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  1. Its a MCOL online i filed, thought i saw something for unspecified amount but i might be wrong. Shall i cancel and submit a paper form instead i know i will lose my fee?
  2. form n1a Value If you are claiming a fixed amount of money (a ‘specified amount’) write the amount in the box at the bottom right-hand corner of the claim form against ‘amount claimed’. If you are not claiming a fixed amount of money (an ‘unspecified amount’) under ‘Value’ write “I expect to recover” followed by whichever of the following applies to your claim: • ‘not more than £10,000’ or • ‘more than £10,000 but not more than £25,000’ or • ‘more than £25,000’ If you are not able to put a value on your claim, write ‘I cannot say how much I expect to recover’.
  3. yes it might of been when i filled the form in i think there was a box saying " i don't know how much i will get". Most ppi payouts from banks are based on estimates due to lack of data from what i can make out.If im successful can the judge lower the amount to what he thinks is right or if i've over estimated it will the judge rule in the other sides favour. I think you have to use the paper form if you don't know the amount rather than the online form as you will obviously know.
  4. Hello Andyorch can i close this court claim down and cash cheque (might be blocked) and start a new claim for a unspecified amount and tick the interest box as my specified amount was based on estimates as i don't have full details of amount and the bank probably hasn't either. is going for a specified amount going against me. if i go for a unspecified amount it might be below probate threshold also . thanks
  5. ok thanks, i started this claim for PPI at the beginning of November and they want more time.
  6. ok thanks, will write to court as i can't see anything on MCOL to do this, do i need to inform defence solicitors also?
  7. Forgot to add the cheque is in the name of next of kin and not me.
  8. yes the claim is 8000 plus 410 court costs. img20190815_14201182-converted.pdf
  9. I claimed on all 4 together including interest for £8000 (a set amount) but they have paid out on one of these a few days after i submitting and paid for a court case. I haven't cashed the cheque as i was unsure what to do. They have sent me a Acknowledgment of service defending all claim.
  10. ok the defence has ticked box (i intend to defend all of this claim). Two days after i filled a N1 moneyclaimonline form, a letter and cheque came through the door for £1200 not cashed it yet settling the smallest of 4 claims. The bank has ignored the other 3 claims and has not sent a final response letter for them, they told me they would write to me about all 4 PPI claim separately. When i phoned them up they said they have shut the other 3 claims down, they said "haven't you received a letter" and i said no! Then the guy on the phone said ok we will open then up again and you will hear in 14 days, but i have heard nothing after 28 days. The next of kin settled the estate not me as the executor, the next of kin claimed PPI from the bank, but as i'm the executor i'm bringing the claim to court
  11. sorry im the executor who is going to court to claim 8000 from the bank. will i need to bring next of kin (non executor) to court with me?
  12. £8000 already applied and the defence solicitor is asking for probate yes there was a will all assets went to surviving spouse no probate or letter of admin needed.
  13. Im taking a bank to small claims court, as a executor will i need to get probate now for PPI as i didnt need it before as the banks threshold was 50,000 without needing probate. 1: Its been less than 14 days can i cancel court case and start a new one for under 5000 as i dont think i will need probate then. 2: can i still go to financial ombudsman as i've only initiated a small claim without a hearing; Thanks for any replies in advance
  14. i'll be interested how far back they can produce statements, in 1991 it was 30p per £100 .Also they use to charge a annual fee for having a barclaycard of initially £8 then £10 but this was dropped in 2001.
  15. That's fine! Maybe i could sell the form back to Barclays for a nominal fee as they have clearly mislaid theirs, my record keeping it better than theirs . I'm not a past employer of them, just a disgruntled customer. I need the money as i have a court case against them for single premium PPI policies that they keep giving me the runaround on, im fed up with there lies and deceit. I cant say if im going to win or not but its not about the money anymore its a matter of principle. i might be asking for some advice on here myself as i haven't been to court before .
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