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  1. This is awful, though I am always surprised by the amount of people willing to offer help. To be fair I've had nobody contact me directly let alone ask for money.
  2. I have actually doubled up on forums already. Surprisingly MSE has been quieter which I'm hoping is a positive but both forums have got my defence to this point. The MSE thread is here https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=6036572
  3. I think I'm happier doing too much rather than too little. I've waited for comments and I'm feeling ok to submit the defence in the next couple of days. Regardless of your views I thank you for your time, feel free to chuck out any last minute thoughts but I'll be pressing send very soon.
  4. As a newbie to this a sar may well turn out to be useless. However if they end up winning at least I've made them work for it!
  5. Thank you all for your input so far. I have now received a letter back from my CPR 31.14 stating 'CPR 31.14 is not relevant to small claims matter, pursuant to cpr 27.2......we are under no obligation to disclose the documentation at this stage.' I assume this response is expected? I have reworded my defence and made it more succinct, I'm not sure what else I could add? 1. Due to the sparseness of the particulars, it is unclear as to what legal basis the claim is brought, whether for breach of contract, contractual liability, or trespass. However, it is denied that
  6. Nothing submitted as yet. I can see I need to hit some middle ground of having enough detail but leaving some scope to build on a defence at this stage.
  7. Thanks for the reply, if my calculations are correct I have until 09/09/19 so plenty of time, I certainly won't be sending anything without having the pros see to it. I feel a little clueless about what to include and what to omit. There is a mountain of information about this online.
  8. Hi, I have now reached the county court stage and the details are as follows: Issue date: 05/08/19 AOS: Sent and acknowledged on 08/08/19 A SAR was sent to VCS on 07/08/19 The CPR 31.14 Request will be posted tomorrow. The history is as follows. "Contravention" occurred on 07/08/16 and the issue date for the PCN was 31/08/16. This was an overstay of 22 minutes, the car park is free for one hour. This went through the IAS in December 2016 and obviously failed. I sent the standard letter for them t
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