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  1. Are we now happy with the letter and extracts are we adding the quote me happy part in letter I feel that's important
  2. These are the credit agreement statements Adobe Scan 20 Feb 2022 (3).pdf
  3. FoS decision extracts from the final findings Adobe Scan 20 Feb 2022 (2).pdf
  4. Quote me happy is part of Aviva insurance How can a sub part of their company say a policy set up in Aug 2019 was fraudulent but Aviva deny the rest
  5. Is this worth mentioning and adding in as an extract as quote me happy are part of Aviva and they said insurance fraud had happened and they cancelled the policy to inception date Adobe Scan 20 Feb 2022 (1).pdf
  6. Yes I will get the info and add it to the post thank you will be later this evening
  7. Ok so you're wanting an extract of the credit agreement, the conversation of how policy was set up from FOS investigation and a copy of avivas own policy
  8. I'm not sure which extracts you're referring to I did ask earlier too
  9. Yes I've read the agreement part are we going to mention the bank chargebacm and why aviva didn't challenge this ? Premiums were fully paid he went and reversed this in late 2019 via a bank chargeback Apart from that I believe the draft is fine
  10. @unclebulgaria67 yes that's right I havent consented to a credit agreement @BankFodderI remembered all these points as I read the letter and mentioned them yes i willlook at the letter again thank you
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