling 101 and was on hold for almost 40 mins so gave up. The automatic voice said that I can also go online to report it, which I did, and when you select "Fraud", it just directs you to Action Fraud's website. I've a feeling they'll say this on the phone also... is there an alternative? The webpage says: CRN.pdf
  12. Okay - i'll give 101 a call shortly and ensure I get a crime reference number.
  13. Is this best done via 101 or is there an alternate route? Also, is it best to say multiple people have been scammed and explain the whole situation with FTR and Alan etc? They'll try fob me off, however, what do I NEED to obtain? A crime ref number? Is that enough for me to know they've started the investigation? Or do I need them to confirm an investigation is being made? Do I mention that an alternate police constabulary is allegedly looking into it, etc?
  14. Okay, thank you. With regards to the police, I've only ever contacted Action Fraud who gave me a crime ref number and eventually, this response: So no luck there. I would be happy to contact Police direct but wouldn't it be better to jump on Blog81's friends' case? (As per the other thread). But we don't have that info?
  15. I'm curious... has the police officer said this in writing? Do you/your friend have it in writing?
  16. Reply from the HMRC agent handling the case their side: "Thank you for copying me in to your emails to HM Courts & Tribunals Service. I will contact you again when further instructions are issued by the Tribunals Service." Suppose I'm just waiting on Tribunal's response now we've both put our cases forward.
  17. Update on warrant - I just called the warrant number and following no answer from FTR to their "scary" letters, it was passed to bailiffs last week. It'll be around a month or so until I hear outcome. I presume this isn't going to get anywhere
  18. No problem, will do. PS: STILL nothing back/no update on Warrant which was issued on 5th August following Judgement.
  19. @slick132 I've sent your message on to the Tribunal in response to HMRC's response, and i've CC'd HMRC's agent as required. Will let you know once I hear back from either party. Thanks again.
  20. Thanks Slick - I’ll get this emailed over this morning to tribunal as my response, and CC HMRC as required. Before I do, am I to add anything regarding the alleged police investigation as mentioned by Blog81?
  21. @honeybee13 and @slick132 would you like me to DM you my full email/text threads? I've put black marker over all personal info.
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