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  1. @BankFodderI agree should I mention the new crime reference number in the email ? I will draft response and put it on here before I email it across
  2. @Manxman in exile the letter they've sent me just proves how incompetent they are and how they've allowed themselves to be victims of fraud by not doing the necessary checks in the first place had they done so we wouldn't be in this situation now
  3. @Manxman in exile I think that's what @BankFodder is saying i should send back as a response
  4. @BankFodder wow!!! I think you're just as confused as me but I'm blown away with your response!! I think I should email this on the email address I've got ? Part of me is thinking could Mr Z have put in a dummy complaint ? As I haven't got this far with them despite attempts since Jan 2020
  5. @Manxman in exile ive made no complaint to aviva I referred it to the ombudsman last march 2020 and its been with them ever since as I wasn't getting anywhere with aviva they had sent me their resolution letter back in Feb last year since then an investigator has been looking at it and then the ombudsman I feel their maybe a glimmer of hope and I also feel maybe you guys can help me put a letter together to send to the ceo directly
  6. @Manxman in exile ik just as confused ive had no dealings with aviva since ombudsman has been dealing with ive only started sending SARs from 23rd April after I joined the group No idea what this relates to but I feel it would be a good time to put my defence forward and for someone to actually look at this case seen as its gone to very high senior management level as the CEO is involved
  7. @Manxman in exile the ombudsman was dealing with the complaint ive not rejected decision yet as ive got an extension I sent a SAR on the 23rd April along with disclosure of the abuse policies they sent me a letter 5th May asking me to verify my identity on the 7th May ive emailed them on the lines of theyre creating obstacles when they have all my information and threatening legal action if I don't get the information in the 30day period and today I've received this letter in the post Part of me is thinking I should email the person asking what complaint is she referring to and maybe pu
  8. @BankFodder I've received this letter through the post im a bit confused by the date they quoted I sent an email to aviva re the data protection yesterday and I've received this response so a bit perplexed part of me is thinking should put my case forward now as to how aviva have acted as now I've got someone whose taking this all seriously any thoughts please ? Adobe Scan 08 May 2021.pdf
  9. @BankFodder yes I did The fos claimed that I had received the letters when in fact I only started receiving letters when account went into default in the same way I hadn't received any of the loan correspondence from close brothers or klarna
  10. @BankFodder it was close brothers financial but the fraud team that looked into it was Klarna again I had received no correspondence from this company either so Avivas argument of sending me correspondence falls flat
  11. @BankFodder I have had a little ray of hope given to me one of the companies Z had taken a loan out with confirmed it was for private registeration plates which link to Z plus again hes used his own email own number and own bank details they have fully investigated this took them 2.5hrs to label this as fraudulent Secondly, the police git back I touch with me the case is with the domestic abuse team the lady officer dealing with it said there's enough evidence here to arrest him and do a house search she asked for copies of my credit report which I have given plus the company who said i
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