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  1. And dx what success have you personally had when dealing with cases for people in the county court.... when pointing out the above I have asked you several times for your direct court room experience. Yet it hasnt been forthcoming
  2. Sorry for delay in replying You need to compare your pcn from 2015 and compare it one from this from either vcs or another operator. Then look at schedule 4 so it makes sense
  3. Dx If you knew anything about the application of the civil procedure rules on the small claims track and the other tracks you would know what is and what is not appropriate. Defendants are always advised to obtain a SAR on receipt of a letter before claim.
  4. Sorry you are factually incorrect. If the SAR reveals information which will help force a claimant to discontinue then that Is much better
  5. No your defence looks pretty much ok . Please do not be tempted to remove stuff in it. Not far to much at at. Its all very well saying put a tiny defence in on here but its another actually presenting that in the court as a D or a lay rep. A sar is far from pointless and should be done when ever a letter before claim is received (if required) Maybe dx would like to explain why a sar is pointless......
  6. Sorry that simply doesnt make sense. You cant leave things out of a defence for "it only gives them a greater understanding of what you know.." that really is not true at all. You cant hijack claimants or defendants (although you can subtly expand on a defence in a witness statement) Dx100 people with actual court experience and legally qualified posters on other forums (so either Cilex members or actual solicitors) would completely disagree with you on the above It is all very well putting very simply defences together on here but it is another to present them in a court in
  7. Ericsbrother i agree a defence does not need to be war and peace but a two line defence like that would most likely have got struck out after allocation They have at least put in a more detailed defence now so can only wish them well. Cases that are read at Northampton are those where jurisdiction is challenged and a £100 fee is payable for a paper hearing
  8. The OP has now submitted their defence after taking advice on another parking forum, they have looked at defences which have been done by a legally qualified poster (CILEX registered,and a law degree and well known and respected in the "parking industry) after being advised that the defence they suggested posting on its own was told it was a loosing defence. Lets hope they end up winning their case.
  9. And what is your suggestion if the defence is struck out? There is no reponse at all to the parking event at all. Judges do no like technically defences these days
  10. If that is all you are going to submit and you havent missed anything out i would suggest that defence will get struck out once past allocation as it offers no prospect of success. Not suggesting you put waffle in but you need more substantive grounds
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