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  1. King - I'm thinking the same thing, but I'm old school and I believe in loyalty and integrity - I don't want to leave him in the clart. But his attitude is leaving me with little choice.
  2. My contract states a 'week's notice'. I could leave next week and totally f**k his business. I don't want to do that. I like the guy. After 4 years I consider him a friend. But I don't need the money. And I find his intractability on this one day off quite irritating. So, is there any legislation that can back me up for taking a day denied? Thanks (Judging by Emmzzi's last employer is always right posting history, I'd be grateful if she butts out thank you)
  3. Hello good people of Consumer Action Group, thanks for having me! I find myself in a work situation that I'd really appreciate some legislation-backed-up fact. I've been working for my company manual work minimum wage for nearly 4 years, never rocked the boat, always did my best to keep everyone sweet and help out where I could when people called in sick with management. However, I now find myself in a quandary where I need to take a few days off that have been expressly disallowed by da boss. Our rota goes up a few days before it starts for every two weeks going forward. The boss st
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