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  1. Oh yes, sorry, it is the council responsible for that section of the road I am talking about. It is the councils procedure I have been following for reporting the incident and the pothole which was via an online portal.
  2. Hopefully a quick one this. Put my claim in and after 6 months of waiting they have turned it down (under section 58 defense), which I understand from searching and reading on here is quite standard. I intend to appeal and follow up with small claims court if needed. My initial thoughts are to use some info provided in the rejection letter. These details are: Incident occurred 30th May. Last inspection carried out n the 6th May - no new actionable defects were present (I`ve no issues with that). (However this line I hope is a slam dunk for me) This is due to the defect having been picked up for repair on January the 12th.... Any advice on how to proceed? Best tactics, pitfalls to avoid, and, any other useful bits of information would be great. It really was a massive pothole, I have photos and everything. It`s on a main road, right next to a police station, so how the hell it wasn`t even marked up I have no idea.
  3. Reply received! Basically saying everything is on hold whilst they speak to the client Lets see if this goes anywhere from here
  4. Hi @rgaine I don`t think bankruptcy will help you. Well it may stop these types chasing you for money but won`t help you with anything else. . Personally it's just something i`m willing to accept for the next 20 years, that every now and again, a company like this will see if they can trick me into paying. Only way to get rid is to actually pay it but where is the fun in that I`m sure you have had a click around but if not is a great thread and you will find a link in there (post #10) from @dx100uk with a link to the instructions for your reply (go down to post #5), which should be easy enough to follow. Basically you CANT ignore the PAP or that get an easy win Hope that helps, if not, im sure others will be along soon and point you in the right direction Peace
  5. Hey guys Anyone able to give me a reason for disputing the debt? Just filling out my reply form and not quite sure what to put and I`m guessing because 'I don`t want to pay it nur nur nur' wont cut it
  6. Now see if I was in your position I would be posting to tell everyone which company I used to represent me and letting everyone know to avoid them.... i would also also be keeping to my own thread and not trying to convince everyone that your case is the norm when the evidence shows you are in the .01% of cases.... As for the 50% - Moriarty just informed me it would be an extra 700 quid if it goes to court - that’s not even 10% - not like these things are drawn out cases.... Apologies to the OP, your post, has been royally hijacked and I hate to keep adding to this derailment but it’s hard not too
  7. Personally - if find that a contender for the joke of the year. You should have told it at the Edinburgh Fringe dude you would have been famous!
  8. @Hornsey62 looked at it skip - looks like you messed up because you think you knew better. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine - just you and @Squaddy hanging around to let everyone know they are doomed Honestly if you had put as much effort in to your defence as you have to letting everyone know you lost, you probably would have won
  9. Haha I call bs You can post what you like - only thing you will do is give these vultures a heads up to your defence strat and more time to prepare (if they even show up). Only time you can’t post to social media (guessing this would be considered that) is during a criminal case. Afte a verdict you would be free to express your opinion. Not sure debt recovery constitutes that as you have no jury to persuade with your posts only thing you could do is give the defence ammo Now me thinking this is all common sense and it being true are different things, I’m not a trained professional, but it seems from my digging on the site we have some people spreading rumour, fear and information, that could prevent others from getting the good advice they need from CAG
  10. Hey @uaenomore, Im doing exactly the same atm, so thanks for this list, if confirmed correct I will follow it. One thing I seem to remember reading is to not sign it but print your name instead, something about less reputable companies lifting your sig Also interested in if @dx100uk has a stock response that will be ready in time for me (I have to reply by Tuesday as sat on it for far to long!) Best of luck
  11. Cheers @WE1506 will give that a read in the morn and come back with questions
  12. Evening all, Hope you all had a cracking bank holiday weekend. Seems its my turn to get one of these lovely letters from Moriarty. In fact I was so blessed I got two, one for a CC and one for the bank account. Been reading a fair bit on other post and DX always says start your own for anyone in a similar situ - so here is mine. I`ve attached the first letter, second one is identical, just for the bank account and would like all of your advice please! Back ground - Yes I do owe this debt - No I don`t want to pay it - and Yes I could pay it if needs be. I don`t want to pay out of some moral issue I have with that damn country and how badly they treated me when i worked out there. If me not wanting to pay annoys you please don`t feel like you have to post and tell me.. If the general consensus here is to pay I will. So I need to know my next steps please CAG girls and guys. I think this is a PAP from what I can tell so have to respond. What do and don`t I send? Hopefully I have anonymised my docs enough to not have just admitted to anything Cheers in advance for any help you are able to put my way MoriartyLaw Letter.pdf
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