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  1. Hello. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum. I brought a tumble drier April 6th 2020 second hand for £100. I was told its in very good condition with no problems. Over the last week when ever I use it, it smells like it's burning, and it doesn't start just makes a clicking sound. Came with a 3 mth warranty. so I have to put the washing on the radiators. I brought it from a second hand shop which have there own website. I just wanted to know if I have any rights before I contact them about the dryer? Or best just to save
  2. Hey Andy , sorry for a late reply , yes it did lol, tho i had spent sometime looking at witness statements to help with mine . Lol also just to update , I've received a letter from lowell's letting me know they have zeroed the 5k and nothing is oweing now LOL they are to funny . once i get a min ill up load it . hope everyone is well . Thanks Nibbles .
  3. Good Morning Andy & Dx100uk, So i have received a letter from Lowell's solicitor's . They state that their client have instructed them to discontinue the claim & to return the account back to their client Lowell. I rang the court , the court said that Lowell's rang the court this morning to see if the court have received the notice of discontinuance , The court informed them they had not & Lowell's solicitor stated to the court that they would again send it today. i asked the court would i receive anything from the court in regards to this
  4. G'Morning Andy & Dx100uk, hope both are well ? I've attached the PDA from the court . Sorry i haven't been as active as i would like . Andy you're help would be muchly appreactied in regards to helping me with my witness statement. Also what other documents would i be sending with it ? just so i could start getting it together . as due to medication ect ,tasks of late seem to take there toll on me, & will try and help me stay calm if i'm ahead of what needs doing . not sure if I've missed anything out this morning, if i hav
  5. hello Andy i've attached what i have gotten from the courts . one is from the court business center and the general form of judgement / order is from my own county court . i dont see anything with N157 on it . Thanks Nibbles court letter.pdf courtsletters1.pdf
  6. it was transfered to my own court on the 17th April . Allocation ?? is that from my own court ? that last court letter was from my own court thats where they transfered it to . i know and im trying not to get worked up . i just really do thank you both for the help . Nibbles .
  7. Hey Andy, i dont know to be honest the last letter i got from the court is attached for you to see . im guessing now that lowell has done what was asked of them i will hear from the court again . im not sure what to do now . i really thought it was SB . to be honest i really cant afford to pay it even if i was ordered to, im on benefits dues to long term medical conditions . now my anxity is raising too im trying not to panic but its hard not to . thank you again for replying and helping Andy Nibbles .
  8. hello Andy , Thanks for the reply , so its not SB ? where do i go from here ? what do i do now ? thanks Nibbles.
  9. hey Dx , no not yet i have'nt . im sorry for worrying, i dont usally , Nibbles .
  10. Hey guys thanks for replying , haven't had a ciggeret since my heart attack 27 days and counting but these lot are really trying my nerves for it !! so i am right its SB ? only took them 11 weeks to reply to my SB defence and they only did because my local court told them to !! how are they allowed to get away with this stuff ? i got a feeling that with their lies they will win !! Andy is their any possible chance you could help me with my witness statement or reply to their response at rebutting their claims ?? but
  11. hello Andy , im so confused to how or what they seem to think but my understand is this from their letters ::: the OC let the agreement run its full terms at 110weeks before acting upon it Lowells are saying as NO DN was issued and provident let it run the term of the agreement that would be 21 nov 2014 which is why lowells are saying it doesnt become SB until 21/11/2020. now how can provident let it run its term when they sold it to Lowells on 28/08/2014 . am i missing something here or not as im just as confused as you guys .
  12. hey dx100uk last payment was 18/12/2012 . also this debt is no longer on my credit file . i have print outs of it on the 09/03/2019 it was on there and when i checked again on the 17/05/2019 its gone . so has it dropped off or has it been removed ? also they seem to think a DN wasnt issued and the OC waited till the agreement ran its full length or am i reading it wrong in their response? Thanks nibbles
  13. Hello Dx100uk , thank you so much for replying , yes i found it in a cupboard deep within paper work , I've reattached the DN for you to see again . and what date did they give you to rectify the error by? would that be 17/03/13? Thanks Nibbles . convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-03-29_15-33-35.pdf
  14. WITNESS STATEMENT Re: LOWELL PORTFOLIO LTD v XXXXXXXXX Case No:XXXXXXXX REF:XXXXXXXX I XXXXXXXXXR write the following statement in regards to : The case / claim no: XXXXXXXX /XXXXXXXX My first understanding of the case : XXXXXXXX Was when i received the claim forms from NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT BUSINESS CENTER . My understanding of the case is that LOWELL PORTFOLIO LTD Have brought this case via their solicitors, for the amount of £5073.16 the said amount also includes solicitors fees. MY WITNESS STATEMENT : The Claimant has not complied with par
  15. Hello Andy, today i have received their reply to my SB defence . at present i am a little upset and in pain and very tearful & exhausted. i did start my witness statement but now im not so sure as i was going with a straight forward SB statement . but now my guessing is i have to rebutt all their claim. ? which as of now i dont think i can do . im no good with this sort of thing and to be truthful im struggling with it . even though i have looked at others that have been linked here to help me , i just dont seem to be registering it .
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