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  1. Hi dx Welcome had stopped trading by then. You can also see how much I owed in 2013 With the PPI I would have cleared the balance But who was raising the amounts when the company was not trading. I have the SAR from them
  2. Hi dx I was working agency work at that time and very unreliable. papayoo
  3. Hi dx May I know if you have made progress with the info(statements) that I sent. What are those amounts of £250 ? interest/charges ? Or is just a mistake? I have looked at cruz threads and i need to identify what those amounts of mine are so as to move forward. Thank you papayoo.
  4. Hi dx The outstanding amount is £15 000 and no refinance. If I attach my statement for you to see exactly what is going on, Will everyone see my statements?
  5. Hi, I have a long going issue with Welcome finance now taken over by Coast Finance Solutions on 23/05/18. FSCS have on their website failed firms and Welcome Finance being one of them. They failed in 2/03/2011. I phoned FSCS what happens when a company fails/cease trading and stops altogether. They said everyone stops and leaves. No one is in the office, no work takes place. Yet I don't know who has been ghostly charging me £254.64 every month from 3/12/13 to 12/6/18 PPI payment almost cleared the debt in 2018. I am confused. Please help.
  6. The exact interest charges are £254.64. per month

    Is that correct? Please help, I need your direction.

  7. Hello everyone.

    I am being chased to pay the interested charges by Coast/Welcome finance. The company stopped trading 2nd March 2011 and the charges carried on  even if there weren't trading . They stopped the charges in 2018 254.00 per month. That is after PPi was paid to me. Is it proper for them to do that? Who was raising the charges......confused?


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