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  1. Finally should I respond to the finance company last email offering to pay brakes or just send the claim letter as response
  2. I have not received satisfactory resolution to my original email dated 25/01/2020 and subsequent emails regarding the faults on the vehicle which I bought from you on 24/01/2020. Please see the summary of my requests from numerous emails once again, Westover 4x4 £154.80 - Initial inspection fee to identify faults (Inchcape agree to pay) Brake discs and pads £170.88 - The vehicle should not have been released to me with faulty brakes, due to Covid 19 lockdown and garages being closed I purchased the parts and changed the brakes myself to ensure the car was safe, vibration
  3. I have already paid for the service and had all the defects fixed so I just want my money back! Thanks for the help.
  4. OK so today I will post my Letter of claim and give 14 days to respond, can you advise if I send the same letter to the finance company or is it a different letter? Up to now the finance company have tried mediation with Inchcape gradually offering more going through from the smallest figure so my guess is they will pay the service costs it just needs to be pushed there!
  5. Hammy, I would like to consider myself as a businessman, I can assure you that I would not treat my customers in this way nor would I put my business reputation at risk by not dealing with a problem correctly when it arises. I think it’s fair to say these people are salesmen and women and nothing more!!
  6. Morning, I have an email mentioning the car getting serviced prior to me collecting but I didn’t ask if it would be the correct service or just an oil change? I need to check but I think they stamped the book as well!
  7. Cars are an unknown but they surely should have identified the problems I’ve had and serviced the vehicle correctly
  8. I agree which is why I’m questioning myself, please understand this is used cars not main dealer, Inchcape reviews are great but I also had a friend that got a bad deal and they did pay up, I seem to be having more of a battle
  9. It’s based on mileage and time it was over mileage and over 7 years old which is when it was due, have mileage on invoice and age is obviously from registration
  10. It was due a major service Including timing belt and they changed the oil only so the service interval is normally 12000 miles and the service light came on after 4000 miles
  11. Yes warranty says the vehicle must have the correct service at time or mileage for warranty to be valid! To be honest I agree £800 is a lot of money but I am currently working 14-16 hours a day and don’t want to spend extra time on something that doesn’t have good chance of getting a positive result, morally I know I’m right but legally I’m not sure
  12. If it’s up to the dealers to do a oil change when the vehicle is due a major service which will not satisfy the warranty they sold me then I will take the £481. If they are required to sell me a vehicle that complies with the warranty they sold them I will send letter of claim
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