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  1. Thanks, i thought this would be the best approach. Is there a specific format?
  2. Thanks, but if I do not advise the banks of my current address could the OC through the DCA pursue it the UK courts in the assumption that I am still in the UK at my old address.
  3. I will be leaving property in the UK. My thought process was to ensure that the DCA’s do not try to use the back door on my current address, if I am not there to respond
  4. Hi, I have had no contact from any DCA since my last post a year ago, I have now taken a Job in Europe and plan to move my family over. I assume the advice would be to write to the banks in the UAE and inform them of my new address in Europe to prevent backdoor claims. Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you both, your advice is very much appreciated. I will keep this thread updated on any further developments.
  6. DX see attached. My question is do i need to respond? should i respond requesting all of the documents requested previously; · Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH · Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval. · Any notice of default or UAE equivalent that was issued by the original creditor. · All and every statement of the account including how any interest has been calculated. · Proof that UAE Court Judgement has already been gained upon said debt. · Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter of Claim and/or issue court proceedings concerning a UAE debt. The UAE is not a 'member state'. · Any and All other statutes of law, be them UK or otherwise, that the claimant intends to rely upon should they wish to proceed and issue a UK Court Claim Moriarty - Redacted.pdf
  7. Thanks DX The last letter received - Final Demand Before Proceedings reads; “If no offer of payment or settlement is agreed within 16 days of the date of this letter, then we will issue court proceedings to recover the sum due. We therefore ask that you take immediate steps to contact us.” I have read lots of threads on here and note your comment of this “willy waving” however I have seen that one case recently has escalated and I want to stop it getting that far.
  8. Hi All, Like most others i have been receiving letters from Moriarty. Initially i received the standard PAP which i responded to as per the advice on here and received a response stating they had requested the relevant information from their client and all action was suspended. I did not hear anything back for 5 months until i received a letter containing an application form and statements, with none of the other documentation requested. (see all attached) I ignored this letter and have today received a letter giving me 16 days to respond before court proceedings. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Moriarty.pdf
  9. Hi Goldengoose, Did you receive PAL/LOC letter first prior to a final demand?
  10. Doubtful that these letters are getting checked, look like standard pro-forma letters getting churned out
  11. Seems the sensible advice is to follow the instructions set out on the link
  12. Is it also worth asking for details on the instruction by their client (ADCB). I assume there is no such instruction and my guess is that they are looking for a default judgement and then through one of their associated business buy the debt and try to enforce through the judgement
  13. I will definitely start my own topic should it go as far as receiving a PAP like the other threads on here. I think Chelsea05 is right in their approach asking for all relevant information, the letter also refers to previous correspondence regarding the default. I know I personally have had no contact with ADCB since I have left so I would be asking for copies of such correspondence.
  14. Keeping an eye on these threads and similar, I had a standard phishing letter from Moriarty this weekend and expect a similar letter to others very soon.
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