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  1. Doubtful that these letters are getting checked, look like standard pro-forma letters getting churned out
  2. Seems the sensible advice is to follow the instructions set out on the link
  3. Is it also worth asking for details on the instruction by their client (ADCB). I assume there is no such instruction and my guess is that they are looking for a default judgement and then through one of their associated business buy the debt and try to enforce through the judgement
  4. I will definitely start my own topic should it go as far as receiving a PAP like the other threads on here. I think Chelsea05 is right in their approach asking for all relevant information, the letter also refers to previous correspondence regarding the default. I know I personally have had no contact with ADCB since I have left so I would be asking for copies of such correspondence.
  5. Keeping an eye on these threads and similar, I had a standard phishing letter from Moriarty this weekend and expect a similar letter to others very soon.
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