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  1. Could really do with some helpful advice, apart from just waiting to hear from eversheds- nw solicitors - is there anything else that I should be doing in regards to my stayed court case?
  2. I got a nice letter off NW's solicitors asking if "due to the outcome of the test case, would i like to drop my case?" to which i promptly replied "NO". Anybody else received this letter from Eversheds?
  3. Havent moved to cockermouth, no - but my inlaws live in the windermere village. not far from the lakes - they said it was the worst that they had seen for 30 years! Sorry, what do you mean by "need to do pleanty of reading now"? I was expecting a sarcastic reply when i saw that it was MTM that had replied. Yes, it was preamturely confident - but when you read what the supreme court ruling says you can read into it that they didnt say anything about whether the charges are fair or not - so there is still room for sueing the banks methinks and hopes. However, should i need to put my claim in again - i would have to ask for copies of statements again, and start all the way from the beginnig, as we have a new PC now which doesnt have my sum of charges saved on it! d'oh!
  4. At the mo, you are prob best off waiting for todays result as this could mean that people wouldn't have to put a claim in and COULD just be paid back charges owed to them. However, if it goes the other way, then perhaps you can put a revised claim into the court where your claim has been stayed. My first claim was paid up beofre the test case, i incurred further charges whilst waiting for that first claim then put a second claim in to the court which then got stayed while the test case went ahead. Read my thread - if you have time - to see what has happened so far. Warnes vs NW
  5. Woo- Hoo! looking forward to hearing what happens at 9.45am this morning. I am worried that some banks may crash again if they have to pay up and that it'll cause another recession! But i suppose that everyone who gets their money back will help to stop a recession by spending their money on the high street - so in a way we are doing the government a favour.
  6. ALl very well with the date of 16th October, but what actually happens when they rule against the banks? Do i have to do anything with my court case that has been stayed? Do i have to follow up on it or will the courts write to me?
  7. Sorry if i'm repeating a previous thread, but does anyone know what date we might hear anything about the bank charges case in the house of lords?
  8. Hi everyone, i keep getting phone calls about some change in legislation that means they could wipe off card/loan debts started pre-2007. Is this correct? and if so, how do i go about setting the wheels in motion if i dont have my original terms and conditions filed away?
  9. Nuggy, there's lots of people been waiting a LONG LONG time for the results of the test case - curretnly thr date alot of people are witing for is October 2009 - as this is the date when the house fo lords is due to make its decision on the fairness of bank charges. I've been waiting since febraury 2007 for my second claim.
  10. Hi there - MOMENTARY PANIC AND WORRY! Just been looking through my old paper work from my court case, which got stayed on 12th September 2007, and it says that; the defendant should within 28 days of the final decision of the test case file at court and serve on the claimant (a) a case summary of not more than 500 words setting out the effect of that decision (b) their proposed directions in this claim. Can someone confirm whether or not teh test case has been fully seen through yet? and if so, what date did it go through? Or am i being stupid and not watching the news often enough?
  11. How much longer can the banks drag this out for? surely they know they were in the wrong as they paid up so easily for my first claim? Why dont they just give up and pay up? Had my case stayed since February 2007 now!
  12. Dont mean to sound stoooopid, but any news on how long this case might last?
  13. Oh well, was worth a shot. thanks for the help. Just a side note - does it cost extra if i wish it to go to court? Was considering disputing the obstruction/ unnecssary obstruction wording. would save me a tenner!
  14. Here goes then! As you can see - scanned it a bit large! - the offence is illegible as is my registration number, also some figures appear to have been written on after the pink bit was removed from the wardens book. Sorry its so big.
  15. ha ha ha! Yeah, i hope it doesnt drag on much longer now!
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