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  1. No response from ccp about the 30 day hold on the account either. Last update the dca had from ccp was 14th January also....
  2. Yes, sar's are in.... No response from ccp acknowledging the request, dca have confirmed receipt of the request.
  3. Never received it as it was sent to a previous address but they have ignored requests for a copy. I complained about the bill of sale being incorrect, that is the only official complaint I lodged, and the only one that had received a final response
  4. Have tried to reach a settlement but they are ignoring all communication, refusing to reply or even acknowledge complaints /offers. To be fair to the dca, they've been more than helpful and have placed a hold on the account their end and are trying to get info regarding the default notice, but they haven't received anything back either. Ccp have said to the dca that the default notice was issued in January last year when in fact it was August this year, and there were definitely no default notices issued before that. Made an sar with the dca also which they are more than happy to provide, given my concerns about the info that has been provided to them. The dca did however state that they don't have a default notice on file and an sar wouldn't provide the info I'm looking for but are happy to provide it anyway. The only conclusion I can reach is that ccp are refusing all contact to enable the car to be repossessed.... Which for now, won't be happening due to an arrangement with the dca.
  5. Yea I understand what you mean, but the difficulties with paying etc didn't arise until July, everything was grand up until then. Its just strange that with chartsbridge usually being quite prompt in replying, they've done the same and blanked me when I highlighted the issues with the default notice, and ccp giving them wrong information.... Will submit a sar for sure...
  6. Thought I'd give this a bit of a bump, car cash point now refusing to reply to emails, complaints or return calls. Also refusing to supply me with a copy of the default notice, the sar and refusing to acknowledge the fact that they are duty bound to place an account on hold for 30 days when I am in discussion with a debt help organisation. Bit the bullet and rang chartsbridge. They've placed the account on hold whilst I speak with the debt advisor etc...bur here is where it gets interesting... They contacted ccp who were quick enough to reply to them, despite ignoring me completely. Ccp stated to them that they weren't willing to negotiate a settlement as the account had been in default since last February... The default notice wasn't issued until late August!!! Chartsbridge now refusing to answer requests for details of the default notice they were supplied with.... Something stinks!!
  7. But they can't take it from your drive? Nor move another car that would be blocking the car in question in? And would it need to be a paper stamped copy of the bos? The guy that called at my house only had a tablet he left before I even had a chance to ask for the bos
  8. they just rely on you caving in and letting them take the car?
  9. Sorry for the delay, will get my bos uploaded as well as the credit agreement in the morning. I received an email from advice ni regarding the account and the bos and they said if there were errors on the bos there would be grounds for complaint and also that if I advised ccp and chartsbridge that I was in discussions with them they would have to place a hold on any activity for 30 days. I emailed ccp this morning and cc'd chartsbridge into it, stating that I was in discussions with a debt advice company regarding the account and as such requested that they put the account on hold for 30 days as per fca and ccta rules. Never received anything back.
  10. My understanding is that bills of sale aren't regulated hence they say they can repossess, but does the fact that its tied in with a regulated agreement not make a difference?
  11. I don't mean to pipe in,, but surely, regardless of what instructions they're acting under, the dca is still bound by the fca's rules?
  12. Many thanks dx, will have a good read at it. Will get loan/bill of sale documents gathered up also.
  13. Yea I thought that.... Good luck to them trying to repossess the car though
  14. Hi all, I am yet another victim of these vultures. To cut a long story short I fell foul of repayments and the account subsequently defaulted... It was a mixture of severe stress, mental health issues relating to the pandemic and relationship difficulties. I didn't receive the default notice which was issued in September as it had been sent to a previous address, I contacted them apologising and have made several offers to try and rehabilitate the account and get back on track, to no avail, they refuse to accept any form of payment plan but are demanding an extortionate settlement balance which includes over £400 in repossession charges. Here is where it gets interesting, I hiked out the paper work and started digging in to the legislation surrounding the bill of sale etc. A big error they have made is that instead of the annual interest rate which is to be included, they have quoted the Apr rate as the interest rate. I approached ccp about the validity of the bill of sale, pointed out the errors contained within, sent them a screenshot of the legislation and requested that they provided any evidence they had to the contrary and their immediate reply was "we do not acknowledge your complaint, the bill of sale is valid, this is our final response to the matter".. Fast forward several days, Wednesday this week, An agent from chartsbridge calls to the house with another fella in a flatbed truck wanting to seize the car, I told him he wasn't getting it as the bill of sale was in dispute and it was not valid... He didn't put up any fight or argument whatsoever, and left... Havent heard anything from them since. I sent an email to ccp about their blatant disregard for the fca and ccta guidelines regarding repossession and their unfair treatment in their refusal to even acknowledge my proposal. Also pointed out that their website states that they recognise the difficulties people are facing during the pandemic and will ensure to treat customers fairly and sympathetically... Never got a reply. Seems all communication from either of them has stopped..... Another thing to add.... Had they properly looked into my finances they'd have seen I was heavily in debt, 2 defaults from previous hp agreements where I voluntarily surrendered the respective car, not to mention the fact that they took photos of a bank statement from a separate bank account that consisted mainly of gambling transactions. There is also no record of them carrying out an affordability search on my credit file nor has the default or anything at all from them been registered on it. I know I shouldn't have taken the loan out in hindsight, but at the time I was desperate.
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