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  1. Hello. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum. I brought a tumble drier April 6th 2020 second hand for £100. I was told its in very good condition with no problems. Over the last week when ever I use it, it smells like it's burning, and it doesn't start just makes a clicking sound. Came with a 3 mth warranty. so I have to put the washing on the radiators. I brought it from a second hand shop which have there own website. I just wanted to know if I have any rights before I contact them about the dryer? Or best just to save and buy a new one? Thanks Nibbles.
  2. Hey Andy , sorry for a late reply , yes it did lol, tho i had spent sometime looking at witness statements to help with mine . Lol also just to update , I've received a letter from lowell's letting me know they have zeroed the 5k and nothing is oweing now LOL they are to funny . once i get a min ill up load it . hope everyone is well . Thanks Nibbles .
  3. Good Morning Andy & Dx100uk, So i have received a letter from Lowell's solicitor's . They state that their client have instructed them to discontinue the claim & to return the account back to their client Lowell. I rang the court , the court said that Lowell's rang the court this morning to see if the court have received the notice of discontinuance , The court informed them they had not & Lowell's solicitor stated to the court that they would again send it today. i asked the court would i receive anything from the court in regards to this & he said no just from the claimant. so I'm not sure why Lowell's have pulled back on this . makes me wonder what they are up to . anyway i have attached the pdf's for you guys to see . Look forward to seeing your responses . Thanks Nibbles . jpg2pdf.pdf
  4. G'Morning Andy & Dx100uk, hope both are well ? I've attached the PDA from the court . Sorry i haven't been as active as i would like . Andy you're help would be muchly appreactied in regards to helping me with my witness statement. Also what other documents would i be sending with it ? just so i could start getting it together . as due to medication ect ,tasks of late seem to take there toll on me, & will try and help me stay calm if i'm ahead of what needs doing . not sure if I've missed anything out this morning, if i have i'll apologise now as you can imagen i'm very drained & tired. thank you ever so much Nibbles . jpg2pdf.pdf
  5. hello Andy i've attached what i have gotten from the courts . one is from the court business center and the general form of judgement / order is from my own county court . i dont see anything with N157 on it . Thanks Nibbles court letter.pdf courtsletters1.pdf
  6. it was transfered to my own court on the 17th April . Allocation ?? is that from my own court ? that last court letter was from my own court thats where they transfered it to . i know and im trying not to get worked up . i just really do thank you both for the help . Nibbles .
  7. Hey Andy, i dont know to be honest the last letter i got from the court is attached for you to see . im guessing now that lowell has done what was asked of them i will hear from the court again . im not sure what to do now . i really thought it was SB . to be honest i really cant afford to pay it even if i was ordered to, im on benefits dues to long term medical conditions . now my anxity is raising too im trying not to panic but its hard not to . thank you again for replying and helping Andy Nibbles .
  8. hello Andy , Thanks for the reply , so its not SB ? where do i go from here ? what do i do now ? thanks Nibbles.
  9. hey Dx , no not yet i have'nt . im sorry for worrying, i dont usally , Nibbles .
  10. Hey guys thanks for replying , haven't had a ciggeret since my heart attack 27 days and counting but these lot are really trying my nerves for it !! so i am right its SB ? only took them 11 weeks to reply to my SB defence and they only did because my local court told them to !! how are they allowed to get away with this stuff ? i got a feeling that with their lies they will win !! Andy is their any possible chance you could help me with my witness statement or reply to their response at rebutting their claims ?? but if you haven't the time i understand . Nibbles .
  11. hello Andy , im so confused to how or what they seem to think but my understand is this from their letters ::: the OC let the agreement run its full terms at 110weeks before acting upon it Lowells are saying as NO DN was issued and provident let it run the term of the agreement that would be 21 nov 2014 which is why lowells are saying it doesnt become SB until 21/11/2020. now how can provident let it run its term when they sold it to Lowells on 28/08/2014 . am i missing something here or not as im just as confused as you guys . Nibbles
  12. hey dx100uk last payment was 18/12/2012 . also this debt is no longer on my credit file . i have print outs of it on the 09/03/2019 it was on there and when i checked again on the 17/05/2019 its gone . so has it dropped off or has it been removed ? also they seem to think a DN wasnt issued and the OC waited till the agreement ran its full length or am i reading it wrong in their response? Thanks nibbles
  13. Hello Dx100uk , thank you so much for replying , yes i found it in a cupboard deep within paper work , I've reattached the DN for you to see again . and what date did they give you to rectify the error by? would that be 17/03/13? Thanks Nibbles . convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-03-29_15-33-35.pdf
  14. Hello Andy, today i have received their reply to my SB defence . at present i am a little upset and in pain and very tearful & exhausted. i did start my witness statement but now im not so sure as i was going with a straight forward SB statement . but now my guessing is i have to rebutt all their claim. ? which as of now i dont think i can do . im no good with this sort of thing and to be truthful im struggling with it . even though i have looked at others that have been linked here to help me , i just dont seem to be registering it . again they say the OC let the time of the agreement run its full term before acting upon it, therefore no default noticed was issued . tho i found my default notice so thats a lie. ( or am i reading it wrong ) now that they have complied with the court what happends next ? im trying to stay stress free because of my heart but these guys aint making it easy at all . i feel im losing my fighting spirit maybe because of everything that has happend over the last 4 weeks . I've added the pdf for you to see and ill add the start of my witness statement to to see if im going in the right direction . i just wanted to say also that i do really apprecate all the replies from you and dx100uk it hasnt gone un noticed. Thanks Heaps Nibbles . convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-05-31_16-30-17.pdf
  15. Hello Guys, do hope you all are well ? anyway had a letter from the court today ive attached it for you to see. one is asumming that at this moment i don't have to do anything ? does anyone know what will happen next ? tho i think lowell is still going with the "its not SB" crap. i also doubled checked my credit report & yes the default isnt on there now . not sure if its dropped off or they have removed it . I have made a start on my witness statement , hoping to try & get it done & finished but just so tired & out of it on my med as of late, so its been a bit tricky trying to get it done ready . am I right in thinking my witness statement is just straight forward with it being SB or do you think i need to add anything ? i do apolgise guys if i have or do repeat myself just since the heart attack everything is still fuzzy & finding it hard to concertrate . Thanks Guys Nibbles convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-05-25_14-04-46.pdf
  16. hello guys , dx100uk thank you for the link above i will give it a read through and sorry for the late reply . i haven't been around much due to having a heart attack just over a week ago . so i do have a lot to deal with at the moment . im still awaiting the court date to come through its only been 4 weeks since they transfered it so im guessing it should/ could be some time soon . i have noticed though that the above debt is no longer on my credit file ...... anyway i do hope everyone is well Nibbles .
  17. Hello Leedspete , one of the sites admin will answer your question in regards to your CCA . Nibbles .
  18. Thanks dx100uk , its muchly appreciated , and thank you for the help . im also sorry that i keep asking for help .... my fibro is off and pain limits are through the roof . Nibbles .
  19. hey guys , still awaiting to hear from the court , ... is there something wrong with the MCOL site as ive been trying to login for a couple of days now and it tells me password is incorrect ? also i did as dx100uk said and started looking at the claimform witness statement provident loan  ect ect but i cant find anything to help me write up my own as i wanted to get this in order before i hear from the court for the court date . im stuggling to word it i guess , and being in a lot of pain isnt helping me focus at present maybe ive missed something in the forum but i cant see anything that can help me . anyway hope everyone is well Thanks Nibbles .
  20. no they didnt wait for the agreement to terminate , agreement would of terminated nove 2014 provident sold it augest 2014 . default notice is dated 1st march 2013 ( i found the default notice . ) which has been stated a number of times .
  21. thanks dx100uk , i did mean whitness statement . i am at present in a lot of pain so please bare with me . no no court date yet so ill will await it . i will and am searching for examples to help me and ill keep searching its just how to word my whitness statement that i think ill need help with . Dogeball : you did post it already . i also asked you if it went from default date and not last payment date . so im a little confused by your post . thanks Nibbles .
  22. Hey dx100uk, how have you been ? so yes on mcol i entered my defence as:: 1) The Claimant's claim was issued on 5/03/2019. 2) The Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act 1980. If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Claimant. . 3 The Claimant's claim to be entitled to payment of £5073.16 or any other sum, or relief of any kind is denied. so i dont need to add anything ? even though lowell only sent through there "solicitor" a copy of the CCA and nothing else i requested ? no default notice ,(even though i have the one from 2013 from the OC) no action before court letters ect ect . just dont want to roll up in court without anything i need as im not sure how court works for this kind of thing being it my first time to reach this point . thanks Nibbles .
  23. so lastest update on MCOL is ..... Your claim was transferred to XXXXXXX on 17/04/2019 so im guessing ill have to wait for the courts to send me the paper work now . i was wondering if dx100uk or Andy would help me write out my defence for court . hope everyone is well Nibbles .
  24. Afternoon My Friends today Lowell solictors have written ive uploaded the pdf for you guys . Is it my understanding that on the customer details sheet they have in a little box "Annual statement last sent " 30/06/2013 which i know that date is when they registered it with my credit file ( its the same date ) . yet no default notice entry to any paper work . yet i know the OC sent the default notice on the 01/03/2013 . but when i SAR the OC & They sent back paper work with yes you guessed it no default notice no annual statments ect ect ...… . i think they think i dont have the default notice . 01/03/2013 to 15/03/2019 give or take a few days to my calculation is 6 years SB but .... from the letter they say that the OC let it run the fix term agreement before selling and there fore it is not SB .... ( got to give them points for this im sure ) ..... not sure how that works when the OC sold it to Lowells on the 29/08/2014 . again they have offered me a tomlin order .... yeah because im silly enough to enter in to that with you over what i beleive is a SB debt . i sent the DQ back to the court they signed for it on the 8/03/2019 am i right in thinking they're saying because there is no default notice (they think) that it runs from the 21/11/2014 ? anyway i know not to reply to the tomlin order . Thanks Guys Nibbles convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-04-11_16-40-47.pdf
  25. hey dx100uk , hope you are well , yes i know its why i just asked the question but was just replying to Andy . i did and thanks again guys thought i had booked mark it but hadnt but have now . Thanks Nibbles
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