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  1. Thanks for making me feel worse than i already do. It also says that i have to fill the rest in or do i just tick the first box and then sign it. I do really appreciate the help. Even though it has been hard for to decipher your answers
  2. Reading up on the claim form threads will help me fill out the mediation questionnaire that I have been sent. I think I am getting really confused.
  3. So reading this will help with my mediation questionnaire that I have been sent
  4. Have now received my mediation questionnaire. Lowell’s think it’s ok for the small claims court. Advice on how to fill in the questionnaire would be greatly appreciated
  5. So I don’t reply to this letter at all. Thanks for the information
  6. Just received a letter from Lowell’s offering mediation and wonder where to go from here. It seems like they have filled out most of the tick boxes already. Thanks in advance
  7. That the start date on the default notice doesnt match the claim form. For when i started the account. Thats all i could think off. Bit of a muddle to be honest as i was behind time
  8. Have submitted my defence but i think i have fouled it up as i failed to mention about the sar letter. So i dont know what happens next
  9. Ehhh I have been asleep in bed as I do overnights. What do I need to do
  10. Tried calling them and they put me through to littlewoods and littlewoods didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Thing is I have lost receipt for the proof of posting or it has got mislaid so shall I send another SAR letter
  11. Is there a telephone number that I can contact shop direct on as their main switchboard put me through to littlewoods customer line. Need to find out what happened to my sar
  12. Here is the cca as requested don't know if i have redacted the correct stuff again but i have just notice that its says my signature was 2010 but on the court claims form its say my account was from 2007 cca (1).pdf
  13. Have also received a letter stating that I owe about £900 back to tax credits as overpayments from 2014 and 2015. I did the online SAR request and got a huge amount of paper detailing my account going back to 2014. I have also received a cd with my calls to them but I clearly remember that every time my renewal date came through that I got my pay details from my p60 and then filled it all in online. We also called about the overpayments and disputed them at the time so I am really disturbed to get this letter I also told them about my change of circumst
  14. didnt get SAR from shop direct so will send another. May have to ask for another CCA as well
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