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  1. honestly i havent opened any mail containing anything from lowell or there sol's . some mail i dont even open so they could have or couldnt i couldnt be 100% on this one . Nibbles
  2. ok thanks Andy .... hmmm first thing I've had . do i or how would i respond to it ? i've already sent A CRP to them . Thanks nibbles
  3. Thanks for the reply Andy , its this i'm on about .... i got it Saturday . & they how now changed the amount on the credit file to reflect the £5073.16 Thanks Nibbles
  4. ok guys ..... question ? when should a company issue a " notice of claim issue " ? before or after they issue proceedings for a ccj ? Nibbles.
  5. ok guys ..... question ? when should a company issue a " notice of claim " ? before or after they issue proceedings for a ccj ? Nibbles.
  6. Afternoon Guys , so received a letter from northampton county court today , acknowleding my defence .... tho the letter isnt signed so one would asumme it could have come from anyone within the court . !! it states : a copy of my defence is being served on the claiment and that the claiment may contact me to resolve or proceed. and has 28 days after receiving a copy of my defence to contact the court . so how will i know when they have been served it, to know when the 28 days has started ? Nibbles .
  7. do we have a template letter for Irresponsible lending and affordability checks??? i been looking but cant find any Thanks Nibbles .
  8. well i wont be from now on . i will gladly open them lol and yes i understand it doesnt stop them from filing a claim . I've noticed alot try even when its SB . but again as you say people panic and pay up . Nibbles
  9. yeah i know about DCA's they dont even bother visiting now lol just send the useual garbage letters that dont even get opened yeah it shot it sits at like 390 and has done for a while / few years . yes i will , ill gather the credit report and make a new thread and list those . there are a few pay day loans i think . i admit i have burried my head in the sand for some years . Thanks dx100uk you have made me feel a whole lot better about the situtaion . Nibbles.
  10. Well if im truly honest even if i did panic and cough up i have nothing to cough up to give . my credit is shot anyway and im slowly working through it . but this time no i need to do something about it and proud that i am . though my axitey is at a new all time high and as i sit here replying im shaking like theres no tomorrow , but matters are a must and need to be done . ok filing the defence now . wish me luck lol thanks ever so much for the help its very much appreacaited . tho i will keep you guys updated . Nibbles
  11. thanks dx100uk yes im 1000% sure its SB . ive not made a payment since 2012 the orginal company provi then transferred it to debt recovery westcot having no joy they sent it back to provi , provi then sold the account in 2014 to lowell and ive never had any contact with lowells over it either . Nibbles
  12. hey dx100uk ok noted , ok so my defence is, its statue barred. as last payment was in dec 2012 and i had no contact with the original lender since then , and never had any contact with Lowells since they brought the account in 2014 . do i just state the above as my defence ? thanks Nibbles
  13. hey Andy yes i clicked " i intend to denfend all of this claim " but i did also click " i intend to contest jurisdiction " oh well lol ..... so now i await the responses from lowell and there sols before entering my defence ect . Nibbles .
  14. Thanks dx100uk Was / AM panicing now incase that errror bites me on the backside lol Nibbles.
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