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  1. Wonderful news. Well done @anniebattlemum It may be my turn in the near future .... we'll see. Everyone take care
  2. Im so glad @Honey Beeand @brassneckedsaid that, I agree, - please stay, I and countless others may need you... I was wondering if you would adopt me xx
  3. Absolutely delighted for you @anniebattlemum. On a different group someone else posted a notice of discontinuance they had received. I genuinely think that the looming threat of a court case can not be good for anyone's mental health and stress levels in the best of times (no matter how well prepared you may be) and something as trivial as a 7 minute overstay totally pales into insignificance in the current pandemic crisis. I wish you and all your family well and please keep safe. Sending virtual hugs and high fives!!
  4. guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-courts-and-tribunals-planning-and-preparation have you looked at this already @anniebattlemum
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