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  1. @BankFodder I've sent her an email requesting her to share their response
  2. @BankFodder I've got neither just the officers email to update me that she's been in touch with Aviva
  3. @BankFodder the police officer has contacted aviva her response below she has asked them to hold on the money front AVIVA have replied and i have requested to put the request for money on hold so fingers crossed this request is accepted.
  4. I've sent the email re TIC to the police and I've sent letter to aviva saying the police will be in touch. I've not sent the letter to FOS yet
  5. @BankFodder email from FOS Thank you for your email, I am happy to give you more time until you receive your subject access request.
  6. @BankFodder is the letter ok to send to all contacts at aviva re the officer getting in touch with them ?
  7. Rejection letter to be sent to the FOS I am declining your decision of 13th April for the following reasons: Much of your decision is predicated on your view that Aviva had a “process” in place and that they followed this process and as a result their decision to enter an insurance contract in 2015 despite their misgivings was fair. 1. Nowhere in your decision have you explained what the process was and whether in fact the process was fair. Clearly your view is that with regards to that process, all that was needed was for Aviva apparently to follow thi
  8. @BankFodder is this ok to send to all contacts at aviva regarding the final notification debt letter theyve sent I received your correspondence regarding the notice of debt dated 8th June received 12th June giving me 7 days to make payment. I don’t owe this money and the policy was taken out by my brother by a fraud in which you were complicit. The police are aware I have a crime reference number 1XXXXX this fraud is being investigated by PC XX, she will be emailing yourselves I give full authorisation for her to discuss any aspects of this case with yourselves.
  9. @BankFodder I will run this all past the officer and feedback what she says what is a TIC please so I can understand and get my head around it
  10. @BankFodder yes it did and action fraud had no line of investigation so the police didn't do anything they closed the enquiry So I then took the complaint to the ombudsman Once the ombudsman didn't uphold the complaint I took out a statutory report and it showed the additional companies the lady at experian told me to take it up with the police again , when I did the police officer was surprised at aviva and the ombudsman so theyve included it all again and reopened the case Does that make sense?
  11. @unclebulgaria67 @BankFodder the police are aware of the aviva fraud since 2020 when it first happened and the complaint now again was aviva with the statutory report showing additional loans being taken out so "identity theft" I just need to write a letter to the all concerned contacts tahg I have at Aviva to say I won't be paying the debt as we discussed yesterday and to give permission to PC to then email them that it's all bring investigated and not to take any further action just buys me a bit more time and I can do everything else in terms of SAR rejection unfair treatment claim e
  12. @BankFodder the officer said she will be bringing him in for interview and then the file will be going to cps to review.
  13. @BankFodder I've just spoken to the PC she has submitted everything to the economic crime unit once she hears back from them, she will be arresting and interviewing him , the file will then go to the CPS she said they can take 4/5mths to review and it'll go to court for him to be convicted and charged She also said if I write to aviva and give permission for her to speak to them she will try and get aviva to hold off from selling debt onto 3rd party and they will need to wait till investigation is complete She has also said its going to be quote a lengthy process
  14. @BankFodder theuve sent another message to the PC and have asked me to ring back in a few hours when she's on duty and they might be able to transfer me through to her I'll keep you posted thank you x
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