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  1. On a certain site anyone mentioning PPI was shot down by a few members defending the banks. One forum member named Moneyineptitude or similiar was always defending the banks on PPI, they must of made thousands of posts over the years, whenever anyone mention if they were working for the banks they always denied it. I notice this member has deleted themselves now the PPI scandal has come to a end.
  2. When my father passed away a company paid out on his private pension the following day and they Wrote a letter wanting £17 back, had he lived another 6 hours then he would of owed nothing to them. We paid them back straight away without any qualms, knowing what i know now about trying to get money back from companies when the shoes on the other foot i wished i made it difficult for them and let them keep chasing.
  3. The insurers wont send a loss adjuster down , I've told them about the gate and shown pics but cant get a estimate by a builder for gate or whole job as its like asking a builder to estimate damage for my car. The only way would be to get a metalworker down to price the gate up and hinges separately,. this is not going to be easy so i think I'm going to have accept the damaged gate and take the loss. The cash settlement would be better to get the gate sorted later after builder has done the wall. also a cash settlement would be quick, i could wait weeks for BRS to sort things out and then they could go cold on me again. at least with a insurance company you no you will get it fixed despite how long it might take. it has that added security. The home insurance carries a 450 XS plus higher premiums I'm not sure i will get it back. if i could get a builder to price up the wall and a metal worker to price the gate and hinges up separately the home insurance might accept this, that is a possibility.
  4. BRS could quite easily pay a agreeable cash settlement to get things moving easily and quickly , but these big corporates are all the same they want to inflict as much pain on people as possible and make life difficult for people. Barclays were the same, these big corporates are all the same greedy selfish and like to make people suffer. I contacted QBE insurance claims today but it is a automated message about emailing because of covid, no response so far from email. The funny thing is i got in contact with the non claims department and i told them about a claim they put me on hold then i was cut off.
  5. i could contact BRSs again they will only get their own builders, I'm ok with this they are probably going to let me down again thou. I'm going to have to forget about the gate and hide it out the way as a builder is going to run a mile because they wont be bothered in getting a metal worker involved. I've had one builder come down he obviously wasn't interested, to complex for him he never come back to me with a quote Another builder i sent pictures online and he never contacted me either. A cash settlement would be easier but I'm not pushing for it. With cash i could use the services of a builder and metalworker. the hinges need to be welded on to a metal rod and the bricks built around it, the gate i can just tart it up a bit and accept the damage.
  6. i think it might be worth taking the loss than deal with their arrogance, i could be wasting more weeks with them without resolve. I did contact a company called CRASH based in NI who deal with this they said they would look into it for me without costs, if they have a more than 50% chance of recovery they would take it on and recover legal costs from the insurance company, there might be some charge i will have to talk with them more. I haven't decided yet. Anyone heard of this company? they are on Facebook as well.
  7. BRS might mess me about again ,How do i know they are going to pay the builder? i offered for them to pay me , they have pictures of the damage but they only want to dictate on their terms
  8. my home insurance have offered £ 950 - 450 XS = £500 they have been speedy on the matter this is to repair the 3 mtrs of double wall and pillar, but haven't considered the cost of repairing my bent and twisted and dented farm gate nor the cost of welding a rod on the hinges to reinforce the weight of the gate through the pillar. nor damage to fence trellis and the costs of removal of bricks ect. Im not greedy but this is not a fair price also my premiums are going to increase for next few years i suspect.
  9. What happened BRS, contacted me after the accident and wanted to repair the damage i agreed i told them don't you want to go through the insurance they said no !. I said ok you can repair the damage, they asked me for more details about the damage so they could post the job on mybuilder.com. Anyway i emailed them giving them details of the damage and they never replied and ignored me. It was only when i done a askmid and got the insurance details of 2 policies running on the vehicle and contacted Allianz the first on the list, BRS contacted me saying sorry for the lack of communication i went on holiday and left it with another staff member who failed to contact you. BRS offered to say they want to repair the damage i said "NO" you messed me about the first time and now i want the security of going through the insurance. I did give them one last opportunity under my terms i told them to pay ***** (fair amount)into my account and that would settle the matter and i would sign a agreement that the damages are paid in full. There reply was "that is not how we do things here and to contact their insurance" and conveniently never gave me the insurer responsible.
  10. considering it expires in Jan 2021 it looks like it has 2 insurances policies running on it at the same time, What a farce! each insurance company could blame one another this shouldn't be legal, but it looks like it is.
  11. Another problem BRS wont pay cash they said they will get a builder, but there is some welding and fabrication to a metal farm gate and reinforcement metal needed for hinges in pillar, that im not sure a builder will entertain, also how do i know they are going to pay the builder after they complete the work?
  12. Thanks the only problem ive turned BRS's offer down they could use this against me in court. My home insurance will pay out , if for some reason they cant get my excess of £450 (my words not theirs) who do i claim off, i only want to do the court as a last option as i had all the court hassle with Barclays and they no full well LIP have no legal knowledge and use this to their advantage.
  13. considering it expires in Jan 2021 it looks like it has 2 insurances policies running on it at the same time, What a farce! each insurance company could blame one another this shouldn't be legal, but it looks like it is.
  14. im not sure if this is the case but you could be right, i will upload the letter for a better understanding. BRS did want to fix the wall privately then went cold on me when i give details of damage. When i found who the insurers were they suddenly contacted me giving excuses why they started ignoring me, i said no im going through your insurance for security plus you let me down the first time. ive got a funny feeling that BRS and the insurers are a "in it together bunch" BRS probably spend a fortune on insurance their part of the volvo group. it was strange that when i contacted BRS and said "no deal" allianz contacted me and said It was insured by QBE insurance Askmid says that "there are valid operational reasons why more than one policy may appear on the database for a given date". "We therefore suggest you contact each insurer identified to establish which insurer/policy should respond to your claim". ( i will upload letter soon) img20200702_21434032.pdf
  15. Can ask how long you have been self employed? Are you claiming universal credit or any benefits? Have you got any income coming in? I wont be offended if you don't answer any of my questions
  16. After all the hassle of taking Barclays to court i don't want to be taking anymore court cases out, anyhow something on the back of my mind tells me I've come across more corporate dodgy dealings. I don't want to be claiming on my home insurance if i can help it, as i've a £450 excess nor any legal cover as i've only ever claimed once in about 20 years after a kid with a catapult smashed my window. I've done a askmid as i had no idea who the insurers of this lorry was that was on contract by B&Q who were delivery next door ,the lorry smashed my wall down and pillar and my gate and it all fell down on a public footpath. The driver of the lorry gave me details of a company called BRS Warwick they contacted me and wanted to do it reinstate it privately when i gave them details of the damage they started ignoring me. Anyhow i paid £4.50 to get the insurers of this lorry only to find it has 2 insurance policies attached to it. Allianz insurance plc policy no ******** QBE UK ltd policy no *************** I contacted Allianz and a few days later after i put a claim in with them they sent me a email saying that BRS were operating it under their own insurance of QBE uk ltd. 1 coval wells Chelmsford, the QBE policy number Allianz gave me is slightly different to what's recorded on Askmid. When I contacted Allianz a few hours later BRS contacted me giving me a excuse that she was on holiday and her assistant didn't deal with it while she was away and they wanted to repair the wall privately. I told them know i was let down the first time and I'm having it done through the insurance. Anyway after i said this to BRS, Allianz emailed me directing me to the other insurer QBE as it was not being used under their insurance at the time of the incident. Ive got some strange feeling that BRS that are part of the volvo group and Allianz are in each others pockets and working together to fob people off, could this be why it it is insured by a small company QBE as well and a large company Allianz to make you go round in circles. Anyhow i cant get hold of QBE to lodge my claim to them by phone, as it says to email them due to covid. Anyhow who do i make a small claim to in court? QBE insurance or Allianz insurance?
  17. Another tip if you move to a new place, is not to get too friendly with your neighbours say "hello" ect, but dont get into any lenghty conversations and keep yourself to yourself then you wont have anyone to fall out with.
  18. Write to the court and respectfully ask them to dismiss the set aside application as there is no reason to accept it. Tell them you never got any letters instructing you to send the claim to their solicitors and this Barclays Bank UK PLC is false. ( Send proof if you have it) img20200508_00431383.pdf
  19. How do know the recipient didn't take the item out ,and then made out there was nothing in the envelope? At £6 for delivery was it insured?
  20. The only time I have seen them back down on probate was when someone went to a hostile newspaper, there the only people they are scared of, there not even scared of courts.
  21. your probably already aware, if not its £215 to apply for probate online yourself fill in the IHT form and the probate form and send the original will and any other forms to any probate court listed, I must admit mine was straightforward. Mine was for getting a small amount of PPI well below the threshold but the bank were being awkward, and the best bit about it I still didn't get any money from them.
  22. what's the address and phone number of this agency? This agency paying up front trick, has been going on for decades.
  23. This is correct the management at sharklays are vindictive knowing they have power and control and get kicks out of it, and their staff have to do what they are told, that's the reason they are quite often in the news every other week. One guy nearly lost £193000 as he made a mistake on one digit of a sort code and the money went into somebody else's account and they said they couldn't get it back and offered him about £25 in compensation. He spent about 46000 in a court case to get it back. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7766083/Pensioner-loses-193-000-inheritance-getting-one-digit-wrong-sort-code.html
  24. I ask the banks solicitors company to see a copy of the solicitors practice certificate before I pay them, but they have failed to respond to my request, I'm going to pay them as time have almost run out for payment. I'm entitled to chase this up if I believe a offence has been committed. Now I've also got to chase them up for the £2600 that they agreed to pay the estate, should be a lot more as they do hold some records of the loans because they date back from the 90s but I have the records of them.
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