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  1. @BankFodder update from the police tonight the PC has said that the economic crime unit have concluded that the companies have been defrauded. Aviva have put a hold on things for now but she will be questioning aviva why they haven't done an in depth investigation and concluded it is fraud and why they haven't exercised the same due diligence as the other companies She said the aviva case was a financial loss to me so she will get the help from someone in economic crime unit to simplify the forms and then shes in a position to bring him in for an interview and wil
  2. @BankFodder response from the FOS Thank you for your email and I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the way we've handled things. I will raise a service complaint and a manager will be in touch shortly to confirm the next steps. Please note the service complaint will be a full review of the level of service we've provided and will not address the merits of the final decision
  3. @slick132 yes I corrected it and sent it in as you've just corrected it many thanks hun x
  4. @BankFodder does this bit read correctly as the rest is fine In view of the fact that the ombudsman's own published "process" has not been applied to the handling of my complaint, the decision by the on this man should be considered as vitiated. In that case, the decision would be considered to have no validity at all and so there will be no question of the ombudsman being asked to reverse it as they would effectively be no decision to alter.
  5. @BankFodder this is excellent!! I'm not sure what point 1 on suggested course of action should read it says "vitiated "
  6. @BankFodder it was referred but it wasn't seen as afresh she was still filtering the investigation through Katie who was the investigator so the complaint wasn't impartially investigated it was pointless referring if Katie was still involved And she didn't speak to me to make a final representation she just went straight to final decision I think they based their decision on the fact A) aviva followed a process B) the policy investigation where my documents were given which were stolen C) the letters I had supposedly received So the way it was handled was
  7. Katie who was the first ombudsman asked me questions and I responded to them but the 2nd ombudsman never spoke to me or emailed me
  8. @BankFodder thank you is it worth mentioning that the fos had no dealings with myself and was going by the information filtered via the first investigator? I never spoke to her and neither did she try to understand the case? If not I think this letter is good to go
  9. @BankFodder the FOS response Thank you for your email. Before you refer a complaint to the independent assessor (IA) you would first need to raise a service complaint with us directly. Your service complaint will be reviewed by a manager, and if you remain unhappy with our response you can refer it to the IA. I think it would be helpful to outline that service complaints do not consider the merits of the case e.g. the final decision or address the reasons why you're unhappy with the decision, the approach taken etc. It will only consider whether we have provided you wi
  10. @BankFodder do I need to send the above letter to the person that replied to me on email?
  11. @BankFodder in short yes aviva claim the FOS can deal with any queries or revisit but they can't and FOS won't even look at their errors
  12. @BankFodder response from FOS Thank you for your email, I am happy to wait until you've received the subject access request and an additional two weeks, please get in touch with me to let me know once you've received the information you're awaiting. In terms of the call recording, the final decision has now been issued, we won't be in the position to revisit this complaint even if you feel that crucial evidence has not been considered. It is likely to case that if the evidence in question was crucial to the outcome of the complaint, the Ombudsman would have requested this fr
  13. @BankFodder heres to wishing aviva do whats right but i highly doubt it, ive sent the letter to the FOS colleague who has agreed the extension i'll keep you updated on what they say the officer also agreed last night to send me Avivas response once she gets it
  14. @BankFodder yes that's correct no firm date just they will grant extension I am to send this letter to the FOS if you're happy for me to do this x
  15. @BankFodder I've sent her an email requesting her to share their response
  16. @BankFodder I've got neither just the officers email to update me that she's been in touch with Aviva
  17. @BankFodder the police officer has contacted aviva her response below she has asked them to hold on the money front AVIVA have replied and i have requested to put the request for money on hold so fingers crossed this request is accepted.
  18. I've sent the email re TIC to the police and I've sent letter to aviva saying the police will be in touch. I've not sent the letter to FOS yet
  19. @BankFodder email from FOS Thank you for your email, I am happy to give you more time until you receive your subject access request.
  20. @BankFodder is the letter ok to send to all contacts at aviva re the officer getting in touch with them ?
  21. Rejection letter to be sent to the FOS I am declining your decision of 13th April for the following reasons: Much of your decision is predicated on your view that Aviva had a “process” in place and that they followed this process and as a result their decision to enter an insurance contract in 2015 despite their misgivings was fair. 1. Nowhere in your decision have you explained what the process was and whether in fact the process was fair. Clearly your view is that with regards to that process, all that was needed was for Aviva apparently to follow thi
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