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  1. I’m pondering as I’m worried and I know I have to act and get something to them as what I am absolutely trying to avoid at all costs is someone turning up to repo the car. I know i have been told they have no powers but I’m still not sure of what alternative there is. I wouldn’t know where to begin with all other debts tbh and it’s something I would need to spend quite a significant amount of time getting all those details gathered up. My main concern at present is sorting this debt tbh and trying to do what I can to get it sorted. I will deal with all other debts in due course.
  2. Thanks for this. What should I do if they refuse to negotiate anything on a monthly / weekly basis. I will go to FOS absolutely but unfortunately that still leaves me with the panic every day about the car.
  3. I’m curious as to what CCP will do now? I presume another DCA to try and recover?
  4. Yes lots of it. I will make a seperate post for all of that when get this sorted. burlington have came back to me to say that as i have said I won’t be handing my vehicle back that they are closing their file and handing it back to CCP to pursue their other avenues of recovery activity and that I should let my insurers know that I do not have permission to drive the vehicle from its owners.
  5. These are mostly all old as in around 2008/2012 or so. Other payday loans in 2019 but they are all smallish amounts
  6. It’s addressed now in so far as I don’t do it any more but still have a lot of debt that I’m trying to work my way through and hoping that payplan will help me with that. No one chased me in lockdown etc so I haven’t bothered. I am keen now however to pay all back at an affordable rate.
  7. Simple answer to that is gambling and having borrowed way too much previous to 2018 and simply not being in a position to meet all debts so always robbing Peter to pay Paul. From last year it just began to catch up. Then covid came and made it worse. Income reduced and job changed and dealing with mental health issues. That’s really the long and short of it.
  8. Am I able to upload it like the earlier ones today? It seems to be easiest way for me to do it on my fone
  9. Over the repossessions and over the 30 day rule re acting with debt management company and working with a customer to try and come to a solution. They say they only doing what the company has told them but if bound under the FCA they still must follow their rules
  10. I felt that also to be honest. They can’t just decide to say what they like? Surely if both bound by FCA rules they have to abide by them re no repossessions. How can they say they don’t? You will see the DCA saying it is incorrect about no repossessions but what they are saying is completely wrong
  11. How do I know what to reply though and how to get it right. I may have had 12 months to sort it but I simply have not been able to afford to keep it up. In December I had high hopes but circumstances completely out of my control at that time meant rightly or wrongly my bank account was not on my mind. Bear in mind I have taken out 2000 and paid back 4700 or thereabouts. So it certainly isn’t the case that I never ever paid them or tried to run away. I have made substantial payments throughout these couple of years.
  12. I was going to go back to them tomorrow and ask them to explain why they have ignored almost all of the points I have made to them. I was also going to advise that I cannot be expected to raise 1800 in 2 days and that Surely that is going against all the ethics they should be promoting as part of CCTA and FCA. Also they say they cannot hold my account due to debt management company as it has already been escalated. Surely that’s nonsense also. I also made a complaint re the enforcement officer who initially contacted me. I will put up a copy of my complaint to them and their reply.
  13. What could the SAR throw up? I wasn’t sure of the relevance of it. Sorry I just didn’t understand it much
  14. I don’t think I can borrow that money from anyone unfortunately. They have ignored so much of my complaint. what about the fact they won’t give me 30 days due to debt management involvement and also what about the fact no repossessions until 31st January and they have ignored other points on my complaint also. I feel so backed into a corner now with no way out unfortunately
  15. I’m at work and having trouble converting this to a pdf . I feel stressed to my eyeballs now with this . Really don’t know where to turn next Hopefully this works ok complaint reply letter.pdf
  16. Hi all, I have received final response letter from CCP now. Should I attempt to upload here?
  17. Thanks DX it would be great if something was amiss in the BOS
  18. Sent u a private message. Hope u don’t mind. My bill of sale is on this post in the middle of pdf I posted but I think DX had been through it so if was anything wrong on it he probably would have noticed.
  19. Thanks TOR. Funnily enough I came across that very complaint last night whilst browsing. I have no doubt that I have a good case for ombudsman. If I was continuing paying this by the time I finish I will have paid 8600 or thereabouts for a loan of 2000. Absolutely shocking. I know for the most part it is made clear at the start but I was desperate. My weekly payment is 50 and last week I offered 150 per week as my bf was going to try help me. I told them in the complaint that 150 was not even affordable to me but to try and clear t
  20. Thanks I appreciate you both helping me out. It’s daunting. I will be keeping it on private property when I’m not driving it.
  21. So should I speak to payplan on Monday and have them contact them or am I best to let things sit as they are for now until CCP come back to the complaint as I at least should have until 31st January or am I thinking completely wrong?
  22. I already am just started a debt management discussions with payplan to try and get my finances on track. The problem being rightly or wrongly I did not make them aware of this loan as I knew the amount they offer other creditors is too little and I was concerned I would lose my car which is why I felt a repayment plan directly with CCP was best. I now am panicking about approaching payplan on Monday to tell them this. The amount they will offer CCP will certainly not be enough to appease them.
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