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  1. Cant help wondering whether SRS is claiming support under the government's generous furlough scheme. It would be ironical if the taxpayer were to be supporting his dodgy outfit to rip the public off!
  2. Honestly EmmaTPockets - this is a "perfect letter" to quote Mr. Trump! It makes the point. I wouldn't agonise further over it.
  3. Emma, you're obviously a very sweet person who finds it difficult to be obstreperous, but you have to remember who you're dealing with and what he plans to try to get out of you, without just cause. You need to be on the offensive right from the start, or he'll think you're a pushover! Remember you're trying to avoid hours and hours of preparation for a court hearing - been there, done that! You'll have to take a deep breath and beef up I'm afraid, to try to make this go away. Try to get yourself in angry mode, feel bitter and resentful for a couple of minutes and vent your wrath! I'm only sorry I never had the chance to write such a letter. Do it! I do like dx100uk's version, and especially the foxtrot Oscar reference which is priceless.
  4. Attached are photos of the signage at the Berkeley Centre taken last July. You will see that all the signs clearly state that the carpark is managed by Excel and would have been managed by Excel at the time of your alleged breach. In the light of this evidence, I would be inclined to include in your snotty letter, some words to the following effect: You have no idea who this company VCS is, nor why they are asking you to pay them money. Their correspondence refers to the carpark at the Berkeley Precinct, but you know for a fact that this carpark is managed by Excel Services, a completely different company. You are deeply concerned that this outfit VCS has managed to get hold of your personal data and details of your vehicle registration. You propose to take this whole data protection issue up with their trade organisation, IPC, and also the DVLA. Please stop harassing me further. FYI EmmaTPockets: Every PPC is reliant on its membership of an accredited trade organisation (IPC or BPA) to obtain access to info at the DVLA. If the PPC fails to observe the Code of Practice laid down by that association, it can be disciplined and possibly suspended, so that access to DVLA data is no longer possible - this has happened to VCS for 6 months in the past. This means they are no longer able to identify people to squeeze money out of, which is fundamental to their miserable business plan. This threat to inform on them won't make them quake in their boots, but the idea is to persuade Simon that it's just easier to go after someone else, to take the pressure off you,. just as FTMDave says above. Berkeley Precinct photos 11.7.19.pdf
  5. Can you please clarify the current terms and conditions for the carpark? There is now a ticket machine, possibly installed by Excel when they took over the management. Do you have to take a ticket however long you intend to stay, whether you will be in the free parking time or not? Do you have to specify how long you intend to stay at the point of arrival? Are you allowed 1 free hour and then you have to buy a ticket? I presume the maximum period of parking is 2 hours but only 1 hour is free. Is that correct? Do you have a photo of the advertised terms and conditions on the signage? That would also clarify details of the current carpark management company. If it's Excel, then it would be interesting to know which company applied to the DVLA for your details!! (There's a standard letter asking DVLA for this info) If Excel, then why is VCS making a claim against you? If it was VCS and the advertised management company is Excel, then VCS had no right to apply for keeper data and that opens up a big can of worms with their AOS and data protection.
  6. 21 + 2 = 23. Second thought - I believe this car park has been managed by Excel Services since 2018. Check the signs in the car park. I believe VCS is no longer managing the car park and Excel is a completely separate company, with separate registration at Companies House. Therefore they have no business bringing any claim at all - VCS has no contract with the landowner and cannot offer a contract to the motorist. These are defence points but you need to send the snotty letter and follow the procedures recommended on this site before you get to that stage. Be ultra careful not to mention you were the driver. They cannot assume the Keeper was the driver.
  7. Thank you - yes my garden has never looked so good! I've become a bit fanatical about it. Others working from home, so we're doing OK and so far have managed to get plenty of fresh food. I hope you're coping well too.
  8. First thought is that NTK date is 21/1/20 and date of infringement is 8/1/20. Since 2 days must be allowed for first class mail (assuming it was sent by mail), then it looks like it did not comply with the 14 day delivery requirement, as it would have arrived a day late.
  9. Oh dear sorry to hear that EmmaTPockets, especially at a time like this. Fear not - I'm sure everyone on the site will be glad to help. Go ahead and post up the info.
  10. Good Afternoon, I can confirm that the court has marked this case discontinued, and this matter will not proceed any further as it stands, Kind Regards This was the message today so I think it's safe to say Goodbye Simon. Maybe he can donate his carparks to Covid testing centres! They're not likely to be used much otherwise.
  11. You're too modest Eric's Brother - they're very lucky to have you on site. I hope you get interviewed by the Consultative Committee preparing the statutory Code of Practice. You could tell them a thing or two. I predict, one way or another, the PPC's are heading for a downfall and the current stay at home government policy won't exactly help their cause - I doubt they're equipped to redirect their energies into manufacturing ventilators like Dyson and some other more noble outfits. Unless of course there's some hidden technology in ANPR cameras that the government could confiscate and utilise!! Stay safe everyone.
  12. Hahaha! You're all such lovely people that I have to stick around - I'd miss you too much otherwise! So yes EmmaTPockets - you're already adopted - virtually. However, any praise is totally unjustified, much as it's always nice to get some encouragement - but you guys deserve all the credit - I just followed your instructions and read, read, read. The printer worked overtime and I got through a few ink cartridges and amassed a vast quantity of information, but we got to this point together. This brings me to mention that, at the beginning of time, when we first received the notification of court proceedings, my daughter was terrified and didn't know what to do. I advised her to consult the CAB who simply referred her to the MSE website. I'm not at all sure how she came across your site, which she then forwarded to me and I'm glad she did, but I do hope that you have enough links out there to make sure that others can easily get to the CAG forum. I do also think that it helps to keep things in perspective when you retain a healthy sense of humour as you do - it lightens the load a bit when faced with issues that can seem scary and overwhelming - my bit of feedback!! Well done to you all. You've kept me laughing through this drama. I do hope that the poor Paralegal representing Simon realises what a sad environment she's working in, and quits while the going's good, to get some proper professional experience.
  13. I should have added that when I first received their statement, I was a bit taken aback at the detail, and it was only when I started pulling each paragraph to pieces, that I discovered all the errors and loopholes, so that's why I recommend slicing it up one paragraph at a time, and not panicking.
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