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  1. Yes doing that now also. Just had an email back from the Ombudsman’s Service quite quickly. They have a special service now set aside for NHS workers so the lady there told me as soon as I have the final response letter from CCP to send it to them and they will look into it.
  2. Update on this is I spoke to court in Belfast. They say a bill of sale is held there and successfully registered on 30/4/2018. The agreement is dated 23/4/18 so they tell me in the Court I have legally passed ownership to the company. I probably don’t have a leg to stand on now.
  3. Thanks very much I appreciate all your help. Very kind of you. I feel in a much better position now though I guess I’m just nervous that they will still uplift the vehicle even though it is illegal and they don’t have the power to do so. They would have done on Monday if I had been there. It’s just a nervy feeling to carry with me every day as I am trying to work etc. If the BOS is correctly registered does it not give them power?
  4. No as I can’t until I get final outcome letters from them I meant I would be rather than I had if that makes sense.
  5. But have I not followed correct procedure? I have put in the complaint re their handling of the situation and explained I will be putting in another re ir. I am going to send another letter in the morning re irresponsible lending. I will wait until I have a final outcome letter from them re both matters and then open my case with FOS. I had thought that’s best way to do it.
  6. I put formal complaint in letter format today and emailed them with it both to the collections manager who emails me and their complaints manager. Told them I had taken legal advice and was pursuing a complaint with Financial Conduct authority for the way they handled this and to the Financial Ombudsman for the unjust fees and charges etc. I also said at the bottom of that complaint that my legal advisors were shocked at the fact I ever got accepted for a loan and have advised me to pursue a complaint based on irresponsible lending and that I would be doing that immediately also.
  7. Never been a court case. There was a payment plan agreed for 8 weeks beginning in round 12th December for 80 per week. I paid this and missed the next few weeks. This was due to deaths I just didn’t bother myself even checking my bank or transferring from one to another as I would always do. I missed a few things over that few weeks. I heard nothing more until Monday evening when got a call from a random man on a mobile number. I only found out it was Burlington when made a complaint about him the next morning to car cash point. I checked my emai
  8. Thanks so much for all your help to date. I have had no response to either yet to letter of complaint. I thought I may have received an acknowledgement today. I did tell them they could not go forward with repossession at this time. I will call that number now.
  9. Oh I haven’t a clue. I signed lots of things but all that I forwarded last night is all I have from them.
  10. Lol I’m actually scared to as I’m scared they will come to my elderly parents home. I stay mostly with my bf now and I changed my address with company 2 years ago and that’s the updated address though on my tax book is my parents address and the address on bill of sale will be my parents I put a written complaint into them also. Spoke to FCA on phone and they confirmed no repossessions are allowed to take place until 31st January
  11. I sent an email first thing this morning and have had no response. I tried 4 times calling but get placed on hold for ages and the phone rings off. I will have to post but may take a while then. is there anything else I should be doing? I sent a letter to them this morning outlining a complaint
  12. Thanks so much I definitely fully intend on pursuing this. My main panic at the minute is just them coming to my home in middle of night and removing the vehicle. I cannot sleep with worry
  13. Yes and a number of gambling transactions at that time. I have no idea looking at the statements at that time how it was ever approved.
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